No kids on the menu for Rachael Ray

03/07/2007 at 10:16 PM ET

by CBB correspondent Tara:

Rachael Ray appeared on The View this week and opened up about her probability of having children. Rachael explained that with her hectic schedule of writing cookbooks, hosting a talk show and being a magazine editor, it would be unfair to bring children into this world. She added that unless her schedule changes in the near future (as she said she’s not getting any younger), she does not see kids in her future.

Still, she talked about how much she does love children, including her nieces and nephews. For now, it doesn’t look like there will be any little Rachaels running around anytime soon.

Source: The View

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shonu on


shashu on

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tink1217 on

well at least she knows what she wants out of life. My husband thinks she is adorable, she irks the crap out of me though!

sickofher on

Please. I cannot stand when people come up with the “busy” career excuse. If you wanted children, you would try to have them. It’s that simple. Stop making up bullcrap excuses and just admit that you do NOT want kids. Why must people be so afraid to admit that and instead they just claim they’re too busy? No one that truly WANTS a family decides to give up that choice simply because they are just SO busy.

agtdonut on

Ouch – the unneccesary cruelty.

Maybe it’s not an excuse, but a “get off my back” reason for rude people who press about having children as a “must have” in the game of life. I for one am too busy to have children and that’s not an excuse. Getting a graduate degree and being a mom at the same time wouldn’t be very fair to my non-existent family now would it? I have no life as it is. Geophysics is not something to take lightly you know. Unlike many other people in this world I am thinking first, that I want to be able to provide for myself, my DH and our children. Not to mention to nurture the scientific itches I’ve had burning in my mind since I was a child.

You asked why the excuses, well you see some of us busy women have to make “excuses” (I call them valid reasons) for not starting a family willy-nilly. I think rationally, I don’t illogically decide, “I wanna baby” and then make one to suit that desire without first considering whether I truly have the time, resources and dedication to give a baby proper care and love at this time in my life. What’s wrong with wanting a goal oriented career and not just a J-O-B? Don’t you want your kids to go to college? Just the boys, or the girls too?

Sure Rachel may not want kids period and is saying something untrue in her heart but how do you know? Because all women who say they don’t have time for kids are liars? How kind of you to paint all of us women without children with such a wide unkind brush. Maybe she’s afraid the truth will alienate the horde of moms who basically pay her salary by saying “no kids for me, thanks”. Remember how everyone freaked out about the Helen Mirren posts. It was practically, “Let’s burn her at the stake – she enjoyed her childfree by choice life! How dare she! Everyone knows being a mother is the ULTIMATE experience a human can ever have (how sad for males under this logic).”….I could go on.

People who don’t want kids, now or forever, often have to soften the blow when people are RUDE enough to ask what their plans are for a family. An excuse will often help you avoid the inevitable further probing of “What is wrong with you?” when you tell someone you don’t want kids. Trust me, I know! I don’t like excuses either and wish we lived in a world where people following their heart (whatever the path may be) are honored and respected. Instead of being constantly dissed for not following the lifescript.

Face it, stating you are childfree by choice is almost as popular as announcing you are an atheist in this supposed “free” society. Sure we have a choice, but don’t expect others to respect your choices unless you make the same ones they did.

Women need to quit attacking other womenm for their choices. What was the women’s movement for anyway if we are still labelled as defective incomplete women if we aren’t keeping up with housewife dogma?

I am not thrilled with parents excuses either. Don’t you believe people can do more than ONE thing with their life? I am always stunned when people say I have a family as if that is an excuse for not doing anything else with their lives. What happens for those people after those 18 years are up I wonder? What are they doing, that other humans and animals haven’t already been doing for thousands of years? So much for human innovation I guess…

tink1217 on

well said, agtdonut! I, for one, have never looked down upon or accused anyone of “making excuses” for being childfree. I think some people are not cut out to raise children and some are. Some don’t feel that need inside to have a child, some do. Everyone has the right to choose and if you can’t give of yourself to a child….why have one?? Obviously Rachael ray knows this and who cares what her excuse is!

Marie on

I was thinking the same as agtdonut — maybe it’s just her easy answer to keep people from being pushy. a lady I worked with said she didn’t want kids and people just went on to pester her with reasons why she should want and have them. So the whole flat out “don’t want them” answer doesn’t just fix everything like SickOfHer suggests.

most importantly…whatever her reason(s), it’s not up to us to judge.

eh, for all we know, she’s already pregnant and trying to throw people off the scent.

Lorus on

I think it’s honourable that she thinks that she doesn’t have the time for kids. Not everyone wants to have their children in daycare more than half of their waking hours.

maisy on

thank god. it would be awful if that horrid woman had kids.

PSB on

I saw an interview with her years ago when she said she flat out did not want kids. This was before she was even engaged and before her daytime show, so nobody really cared that she didn’t want kids. I actually remember her making some kind of disparaging remark about kids, and saying she was much happier having dogs. All this is fine, but it’s kind of funny how all of a sudden she “loves kids” etc but is “too busy” to have them. I agree with the other poster who thinks it’s annoying how she comes up with lame excuses. Just say you don’t plan on having kids! Why does she even need to provide excuses? Who cares why? People don’t need to know.

Steph on

I saw this interview, and she seemed kind of sad and misty eyed when she answered the kids question. Either she is sick of being asked the question and she really never wanted kids, or work stress is overwhelming and she sometimes regrets not having time for kids, or maybe she can’t have kids and that stings. Whatever her reasons though, her choice should be respected. It doesn’t seem like it was an easy choice for her to make.

Erin on

One of her ex boyfriends claims that she can’t have kids and has known all her life that she can’t.

Jennifer on

Who cares if she doesn’t want or have the time for kids- that’s her pregative. I frankly think she is being wise about bringing children into the world knowing she’s busy.

Good for her.

Lola on

Well I just did a search to see if she did have kids. And you know I agree if she’s to busy she doesn’t need to have any. You know with the world as it is now.. I wouldnt want to raise a kid up in this world. And for like the people who have their 18 ON THE WAY thats just drawing more money from the government. This is why we are so broke people having kids and letting mexicans and blacks have so much food stamps I see a black girl have one kid and my age but her food stamps was $500…and Mexicans get a monthly living expense check and 10’s and thousands of dollars in stamps! THIS IS NOT RIGHT WE SHOULD HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE NOT THE ONES WHO WERENT EVEN BORN HERE!

Joyce on

Did you happen to think….maybe for some reason or other having a baby is not physically possible? If that is the case….My heart goes out to them. First to not being able to have such a JOY. Then for the people that are so mean that will not allow them to escape the fact.