MamaPop- I'm With Team Stupid

03/07/2007 at 10:00 AM ET

By Amy of MamaPop

Okay, popculture fans: we gotta talk for a sec.

The constant TEAM SOMETHING and TEAM OTHERTHING? Done. Stop it.

Okay, so maybe a couple weeks ago I was very seriously wishing Iowned a TEAM FEDERLINE t-shirt, but then…you know, that whole hotmess stopped being funny and now I’m just solidly on TEAM WON’TSOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

Anyway. So the celebrity-break-ups-as-a-spectator-sport gag is oldand played, but what’s worse, it’s spilled over intothings…that…just don’t need teams. That aren’t actually incompetition with each other.

BASICALLY, I am talking about the bizarre Suri vs. Shiloh thing.More...

No, really. People are picking sides. About BABIES. Have you noticedthis? Is it the S names? A Tom vs. Brad thing? The lack of aprofessional U.S. women’s soccer league?

Any blog post about either of the (cute! they are both cute! andit’s okay!) girls will inevitably be followed with comments like "Ilike Suri better!" and "Team Shiloh!" and "NO YOU ARE WRONG SURI IS THEBEST AND I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE FOR SAYING OTHERWISE LOL."

Because didn’t you get the memo? You can only like one, and the one with the most people who like her wins a full college scholarship! And this lovely dinette set! So make your vote known!

It’s driving me crazy, people, and I’m willing to give up my dreamsof owning a TEAM PAM t-shirt if that will help kill this nonsense rightnow.

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Lara on


Angelina on

I think both babies are absolutely adorable! I’m not picking sides. I’m sure as they grow up, fans and the media will continue to create competition between the two. I hope they don’t fall for it. Some people need to give it a rest. They’re just babies!

Carolyn on

You know, I love this blog, and I always enjoy coming here, but I have to admit that I thought the same sort of thing about the CBB Awards. How is voting for your favorite celebrity baby different than a Suri vs Shiloh type thing?

The CBB awards is meant to be a friendly competition thing, and hopefully nothing anyone is taking too seriously. This post is meant more towards the somewhat scary people that come into Suri Cruise posts with “TEAM SHILOH! Suri is ugly!” and vice-versa. They really seem to mean it and it’s a bit much.

Stephanie on

Amalah! On CBB! I love it! 🙂

I totally agree, it’s bizarre, they’re BABIES for christ’s sake. For all we know they could both turn out to be serial killers. I mean, really. The whole ‘Team Whatever’ b.s. is incredibly annoying.

Stephany on

Ahahaha. That made me laugh! I agree this whole Sure v. Shiloh thing is just plain weird! Seriously, they are both babies with amazing genes who will grow up to be beautiful ladies. And hopefully well-rounded individuals. Both are cute.

J.J on

What the heck are these people thinking!! It’s the most stupidest thing I ever heard of!! Shiloh and Suri are only little innocent babies who’s stll exploring their little worlds, not enemies who want to get at each other. They both are cutie pies and will grow up to be very successful in the future. They might even be best friends one day! So these people who came up with this nonsense better leave them both alone.

Lorus on

I think I’d have to put my money on Suri. She looks like she has a size advantage over Shiloh…hahaha.

I do think it’s really silly that people are comparing these two babies so much. It’s a judgment based solely on looks since well, babies don’t really do anything, especially in the pictures that we see.