Madonna rides in car with kids unbuckled

03/08/2007 at 11:42 AM ET

Looks like Britney Spears isn’t the only celebrity mom making car safety errors in judgement.  As soon of our readers noticed last week, Madonna and family loaded up into a Cadillac Escalade SUV after Kabbalah services in Los Angeles.

A witness told Us Weekly, "There was no car seat. (Madonna) sat in the middle row, and they left with David on her lap." X17online has photos of the family in the car but some of our readers have pointed out that they can see a car seat.

Then the next day, Madonna sat in the middle of the car with Rocco not buckled up.

Madonna’s representative denied any wrongdoing, saying, "Proper security measures are always taken for Madonna’s children."

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Ava on

I can see the black car seat clearly in one of those photos. It is the same color as the upholstery.

Ebvokaz on

Don’t you see a car seat in the suv? It’s in the last pic..

Anon on

You can clearly see a car seat RIGHT next to Madonna in one of these pics.

Karen on

You can clearly see a carseat in those pictures.

sarah on

Even if there is a car seat, as Britney has always had in her cars, the article says they drove off with David in her lap. Why would it be acceptable for her and not Brit? They both made that same mistake. But its cool if nobody will stand up and point that, I will.

claudia on

but Britney was driving the car with his baby on her lap, Madonna was sitting behind. It’s a very different thing!

KarenC on

Do celebritys think that the laws of nature
exempt them from car accidents? Why would a
person want to take a chance like this with
the lives of his or her children?

Cleo24 on

It doesn’t matter if “there’s a child seat in the car”. If the car drove off without David properly restrained, then Madonna made an error in judgement, no less serious than Britney’s. I hope people wouldn’t defend her just because she’s Madonna. After all, she’s had a very questionable past…..

lizzielui on

I don’t get it. Yes I see a car seat but little David is clearly in Madonna’s lap so how can anyone excuse that? If they drove off with David in her lap vs. being properly strapped into his car seat then YES she is being negligent and should be ashamed.

Kim on

Claudia, it is not a very different thing! Safety regulations are there for a reason and if an accident happened David could easily have been flung through the window or anything, just because he as in the back doesn’t make it any more right or safe. There are heaps of stories about just this thing, try Googling them 🙂 I’m surprised Madonna actually did this!

tink1217 on

how is this different than britney?? doesn’t matter where you are in the car, driving with a child on your lap is not safe. I love britney, but was very upset that she did it back then. Same thing should apply for Madonna. I do see the car seat, but was David strapped in when they left??? If not, then she is just as wrong as Brit!

mCcallister on

I watched the video and the vehicle didn’t move at all. The paparazzi moved around, but I did not see the vehicle moving. Maybe Madonna just hadn’t buckled the kids in YET as the car was still sitting. At least in this situation, Madonna was able to buckle the kids in, unlike Britney- Brit was driving and could not have buckled in Sean. There are a lot of parents who do not buckle their kids in, or let kids buckles themselves in that aren’t celebrities.

Mom2_2 on

That X17 link has a video too, and to me it looks like she’s loading the baby into the car seat. There is no footage of the car in motion. The still shots don’t show the car in motion. Unless I actually see a “Britney” shot of a car in motion (in those photos you could see surrounding traffic), I’m assuming we’re seeing a picture of a mom loading her kid into the carseat. “A witness” can say anything.

Lorus on

Rocco really needs to be in a booster. Most kids aren’t big enough to ride in the adult seatbelt alone until they are 8+ years old.

comicbookchick on

Yeah, sorry guys … I’m gonna have to say that comparing this to Britney Spears driving with SP on her lap is like comparing apples and oranges. The car isn’t moving, people are clearly standing up in the car and car doors are open. And in the video it looks like after everyone is settled she is moving to get David into his car seat, but the video cuts out before you see anything. If something exciting happened like her driving off without David buckled and Rocco still standing, the video would show that because of how much that would be worth.

Erin on

I don’t agree with a person driving with a child on their lap and think anyone who does it needs a smack. BUT there is a difference between Madonna and Britney’s situations…

The difference is this: Madonna isn’t driving down a busy HIGHWAY with her child in her lap. Madonna is also not at the WHEEL with the child. She also didn’t purposely take her child out of his carseat to do it (or blame it on being “country”). Not to mention that there are no photos of the car in motion while she is holding him.

Also, if Madonna did have David on her lap when the car started moving you sure as heck would have a ton of photos and video to prove it. People love to pick on Madonna so if there is anything controversial there, you sure as heck would see it on CNN.

Madonna isn’t stupid – she wouldn’t sabotage adopting David by acting like a moron.

haig on

where are these photos? where is the video?

Should be available at the link included in the post (the pink writing).

Kori on

I cannot stand hypocrites. Madonna is always talking about how she doesn’t want her kids poisened by things like TV so they are only allowed to do certain things and play with certain toys and they don’t have a TV in their home. She claims to be such a strict parent. Yet she would endanger them this way.

Erin on


Did you click on the pink text that says “X17online has photos of the family in the car”? It’s all on that site.