No physical contact for Latrell Sprewell and children

02/25/2007 at 10:33 AM ET

Latrell Sprewell, a former NBA star, is no longer able to visit his four children or girlfriend in person following a judge’s ruling on an order of protection on Friday, February 23rd.  The only contact that he may have with them is by telephone or though email and text messages.
The ruling follows a December 11th incident in which the four-time NBA All-Star assaulted his longtime companion and mother of his children, Candace Cabbill.  Candace has also sued Latrell for $200 million claiming he broke his promise to share his life and fortune with her.

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Heavenly_hibiscus on

umm, ok, that’s a little harsh! surely the kids can’t be happy communicating only thru phone, e-mail or text. Sounds like a woman who wants $200mil is making it as hard as she can for him 😦

FC on

She’s just being mean and money-hungry. I don’t care if he broke his promise or whatever, some things are just broken no matter what you try to do. But keeping Latrell’s children away from him is just being spiteful.

Ashley on

Ok, money hungry or not, did you guys overlook the fact that he assaulted her? It sounds like a safety issue for the children as well.

Callen on

This is crazy! If he attacked her thats very bad. But those are his kids. if he wont hurt them, then let him see his kids.Of course I dont support abuse. But I happen to know someone who put up with abuse by her ex- husband for 11 years they had 4 kids together. Through all the crap that she went through, she said that is their father no matter what. She let them decide on how to feel about their father. They are fine. They understand what happened. They forgive their dad. She forgives him. They are divorced. But the whole money thing is crazy. Why in the world even if he did promise. Why would you believe you were really going to get 200 Million.

C on

I can’t believe that the judge went along with it! Just because he assaulted the mom doesn’t mean that he will assault the children (do we know the circumstances of this?). If anything let him at least have supervized visitation.

Stacey on

I am a mother of 1 and I CANNOT STAND the way the family court system in this country plays favorites to divorced mothers. Divorced fathers are treated like second class citizens who basically have to beg, borrow and steal in order see their children…and that is usually only when it is convenient for the mother. A mother has to basically be a total crack addict or murderer for a family court to see her as unfit…but if a father makes one false move he can pretty much kiss any contact with his children goodbye. I am not condoning abuse in any way and if what he did is true a BIG shame on him…but it is so unfair that fathers get the short end of the stick when it comes to having a relationship with their children when dealing with a vindictive, money grubbing woman like this. I really hope someday the family courts wise up and realize that the relationship fathers have with children is just as important as the relationship they have with their mothers.

Marion Farrie on

He is only barred from them until he has arranged visitation privileges through family court. In other words, he cannot just show up unannounced,barge in, drag the mother outside by her feet while he visit his children. He abandoned them. From September 8 to December 11 shows he has very little interest in seeing then anyway.