The Jolie-Pitts prepare for adoption

03/07/2007 at 10:46 AM ET

According to a Vietnamese adoption worker, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie filed to adopt a boy between the ages of 3 and 5. The Associated Press reports that Vu Duc Long, head of Vietnam’s international adoption department, claims that the boy is from the Tam Binh orphanage and is between the ages of 3 and 4. It’s been said that the process began around the time that Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born, and that there are a few more steps before the little boy can join his new family. A friend of the family tells People;

It’s wonderful that people are excited about it, but she [Angelina] is only at the beginning of a very comprehensive and detailed process.

In a December interview with Good Morning America, Angelina said that she would like to "balance the races so there’s another African person in the house for Z [and] another Asian person in the house for Mad."

As for now, the family will continue their stay in New Orleans while Brad finishes filming The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Source: People

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J.M. on

I am glad there taking an older child. One because most people opt for babies and second I just thought them having 3 babies under the age of two would be alot for them. But I think it’s great. It gives Maddox someone to play with. Zahara and Shiloh are going to be close so it’s only fitting to add someone to the mix for Mad. Good luck to them. Can’t wait to see him!

Kelly on

It must be easy to have four kids that close in age when all you have to do is hire another nanny. I admire Angelina for wanting to adopt more kids, but I think it’s a little quick.

Autumn on

That’s cool they’re getting a slightly older child, so that Maddox can definitely have someone to play with, and rival with ;), while hopefully Brad & Ange won’t have to have 3 in diapers.

What will be interesting is that this boy will probably come to them mostly speaking Vietnamese, so he & they will no doubt have to overcome a bit of a language barrier. Still though maybe the little boy and Maddox will have something to teach each other, which will be cool too.

Judy on

This is so wonderful!!! I agree that this will be great for Maddox. He will have a buddy near his age to play with. I also think having big brother Maddox will help the new child through the transition period.

AdoptiveMother on

As an adoptive mom of 4 children, I give Angie and Brad a lot of credit for adoping another child. I see no reason why they shouldn’t adopt again, plenty of families have biological children close in age and nobody raises a ruckus then. If Angie wants to adopt again, let her! I don’t think anyone should criticize adoption until they have been through it themselves. The adoption process is very long and can take anywhere from months to years, so they may not get a child for awhile. I would just like to add that I find it surprising they are adopting an older child, as one “golden rule” is to not mess up the “birth” order that is already established.

Vanessa on

I think it’s funny how some seem to forget that Brad is adopting too. Long time Brad fans will know he’s been begging for a large family all the way back to when he was engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow. I am so happy he’s finally found someone who shares his dreams. I think they seem like great parents with a lot of love to give and I wish them the best.

Kori on

Awesome! I wonder if Mad will have jealousy issues. After all, he was the first, and this will be another boy. I think taking stabs at having a nanny is unnecessary, hiring a nanny so you can raise 4+ very priveleged children is a million times better than leaving them in an orphanage somewhere because someone might crack at you if you hire a nanny to help you love on your kids.

Angela on

I wonder will they have another child of their own. They seem to be adopting again very quickly. They will have their hands full!

MuffThumb on

are these people SERIOUS? 4 children under the age of five? they must be nuts! well, I guess it doesnt matter since Angelina and Brad dont HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM!

having that many children, that close together, is just irresponsible! It’s not fair to any of the older children!!

Jen on

Who cares if they adopt 12 children and hire 3 more nannies. Just think if everyone that had money to afford to adopt either internationally or in the states went out and adopted..there would be so many children that would have a family and a happier life. I dont understand why some people view people with money that adopt as selfish, only doing it for fame & attention. Ange & Brad clearly love those children, whether they have help from a nannie, friends, relatives…they are a family, just what those children need.

julie on

I think the golden rule about birth order and adopting is not to adopt a child who is older than your oldest child. The older child has that status of being first born and probably would want that taken away. With the little girls, they have each other and it will not matter.

Good luck to this family.

Bummer on

Its so sad for Brad. He has always talked about wanting many children, but never once did he mention the adoptive way. That was never his plan.
For whatever reason Jennifer Aniston wasn’t ready to give him kids, which is fine, but now Angelina keeps collecting more orphans and this is NOT what Brad wanted.
Yes, he has Shiloh, but Angelina will NEVER have another Biological child again because she feels the guilt of giving birth to such privileged babies while her orphans had to suffer. Brad won’t leave her because he’s pushing 50 and doesn’t want to start fresh on another relationship.
Yes, Brad wanted many kids, but the fact that the majority won’t be of his own blood is sad because that was what he always envisioned, many biological children, and Angelina is ruining that.

