Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman talk about her having babies

02/24/2007 at 01:24 AM ET

Celebrity dad Russell Crowe interviewed celebrity mother Nicole Kidman on Oprah’s Oscar Special. She seemed uncomfortable at times, during questions about whether she is going to carry a baby, and understandably so – there have long been rumors that Nicole has fertility issues, and she has been open about suffering a miscarriage just as she and Tom Cruise split. The pair talked mostly about Nicole having children.

Russell asks if she’s going to have a baby, to which Nicole replies, "Am I going to have a baby? I hope so." Russell then continues, "Are you going to carry a baby?"  At this point, Nicole responds with, "Would you stop it? This is really dangerous territory. Yes, I would hope so. Anything else you want to ask?" Russell then tells Nicole that he, "Just wants to see her walking around barefoot and pregnant." Nicole says, "I’d like to see that too."

Nicole is married to Keith Urban, and has two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise; Bella, 14, and Connor, 12. Russell mentions Nicole carrying a baby because Tom and Nicole adopted Connor and Bella. Russell and his wife, Danielle Spencer, have two sons, Charlie, 3, and Tennyson, 7 months.

Visit Just Jared for the video – it’s actually much more playful than what it sounds like when quoted!

Source: Oprah via Just Jared

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Alioop on

Gosh,I don’t blame Nicole for feeling uncomfortable with those kind of questions thrown at her by a supposed friend. Every one knows that Nicole has dealt with fertility issues and has miscarried at least once in her life. I’m sure she herself would love nothing more than to be able to become pregnant with the man that she loves and carry to full term. I think he really intruded on her privacy and took advantage of her friendship.She should’ve shot back with asking Russell how he’s been doing dealing with his anger issues!!

Mary on

Isnt odd he ask this? I mean, for someone who has two adpoted children. The first question is ok, she is young in a new relationship.. but the second, is very intrusive and COULD touch some sensitve issues for her. Unless of course it was scripted with her ok. Still…

Alicia A. on

I think Nicole would make a really beautiful pregnant lady.
Aside from that, I know this was just a fun interview between 2 friends but real interviewers need to have more sensitivity when it comes to pregnancies and babies. Many people just have a hard time conceiving and it makes
it worse when people are asking “Is she pregnant?”, “Are you thinking about having kids?”, “When are you gonna start having babies?” That kind of thing makes it really frustrating and probably makes them feel sad too. Sorry to go off on a tangent. Just thought I’d share my feelings on that.

PSB on

This sounds like a nightmare interview for any woman who has ever had fertility problems. I’m sure it was extra nice having those kinds of questions asked by the parent of a todler and a new baby. Kind of jerky for a “friend” to do, unless she is secretly pregnant right now and he was just teasing her about telling the world about it.

Michelle on

I know some people are thinking that the questions Russell Crowe asked were off but the interview was sweet in my opinion. It is well known her problems with getting and staying pregnant. He has been there through it all. She asked him if she was going to have a baby and he asked her questions after that. They have been friends for so long that I think that by him asking her instead of some stranger who is interviewing her was not as off as everyone might think. She was nervous and they were both just going with the flow.
I adore the both of them so if I sound like I am taking sides……..well……sorry. I just wanted to have my say and my view of the interview. I think out of all three that were on the night, it was the most sincere and you could tell they were really great and close friends.

Christina on

How RUDE! He should know better than that, and exhibit better manners. Particularly since they’re supposed to be “friends”. A real friend wouldn’t be so hurtful or so ignorant.

Natalee on

As someone who has struggled with infertility for 8 years and is now moving forward with adoption, I can say that you’d be surprised to hear the kinds of questions that family and friends ask. Even the ones who know what you’ve been through. They aren’t meaning to be rude or hurtful, but like most people, do not think before they speak.

Ericka on

I don’t find anything rude about the interview. Before they started she went on about how he had to answer every question she asked him no matter what and it was visa-versa. He was only asking questions that he knew the public wanted to know same as with her questions for him. I watched the show and it was very good. If you read what she said it comes off as she’s irritated but when you watch it it’s completely different.

NicoleMarie on

I did not think that there was anything rude in this interview. Nicole asked (from what I can remember) personal questions too. They have been good friends for years. And didn’t Nicole always say she wanted to carry a child? Nothing new there. I hope she has a baby soon though.

millie on

Nicole has been talking about wanting a baby in virtually EVERY interview I’ve read. She says that sometimes thinking about it keeps her up at night. I don’t see anything wrong with him bringing it up and I’m sure she was aware of his questions. I watched the interview and the thing that bothered me more was how breathless and flirtatious she was with him.. you can say it was almost weird, as if she needed a validation of sorts. He came across as very genuine.

Mary on

I saw the interview when it originally aired. You could definitely tell Nicole seemed uncomfortable at times. It was actually kind of funny how she wanted Russell to be completely open and honest when answering questions, but the minute he asked something she wasn’t comfortable talking about, she became somewhat standoffish and defensive. But rightfully so, since it was a sensitive subject for her.

Callen on

I dont think he meant it in that way. Sometimes it is what it is. And you cant ask it any other way. But I think he could have said. ” Are you planning to adopt again, or have a child Biologically”?. Now that would have been a better question!

Mimi on

Russell knows Nicole much better than any of you. They’ve been good friends for almost 20 years !! I think he knows what’s Ok to ask her.

And she did ask him if it bothered him how people perceived him… and she made it very very clear that she knew he doesn’t have anger issues. She commented that he was very soft at the core and wore his emotions on his sleeve. He spoke very poignantly about his fearing he couldn’t do much to correct the public perceptions of who he is and regrets that.

Neither of them was rude with one another… she affectionately touched his foot several times… and they smiled and teased one another as friends do.

I compared their time together to the Julia and George interview, which was so very superficial and silly… George didn’t answer one single question. He just joked everything off.

CJ on

Considering she started the interview with “Are you ticklish? Do you know what they say about tickelish people? I’m tickelish too. They say we’re sexually repressed.” Can anything be off limits after that? I’m sure their spouses were thrilled at that being said during prime time.