Rumor: Salma Hayek pregnant?

03/07/2007 at 09:54 AM ET

x17online says their Latin American clients are abuzz with pregnancy rumors after seeing these photos of Salma Hayek. We think it might just be the style of her dress. What do you think?

Source: x17online
Thanks to CBB reader Nicole, Sasha, M, Chalet, Stacey, Tan and Rachele.


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millie on

She put on a lot of weight, mainly in her belly and boobs so unless it’s for a role, I’m thinking she’s pregnant. I’ve seen photos of her leaving a fertility clinic a while ago too.

Sabrina on

I saw this picture a few days ago and thought “Geez, she looks preggers!”. It could be just wait gain but she does look “bloated” compared to normal — mind you she is curvaceous, but this does make her look pregnant. And while her chest is normally adequate, they do look engorged. Hrmm… yes, who WOULD be the papi?

Emily on

Hmmm. I think she does look pregnant! *shrugs* Who knows.

tan on

Her tummy from the side view is shaped so much like a pregnant belly.If that makes since.Someone that was so small in the past that gains all that weight especially in the tummy and breast is just too coincidental.

Lorus on

Salma is a gorgeous woman with curves. I personally don’t think she looks pregnant but she could be.

Not lovin’ the hair though!

Gabsmom on

I saw this pic a few days ago and thought she definately lookes pregnant. She is normaly curvy but she doesn’t normaly have a belly. Pregnant or weight gain whichever it is she is still one of the most beautiful women around. I’m crossing my fingers we here an announcement soon, I’d love for her to be pregnant.

Aleah on

I remember Oh No They Didn’t! posting pictures – apparently, Salma Hayek is making an appearance in “Ugly Betty” and those pictures are on the set.

tink1217 on

wow, i saw those pics a couple of days ago and wondered that too. she is normally a curvy woman, but one that has a nicely defined waist. hope she is PG! I think she would make a great mom!

Autumn on

I suppose she could be pregnant, because the dress she wore a month or two ago to introduce the Oscar nominees was also empire waisted. Yes indeed, who is the papi? 😉

Salma’s hair & dress though (her whole look pretty much) in these photos make her look like she just stepped off of the set of Fame, circa 1980 or so. lol!

Alioop on

My vote is: She’s preggers!

Heather on

I don’t think she looks pregnant; just curvier than before. If she were pregnant, who would be the daddy? I haven’t heard of her dating anyone in awhile.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

The first time I saw this pic i thought she was pregnant. Her breasts are always big but not THAT big and she has gained a lot of weight in her tummy. If the weight gain is not for a roll I think she is pregnant.

gianna on

I think she is pregnant, I read last year she was going to a fertility clinic. Her boobs are bigger, and she looks different. She’s so pretty and a good actress, I hope she is pregnant. Would love to see her as a mommy.

gianna on

I forget to add in my last post, I read an interview where she said she wasn’t sure if marriage was ever in her future, but she defintley wanted to have a baby someday. So maybe she used a sperm donor, or maybe she is dating someone. Last guy I remember her with was Josh Lucas. But she seems pretty grounded and not like a media whore type, so I can picture her being a good mom.

mCcallister on

I doubt she’s pregnant. Little inside secret: when celebs go to awards shows, they usually have on all sorts of Spanx to keep their bellies and bulges under control. Selma probably skipped that step today when she threw on this outfit. I also read that this photo was taken on set. Either way, I see Selma adopting vs. having a biological child on her own.

Diane on

Time for someone to eat some humble pie. 😉

We were making our own guesses, just like everyone else. Sometimes, that’s incorrect!