Heather on

Jen, I was just going to say what you wrote. I’ll never understand why people criticize Brad and Angie for wanting to adopt kids, even if that means they hire a new nanny each time. If they adopted 10 I would say bravo. They’re getting these children out of crowded orphanages where they don’t get nearly as much proper care or attention as they should and into a loving home. They have the money and resources to do that so its a great thing. And I never hear people criticize Mia Farrow, Steven Spielberg or Maria Osmond, who have all adopted several children, so why criticize Brad and Angie. And I’m not saying this to anyone on the board but just all people in general.
Its also great to adopt an older child, because they seem harder to place as parents usual want babies. It means it will be a harder transition for the boy but it will all work at in the end I’m sure.

Autumn on

I suppose the golden rule of adoption, where you try not to adopt another child older than your oldest child is fine, however I don’t know what others who have adopted many children in the past (celebs such as Mia Farrow and Josephine Baker, non celebs such as Helen Doss and Rosemary J. Gwaltney) would probably say that sometimes the kids in need come no matter what the age.

It’ll be interesting for the Jolie-Pitt family to have another boy, but I think they’ll get along fine, and I doubt Z will care whether or not her new brother is older than herself despite being adopted after. (Though I wonder if Zahara and Shiloh may accidently call the new boy “Maddox/Mad” at first sometimes mainly because he’s older and his shared ethinicity with Maddox? I wouldn’t be surprised. ;))

Loop on

Is this child older than Mad? I thought Mad was 5? Anyway, I read on another site that the Jolie-Pitts were annoyed with the criticism that they were adopting too soon because it is unlikely that people would be so critical if they were having another biological child. I agree with that assessment. Cheers to them, they seem very happy.

Chana on

Bummer –

That’s horrible! You act like biological children and a “blood-related” family is the Holy Grail, and that adopting “orphans” isn’t as good. That is so sad. Sorry, but if Brad wanted biological children because they would be his “flesh and blood,” that’s really shallow. He has a beautiful family and he should feel very grateful for it.

Marianne on


Obviously you are no fan of Brad Pitt nor do you read his interviews. Time and time again he has said how he loves all his children equally and is offended if someone thinks otherwise. Brad doesn’t differentiate between adopted and biological but obviously you do and that is sad. Since his first trip to Ethiopia in 2005, he has talked about wanting to adopt so apparently he shares the same dream with his partner. And since when did you become Angelina’s uterus to say whether or not she will have another biological child. That’s her business and the business of Brad’s but maybe you should do a little research before you type. In her interview with Cynthia McFadden, Angelina said Brad and she plan to “adopt a few and have a few”, meaning biological. And finally stop talking about “collecting” orphans. I suspect you only use that word because the adoptive children are brown. If Angelina was popping lily white babies out of her vajayjay left and right, the word “collecting” would have never popped up in your mind.

NicoleMarie on

Great! Another kid to ship off to another nanny.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Ah, ok, adopting Oriental for Maddox & another African for Z – does that mean they are adopting a European for Shi? It’s great they are adopting but I don’t understand their logic. So what if they are the same race? Doesn’t mean they are going to get along any better. So much for being colour blind. If memory serves not all Mia Farrows adopted children bonded.

Double Standards on

When did thinking about race and ethnicity and what’s best for a family become something bad? It makes perfect sense to me. Maddox & Zahara will be surrounded by only white family members on both sides of their parents family. As an African American, I think it would be good for them to grow up w/ siblings who look like them but maybe some of you would prefer they adopt a Latino next so you can then accuse them of collecting children? Too late Bummer already did that. And can someone, anyone, please tell me why no one questions Sharon Stone who adopted 3 very blond boys with blue eyes? No one calls those children collectibles or cries out that Sharon, a single mom WITHOUT a partner, should have waited before adopting her 3rd. Her 2nd son was only 15 months when his newborn brother came home. So if Brad & Angie are “collecting” children does that mean Sharon Stone is starting her own master race? Funny how double standards only apply to the Jolie-Pitts. So let’s get it all out on the table. For reals. Why is that?

