Tammy Etheridge breastfeeding her twins

02/25/2007 at 10:47 PM ET

During the Oscar Pre-Show on the TV Guide Channel, new mom Tammy Etheridge revealed that she is breastfeeding her and her wife, Oscar award winning Melissa Etheridge‘s twins, Johnnie and Miller, 4 months.

Joan Rivers asked Tammy if she had exercised to get back into shape after giving birth to the twins.  Tammy said, "No, I’m breastfeeding, I don’t have to do anything else." Joan said, "Your breasts look great, so keep nursing!"

Kudos to Tammy!  Breastfeeding twins may not be easy but it’s possible!  And especially since multiples are frequently small and/or pre-term, they need the benefits of breastmilk even more. It can also save time, money, and allow you to bond with each baby individually. For more info about breastfeeding multiples, visit Kellymom.com.

Did you breastfeed multiples?

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Emily on

I love this couple. I was so excited when Melissa Etheridge won the award for Best Original Song.

Erin on

I love, love, LOVE them!! I’m so happy that Melissa won the Oscar and it was SO beautiful to me that the first people she thanked were Tammy and their kids =) I was almost crying when she won! LOL =)

Personally, I think Tammy is looking GORGEOUS – motherhood has done her good! =)

Elisabeth on

I have almost 14 month old twins and I am still breastfeeding them. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially at first, but I know it is right for my babies so I am sticking with it. My goal is 18 months and then I am going to let them self-wean.

Loretta on

I’ve been there done that with twins and it’s quite a feat. I had one that nursed well and the other was a struggle at each feeding. But I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to breastfeed twins.

TwinMom on

Breastfeeding twins is not that unusual. I bf mine until they were a year old.

Cleo24 on

I tried to breastfeed my twins. They were almost 7 lbs each and full term at birth. I gave up after about 3 weeks because it just wasn’t working out. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though. We hired a lactation consultant to come to the house and I actually found that put more stress on me. Anyway, breastmilk wasn’t filling the babies up and they weren’t even close to being on the same schedule. I was literally sitting up 24/7 either breastfeeding or pumping.

I was very disappointed, actually heartbroken, that the breastfeeding didn’t work out, but I’m grateful that they’re now happy, healthy, and smart 6-year-olds!

That said, if I ever decide to have another baby, I would definitely breastfeed or at least give it another try! I often look back and wish I had hung in there longer. I guess being exhausted and having incredibly sore boobs got the better of me.

CB on

I’ve breastfed my twins for 22 months so far, and there’s no end in sight!

Rachel on

I breastfed my quadruplets exclusively until they were 4 mos. old, when I had to start supplementing with formula due to their increasing appetites. However, I continued to breastfeed until they were 1 when I found out I was pregnant again (which could have explained their sudden urge to wean). It is definitely tougher with multiples, but I figured with their early births, they could use every advantage they could get.

Stéph on

Wow! quadruplets and another one on the way.
Congratulations and good luck.

I LOVE that couple, they are so beautiful together and beautiful mothers. And I found it So beautiful too that she thanked her wife Tammy, and their 4 kids, Bailey, Beckett, Johnnie and Miller. I was almost crying too. Tammy was really GORGEOUS and I really liked Melissa’s performance. I think I’ll buy her disk.

Love you Tammy, Melissa, Johnnie and Miller, Bailey and Beckett.

Stéph XxX

Linda on

My girls were born at 34 weeks and stayed in special care for two weeks, I only managed to breastfeed for a couple of days and was told this was because we were separated. I was quite sad that I wasn’t able to continue but I think the fact that I wasn’t able to walk and had to get better may also have been a factor.

Stacie Turner on

I breastfeed my twins, who are currently almost 8 months old. I’m ten pounds down from my pre-pregnancy weight – nursing twins really is the world’s best diet.

I’m so impressed by the woman who BF quads!

Heather on

Still breastfeeding 10-month old twins here. It is such a blessing!

act22 on

My twin boys were full-term – 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 lbs. – and I’m still nursing them at 10 months.