Sean Preston and Jayden James visit Britney Spears in rehab

02/25/2007 at 05:01 PM ET

Britney Spears reunited on Saturday evening with her sons  Sean Preston Federline, 17 months, and Jayden James Federline, 5 months, at Promises, the rehab center she is being treated at.  This may be the first time she’s seen the boys for the first time since she checked in on Thursday.

According to, SP and JJ were brought to Promises by a bodyguard and met by Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, but People magazine‘s sources are saying that it was their dad Kevin Federline who brought them.  After a two hour visit, the boys went back to Kevin’s house where they have been staying.

Kevin had also visited Britney on Friday. People’s source told them,

The kids are his No. 1 priority and they always have been. He’s so stressed out right now. He only wants the best for Britney and the kids.

Source:, People magazine

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Campbell on

This is JUST my opinion but it seems that it may be best when one is in rehab NOT to have ANY visitors for maybe a certain amount of time… I am certainly no psychiatrist, and please people, don’t ambush me if you are one,:) but shouldn’t Britney be focused on what is keeping her in this “little girl state”? She is a grown woman now with 2 precious LITTLE boys.. I don’t know, I just think from what I’ve seen in the press, that she still wants to be a “little girl” ( from what her dad said and the fact that when she shaved her head her first words were ” my mother’s gonna freak”) I would think the first thing a momma would say would be ” OMG my boys won’t know their momma!! Here’s praying for your family Britney, and Kevin, GOD BLESS

rockytopgirl on

Campbell, you must remember, that the rules for celebrities are much different than the rules for people like you and I. But I guess that is probably why she is where she is right now, isn’t it??

Chris Belle on

I feel for Britney and I think what every one should be doing is praying for her to get help. Her marriage and her children have been in the press from day one. I am not making excuses for some of the things she has done, but I also feel she has never had the chance to be normal to go to the mall or have a child without everyone knowing all the bad she has done. I pray for her and her family and hope that she can get the help she needs.

Campbell on

Goodness, I didn’t think I “came” across as unsympathethic. Britney is a grown woman and chose to be a mother. Period. This is NOT a forum to decide if she is a “good” mom or not. My thoughts were if you look at statements from the family, statements that she has made…. SHE IS A MOTHER. YES, she should be given all the “mother” considerations , BUT should a person be given a pat on the back for doing what they should already be doing? Good Gracious.

tink1217 on

i know when my brother was in rehab the 4 or 5 times he was there were no visitors for the first 72 hours, I think?? Something like that anyway. But, as someone said…cleb rules are different. Personally, when it comes down to little children like SP and JJ I think its a good thing for them to see their mamma. And, it may be a good thing for Brit too. Give her the incentive and remind her why she needs to continue her rehab. So she can be a good mamma to her babies. I also smell reconciliation for her and Kevin too. Although he was on her supposed “Death list” the facility confiscated upon her arrival. People she wished harm to come to. Brit obviously has some deep rooted emotional problems. I really hope she can get through this and be a strong mother and woman afterwards. I would like to see her actually succeed!

Stephany on

I kind of get what you’re saying, Campbell. I think Britney really needs to focus on herself, but not in a selfish way as she’s been doing these past months. She needs to just focus on her life and herself.

And I think seeing those boys will help Britney immensely once she is completely committed to rehabing herself. But, hopefully, seeing them strengthened her resolve to stick to this rehab. Hopefully.

Taylor on

i love britney spears so much. she was my idol i looked up to her. its not that she needs help . she did this to herself. the main problem was paris hilton that bitch needs to die. she is tthe worse influence. i love britney to death. she made the choices. she shoudlve known that she coudlent handle a marrigae && cerataintly children b4.

i love you britney & always will. i jsut wish that sum1 could have a voice & really help britney to understand.
money cant buy u happiness.
im praying for you.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

I think it’s really nice Kevin took SP & JJ to visit. They must have loved seeing, & spending time with, their mother.

It’s funny how suddenly we are referrring to Kevin as “Kevin” and not Kfed or FedEx lol It must be we are seeing him more in a mature responsible light now.

