Naomi Watts declines to comment about rumored pregnancy

02/26/2007 at 01:24 PM ET

When asked by Extra about the rumors that she is pregnant with her and Liev Schreiber‘s first child, Naomi Watts only replied, "All I can say is I’m having a good time."

It is believed that Naomi is in her second trimester, and looking amazing at that!


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Abby on is actually running a story right now about how her publicist outed her pregnancy [or A publicist…]

Mimi on

I was watching the red carpet, and also when she presented, and I really think she looks pregnant. Why else would such a thin, petite woman wear a dress like that?

Lauren on

Honestly, I don’t understand why she can’t just come out and say, “Yes, I’m pregnant.” Everyone already knows, Escada already outed her, so why does she feel the need to lie about the pregnancy? At least Gwyneth was honest when people asked! And I like Naomi, so this isn’t about me hating on her or anything.

millie on

I don’t understand why everyne expects her to discuss her pregnancy or make a big public announcement. Is there such a thing as privacy anymore? She’s not a one of those starlets running to People magazine the minute she gets pregnant or engaged so that she can get some publicity from it. Unlike her BFF, Nicole, she doesn’t live though her publicist or muse about wanting to be “barefoot and pregnant”. Maybe she’s superstitious or doesn’t feel like she wants to disclose too much about herself. I think we live in a Too Much Information era where virtually everything has to be discussed, including fertility and gyno problems.

popi on

Why to come out and reveal the already OBVIOUS??

Callen on

Maybe some celebs like the attention. They like to be talked about. They also might like to play games with the public. I dont know a cheesy little guess. But hey!

lizzielui on

These celebs do not owe us any announcements or revelations about their prenancies. The information that we are privvy to regarding birth announcements, names, etc are a privilege not a right.

Cali on

Eh. I don’t get why she can’t just admit to being pregnant already when it’s so obvious! I understand wanting to keep a part of your life private, but it seems like it would only bring on more attention from the paps by continuing to dodge the question.

Lynne on

Naomis pregancy was announced this evening on Access Hollywood and

Holly Catherine Slavic on

CLEARLY Preggers, ridiculous!

Shannon on

If it’s so obvious, you might as well just admit it. I am all for celebrities having their privacy, but something as obvious as this, you might as well just say it, instead of beating around the bush! I remember seeing Naomi Watts on Ellen a few years back, and when Ellen showed her a picture of her and heath together she just giggled and wouldn’t say anything, what is so bad about just admitting the obvious?!

Heather on

I too don’t understand why she just can’t say it when its so obvious. I mean, I don’t expect her to go into details but at least awknowledge it.

Ivy on

I read that she might not be saying anything about the pregnancy because the babies shes carying isnt hers, its Nicole Kidmans and Keith Urbans. Supposdly Naomi is being a surrogate for her best friend. I dont really believe all this considering Keith was in rehab for awhile and just recently got out. But either way she deffinatly looks pregnant to me.

Cameron on

People, if she hasn’t announced and confirmed her pregnancy it’s probably due to first time mother’s ‘superstition’. Maybe she is afraid of a miscarriage or something, which is perfectly normal to happen, so is waiting until she feels that everything is going fine. She doesn’t want to jinx her pregnancy by talking about it, that’s understandable, isn’t it?

kim on

Some people complain about her not telling the media earlier. Well, she is 38 and maybe wanted to be well past the first trimester.
And perhaps she wanted to enjoy the happy news just with her boyfriend for as long as possible before the media would jump right on top of it.
Just because she is a known person, it doesn’t mean she HAS to tell the rest of the world about her good news.

mel on

there is such a thing as privacy, but when she is so obviously pregnant, just say it and be quiet about it. denying it just makes it a bigger deal than it ever was…which might be the point I suppose.

Fynn on

Lauren, I don’t believe she has lied about anything. She hasn’t said she’s not pregnant; she simply hasn’t confirmed that she is. I admire her effort to maintain a low profile. Some celebrities seem to have a “no personal information–ever” policy, and I respect that.

Diana on

Seriously it is her business, if she isn’t ready to tell than leave her alone! I think that at least SOME things should be allowed to be kept private. It really irks me how so many people think they are entitled to information that is her private business.

millie on

she never lied about it or denied being pregnant, she simply refused to discuss it.. there is a difference. Once you admit it, everyone is on your case about due dates, gender etc. btw, this surrogacy gossip is the most ridiculous joke ever.

Tracy on

I think she’s beautiful! She is totally glowing and I’m happy for her!

KwOBQkP on

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