Rumor: Is Sarah Michelle Gellar expecting a little Buffy?

02/26/2007 at 01:52 PM ET

by auditioning contributor Sasha

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, 29, attended Elton John‘s Oscar Party last night wearing a loose dress. Could she be expecting a Slayerette? 

In recent weeks Sarah has been wearing loose clothes.  Do you think Sarah and husband Freddie Prinze, Jr., 30, are expecting their first baby? The couple have been married since 2002 and have said in the past that they would like to have children. 

Freddie himself is a celebrity baby, the son of the late comedian Freddie Prinze (of Chico and the Man fame). (Danielle says: I would love for these two to have a baby since I adored Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Freddie Prinze was one of my favorite comedians.)

Here’s a reminder of some tell-tale early pregnancy signs:
-Bigger bust
-Fuller face (although bad nausea can cause weight loss)
-Wearing loose or empire waist clothes
-Anything else?

Visit Just Jared for the photos and tell us what you think! (Note: The guy in the photos is Lee Pace, her co-star in her upcoming film, Addicted.) Also check out these photos of Freddie and Sarah at Dominick’s on the 17th (via PerezHilton).

Thanks to CBB Readers Andrea and Erin.


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randomfcelebs on

I hope the rumor is true! Best of luck to Freddie & SMG.

vicky24c on

OMG I would love it if she was! I love SMG!

Michelle on

I have said this on a few sites, she has been wearing lots of loose clothing lately and in one of the pictures from last night, it looks like a but of a belly showing.

If they are pregnant, congrats.

We will have to watch this space!

Christy on

These photos beg the question: “Why would a beautiful young lady with a nice figure settle for a burlap-sack-looking dress if she weren’t trying to conceal a growing belly?” I do hope they are having a baby!

Callen on

She is tiny she is about 95 pounds. So I think she would have to wear a dress like that if she was expecting! It would be showing. I hope so. She would look cute pregnant!

tink1217 on

OOOOHHH I really hope so!!! I have wanted them to have a baby for awhile now! Since Naomi Watts is most likely preggo this one would be great too! I was hoping both Naomi and Sarah Michelle would have babies this year! And Freddie would make such a cute dad!

Lissette on

I think she is! She looks very cute. I also thought maybe Jennifer Lopez looks like she might be pregnant. That was an interesting dress choice she made for the Oscars!

sarawara on

Her chest looks bigger. She also usually chooses more form fitting dresses (she has a great figure) so my bet is that she is. What’s up with this trend of not telling us anything (Naomi, etc.)?!

stacy on

I got the same impression as the comment below about Jennifer Lopez. I too thought her dress was a preggers choice.

MMM on

I’d bet on it. In pic #1 on JJ her dress should go straight down after her bust but instead it bows out. Totally pregnant. She looks adorable. I love her and Freddie together.

Andrea on

Either she’s wearing a really ugly dress or she’s pregnant = ) I’m hoping for the second

lanie on

Sarawara – why should they tell us anything? It’s their business until they choose otherwise. They don’t owe us any information. Best of luck to the two of them, whether they are pregnant or not (and if so, I’m sure they will tell the world when _they_ are ready).

Cali on

Wow, she’s so beautiful. I’m really hoping she’s preggers. She and Freddie are a gorgeous couple and they seem very down to earth. He would probably make a terrific dad, too.

Em on

I was coming here to just post about this.

When I saw her picture at Elton John’s party I just knew! She’s so petite and thin to begin with and you can tell she’s rounding out!
I hope it’s true, I adore the both of them! 🙂

sarawara on

I meant “What’s up with them not telling us?” in a funny way– like sarcasm. 😉

Heather on

Certainly looks like a maternity stlye dress..but then…maybe she’s just trying to bring back the toga look. 😉

Alexandra on

Does anyone else think that maybe Michelle Williams is pregnant again? She has also been wearing loose dresses lately. Didn’t she and Heath say that they wanted a big family?

Julia on

That was my first thought when I saw this pic yesterday!! I thought to myself, “She MUST be pregnant!” I also thought that Jennifer Lopez looked pregnant at the Academy Awards. It could have just been that she was wearing an empire waist dress though…

Autumn on

Aw that’d be cool if they Sarah & Freddie are starting their family. I think they’ll make great parents, and Freddie will make a great dad despite the fact that his own father…well you know, when Freddie was only a baby himself.

I also wonder if JLo might be finally pregnant, or at least I hope she is since I think they may have been trying for the past year or so.

It would be interesting, though not impossible, if Michelle Williams is expecting #2, especially since Naomi Watts is also expecting a baby. If Michelle is having another child, then this next one would probably be almost exactly 2 yrs younger than her & Heath’s daughter.

Inge on

I really hope so. I think they would make great parents!

J.J. on

I was anxiously awaiting for SMG and Freddie to have a little one for a while, especially since it has been almost four and half years since they were married (in September 2002), and so far it looks like it’s going happen!!! I think it’s about time that they welcome a little one into their lives. The baby, if Sarah’s actually pregnant, would look gorgeous and I know that he/she would inherit the stunning personalities that this young bright couple possess. Sarah and Freddie are a cute couple and I bet their little baby will be as cute as them!!