Sam and Lola Sheen at the Santa Barbara Zoo

03/01/2007 at 09:45 PM ET

Celebrity Babylon sends us cute photos of Denise Richards carrying her daughters Sam, 2 1/2, and Lola Rose, 21 months, while at the Santa Barbara Zoo yesterday. Both girls are dressed in tutus, clutching their blankies, and sucking their thumbs!

Photos: The Fabulous

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Emily on

That’s quite an armful… of very beautiful little girls.

die eule on

I wonder if I ever see these two girls walking without a blankie and a thumb in the mouth, LOL! But the ballerina and boots thing is way cool!

Stephany on

You can tell how much Denise just loves being a mother! She looks so relaxed even with 2 girls on both hips! Amazing.

Cute, cute girls.

Bren on

Very cute!! My daughter loves ballerinas!! She loves wearing tutus…Denise looks GREAT for having 2 toddlers! The only thing I don’t really like is how they suck on their thumb.

Lorus on

Anyone know what kind of boots Sam is wearing?

tink1217 on

they are just too darn cute!!! And Denise is such a hands on mom.

Jayden's Mommie on

How awesome! We live just a bit from there (about 30 minutes) and my son, my husband and I frequent the Santa Barbara Zoo regularly! =)

randomcelebs on

I think it’s cute that these girls are always sucking on their thumbs while holdng their blankies. If they end up with buck teeth then they can get braces or invasilign.

FC on

I don’t know how she stands to carry them both at the same time. More power to her. I wonder if that’s how she gives her arms a workout, keeps them toned. I bet that’s her secret. 😉

But the girls look cute in their tutus and clutching their blankies. I don’t think I’ve seen Sam suck her thumb before. Maybe I’m going senile. LOL.

KW on

Nice picture, but where are their hats??

Isn’t it still pretty warm and sunny in CA right now? From the picture, it looks very bright. I hate when I see these fair skinned/fair-haired little ones in the full sun with no hat!

gargoylegurl on

I think the thumb sucking is adorable! I sucked my thumb for years and I have straight teeth and never had braces, so I wish people would stop making negative comments about thumb sucking! They are still very young, I say let them enjoy their thumbs!

kyoto-chan on

No actually, it’s not that warm in SoCal right now. It was fairly nice a couple days ago but it hasn’t even been getting past the high 60s/low 70s during the day time. You can wear a t-shirt during the day but after 3 PM or so, it begins getting chilly.

Since the air in SoCal is so dry, it feels a bit cooler than a climate with more humidity.

Callen on

A couple years before I had my Son( My first child)I use to carry my nieces like that! They were about 2 and 3. I could hold them like that with no problems. But walking with them…oh No. Those Kiddies had to get down of my!

tink1217 on

gargoyle, I sucked my thumb too, til I was 8! I never needed braces at all, my teeth are very nice!

Kori on

I get the feeling she is an amazing mom. The girls are probably very light and easy to carry both. Some kids love to suck their thumbs and some parents choose their battles, kids are only this small once. When they get to be 4 and are still doing it I would try to break it, but it is so not a big deal. I don’t believe in trying to “perfect” everything about children, that’s why these generations are so maladjusted. Kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore.