Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott leave doctors with cord blood collection kit

03/07/2007 at 07:05 PM ET

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who are expecting their son in 2 1/2 weeks, left a doctors office on Tuesday with a cord blood collection kit. Read more about the process of cord blood collection here. The process involves the collection of stem cells, which can be stored for later use in cases where there is a need for the re-population of bone marrow after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


Photo by Pacific Coast News.

Did you collect the cord blood from your child’s umbilical cord?

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Kait on

It is my understanding that most doctors encourage ALL couples to simply donate their baby’s cord blood unless there is an older sibling with cancer/sickle cell or the likes. Of course, if you can afford to bank your child’s cord blood why not.

My friends daughter was diagnosed with an agressive form of cancer just after her fifth birthday. They were able to filter her stem cells from her blood then and use them as a ‘rescue’ for her after rough treatment.

finnaryn on

I wanted to donate my baby’s cord blood, but there is no place in my state that would take it. It is sad that it was just wasted.

Barbara on

It seems the past 3 months Dean has been in some kind of daze. Wonder what is going on?

tink1217 on

when i had my kids, cord blood collection hadn’t come out yet. If I have another baby I will probably donate it. we don’t have any illnesses that run in our family that would benefit from cord blood. I would rather gove it to someone who really needs it.

luvmypugs on

Do you know if Tori and Dean are donating it or banking it for future personal use? We donated my son’s cord blood to a local children’s hospital. It seems like such a waste to dispose of it when it can be used for testing or to help cure another person’s disease.

J.M. on

Like Kait said, if you can afford it – go for it!

Jean on

No, I would never give up my children’s cord blood. We wait for the cord to finish pulsing completely so baby gets those vital stores of iron in the cord blood before it’s clamped and cut. I feel that my children need it at birth, and that is the purpose of it, so I will not take it away from them then to store or donate.

Erin on


I think there is just a lot going on for him. He is currently renovating a new bed and breakfast, then there is a baby on the way, and tons of other obligations.

Anybody would look in a daze or run down if they had so much on their plate! LOL

erica on

we couldn’t afford to bank our son’s cord blood, so we donated it. we’re planning on having more kids and we’ll donate again.

Barbara on

Your right. 🙂