Seeoomarah on

I am a mother and grandmother, and it makes me real sad to see this young woman who should be a happy person, with money, a family, children who should be made to feel loved, and cared for by their mom, who is a child herself, is crying out for help, yes she is really sick, I hope she stay in there for as long as it is needed for her to be whole. She needs to know her children are well and her family is behind her all the way, and I am talking for myself Britney, I would pray for your family and you, that the Lord God covers you with his love, and that Jesus who died for all our sins will reach into your heart and make you whole, so that the spirit of deppresion leaves your body, and restores your sef confidence, and your desire to live your life as full as God intended to be.
May God’s love bring you out of this, and may jesus walks with you from now on, in Jesus name I pray.

Brittany on

I just wanna ask 1 question. Why is it that when Britney and Kevin 1st got together and all thru their marriage, Kevin was the biggest piece of sh** . But the day she filed for a divorce he is the best and she is the sh**? Yeah I agree the Britney needs some help but I believe its because she had 2 children back to back. She was trying to be a good mother and do the right things but “America” wouldn’t let her they were on her case about everything thing she did. Then she filed for divore went out with the girls and got a taste of “freedom” (which she hasnt felt in a while) and she liked it and just went wild with it! a lot of mothers do that its just they dont have cameras sholved in their face, so noone knows. But she does have cameras in her face so everyone knows about her:( And I don’t believe she shaved her head because she was on drugs I believe she did it to show “America” she doesn’t care what they think of her. And I believe she proved her point:) i luv u Britney! get better!! we miss ya:)

leisa brown on

Britney spears, a beautiful woman and probably a beautiful sole. Just lost her way thats all.
Im not famous and I dont have lots of money but i feel for Britney because I know what its like to be in rehab, a custody battle, a seperation, abuse drugs and alcohol and to shave my head on a number of occasions. for some reason it feels good at the time for dealing with stress.
I can only wish her the best and hope that she gets the help she needs to get back on track, it may take a while but each step counts.
It doesnt matter how strong you are even the most toughest people can lose there way and breakdown.
i thought I was unbreakable.
Your not alone Brit.
We Miss ya

Lori on

Heavenly_hibiscus, that’s what’s worrying me. Has he got an album coming out soon or something?

Aleah on

It might be good for Britney to see her children, but is it good for them to see her there? I know rehab is not an asylum so it’s not like their security is at risk. Jayden probably won’t understand the situation, but how about Sean Preston? on

Kevin is helping Britney a lot. He’s a good person

Autumn on

OMG Britney was regressing to her teenage yrs and was (in her mind) going ‘Columbine-eque’ toward Kevin & others? “Death list?” Boy does she have problems, if that’s the case! (I hope her sons weren’t included on the list, as well as Timberlake, Christina, and/or anyone else who was ever on The MMC back in the early ’90s.)

I pray Brit gets the help she needs before it is indeed too late!

Jes on

Wow, I think she should be entitled to see her children. People can be so cruel. Exceptions are made at mental health facilities for mothers, not just celebrities. On the other hand though, with all the press coverage she has been getting that has clearly made her uncomfortable and contributed to her not being healthy, I don’t think anyone should be announcing her private business while she is in rehab. It was clear she didn’t want anyone taking pictures of her right before she went in, and I seem to remember a refusal to post pictures of celebs with blankets over their babies. I think it’s the same concept here in a different situation.

shelley on

I feel for Her and her family everybody needs to back off. My brother went through a similar experience and it is hard on the person and the family. It takes time and she is still a human being and it does not matter if she has 1 or 10 kids her feeling are the same she needs to work on herself. She loves her kids but she needs to love herself first. Give her a break she is a kind person she grew up to fast she just needs to find herself and she will be fine.

Ann on

A mother should be able to see her children. I don’t care if you’re in rehab or not. I have a 2 year old son and it would hurt both of us if I didn’t get to see him for days. The children are more important anyways. When you become a parent it becomes about the kids. They probably miss their mommy. And Britney is in there to clean up her life and get things straight to help her children too isn’t she? Shit happens, but no matter what when you a parent and you screw up- you just have to keep on being a parent and try better. Takeing her away from her kids or takeing her kids away from her is plum stupid.

Victoria on

Aww I hope she’s better soon. I’m no fan, but it takes a lot for a kid to not like his mother. And they probably miss her terribly.