Anna Nicole Smith wanted five more kids and ex-assistant weighs in on paternity issue

02/25/2007 at 12:31 AM ET

Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-assistant, Kim Walther, who starred in the 2004 E! reality program The Anna Nicole Show, along side Anna has spoken out about Anna’s dreams for more children, Dannielynn‘s parentage and her views of Howard Stern, Anna’s partner and one of them men who claims to be the baby girl’s dad.

Anna Nicole had a dream of having more children, especially girls.

She wanted five more kids, and she had whole chests full of girl clothes that she had been saving over the years. I hope I’m given [the opportunity to tell baby Dannielynn about her mother one day]. I just want her to know that her mom really was an amazing person, and loved her, and I would like to tell her the good things, you know?

Dannielynn’s parentage? Stern or Birkhead?

[Anna] told me she didn’t know who the father was. She told me, let’s see – I guess around Christmastime or shortly after New Year’s – that Howard was the baby’s father.

Her views on Stern.

I would never think that he would do anything to harm either Daniel or Anna. Anna was his entire world. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through. I know what I’m going through is hard, but Howard, he’s been with her for these last couple of years that I haven’t been there, and I really wish people would leave him alone.

A private hearing begins Monday in the Bahamas to determine custory arrangements regarding Dannielynn. So far, Stern and Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, are battling for custody. However, also seeking guardianship is Larry Birkhead, who is the second man who claims to be the father of Dannielynn; “I’ll go anywhere I have to.”

Source: PEOPLE

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