Diana on

WOW Bummer – Are you and Brad best friends?? How do you know what he wants? And even if he said it in the past who’s to say he hasn’t changed his mind?

Diana on

Well one reason I could see more people criticizing Angelina/Brad over Sharon Stone is because you hear about Angelina/Brad CONSTANTLY, and to me that makes me feel like they are more in it for the attention.

But honestly I just don’t care for Angelina, never have, and when she had an affair with a married man I began to dislike her even more, so basically I will dislike everything she does from now on because I dislike her.

Lauren on

First of all, Sharon Stone WAS criticized heavily by people on this site for her choice to adopt three blonde boys as a single parent when she adopted Quinn, her third, last year. So the “double standard” Brangelina fans are harping over does not exist.
Secondly, Heavenly_hisbiscus, to say that not all of Mia Farrow’s children bonded is an understatement. I read a biography of hers years ago which states that several of the children, especially her teenage daughters, did not get along at all and were quite resentful of one another. Not saying that will happen to this family, but your memory is correcy Heavenly.

Jody on

Well Diana at least you’re honest. You hate Angelina so she could save puppies, a nun, and your grandma from a burning building and she still could do no right in your eyes. Good luck with your hate. It’ll eventually eat you alive and I say good riddance. You all can lie to yourselves but there is a double standard. People like Diana choose to find fault in everything this family does and adopting a child in no different. Yep accoring to Diana, Brad and Angelina adopt for attention. Well maybe Jennifer Aniston should adopt because no one, especially the movers and shakers in Hollywood are paying attention to her but I digress…

Lauren, please share with us which biography you’ve read because if you read Mia’s memoirs you will learn the only child she is estranged from in Soon-Yi and Mia and her other children are extremely close. Bunch of hypocrites!

Lauren on

The book I referred to is “The Importance of Being Famous” by Maureen Orth, which devotes a chapter to discussing Mia’s and Woody Allen’s relationships with their children. The book specifically describes the relationship between Soon-Yi and two of Mia’s other daughters, Lark and Daisy, stating that Lark and Daisy resented Soon-Yi sharing a room with them. Daisy also forged Soon-Yi’s signature on a check and skipped five days of school when Mia was arranging an adoption in Vietnam. Mia’s kids with Woody, Dylan and Satchel, also had problems because Woody favored Dylan to the point of being physically and emotionally abusive to Satchel. And for those who will inevitably try to discredit this source, Maureen Orth was one of Newsweek’s first female writers, is a New York Times bestselling author, and one of Vanity Fair’s most prolific contributors.
Jody, you may want to look in the mirror before shelling out advice on how not to be hateful, because whether Diana’s opinion is valid or not, your post was far more rude and condescending than hers. Sounds like your own hatred is eating you alive as we speak.

shermari on

I think it’s wonderful that they are adopting a child who is not an infant and Asian. I’m really shocked about all the negative comments about Brad being disappointed having kids by adoption, the adoption being too close to Shiloh’s birth, the age of the child, etc. It’s coming from those that 1) have never adopted and 2) don’t know Brad and Angelina personally. Really, it’s pretty ridiculous.

I read about dozens of families that have some combination of White, Asian, African, and Black American children with some being close in age or the exact age as already placed siblings. It doesn’t tear the family apart.

Jealousy will probably be a factor at first. But if all three children were Brad and Angies biological chidren and she was giving birth to another child, jealousy would be a factor there too. I’m sure this family will get through whatever comes along just fine. Hooray for Brad and Angelina!!! Double hooray for the lucky little boy!!!!!!

J.J on

Angelina and Brad are one those “heroic” celebrities to me. It’s very sweet to hear that they plan to adopt a another little one. Unlike other celebrities,Angie and Brad do really care about the young children who are homeless and are suffering. It’s very touching to hear that that they are giving a little orphan the opportunity to live a normal life like all other kids. I’m sure Maddox is thrilled about having a brother to hang out with soon, with whom he can play sports and chase after girls,(lol) as Zahara and little Shiloh are already bonding as not only close sisters, but like best friends. This family is tremendous. I like it how their passion in helping others who are lack alot influence the world. I hope they have more kids, both biological and adopted, but when Shiloh and this little boy(if he is very young) are a little older so that Angie and Brad won’t have to worry about dealing with hyped up toddlers!!

Rosabelle on

Jody: Great post. I’m glad to see that there are others who were appalled by the hatefulness as well.

Mimi on

Who cares?