Suri Cruise at LAX with Katie and grandma

02/23/2007 at 09:47 AM ET

TMZ and Just Jared have a new photo of cutie Suri Cruise, 10 months, at LAX last evening. She’s being cuddled by mom Katie Holmes in the photo, and is also with her grandma, Tom’s mother Mary.

Baby Chic 101’s Patty tells us: Suri was all decked out in a Bonpoint onesie and sweater for the occassion. Katie is a big fan of the French children’s store, which has a location in Beverly Hills. They have two stores in New York’s Upper East Side but just opened one downtown on Bleecker Street.

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin via Just Jared and TMZ

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michelle on

Man!! Suri gets more beautiful everytime we get to see her.

Angieland on

Suri looks just like Tom Cruise to me

Steffi Eulau on

How beautiful is she?! What a gorgeous little girl, she’s my absolute favourite celebrity baby out there!

alexp on

Babies don’t get any cuter than that! With those blue eyes, dark hair, and fair skin – she is just stunning. And finally we’re seeing her in something other than white. Grandma looks like she’s ready to throw down for Suri though. I’d watch out if I were those photographers.

Lauren on

Suri’s facial expression is too funny. She looks like she wants to say, “Yeah, you saw me-wanna do something about it?” lol.
She just JUST like Tom imo.

Lynne on

Wow! Suri really is stunning! She has improved alot…not that she wasn’t cute to start with or anything… now she has to be the cutest celeb baby!!!

dream_faerie76 on

Just beautiful. I think she looks just like Tom (with hints of Katie).

popi on

Another beautiful little baby! I think she looks like Katie.

Angelina ( preg) on

She is such a beauty!!Lok a her little mouth! Whe she was on the Vanity Fair cover i was seriously convinced that she was an Asian baby and that she was adopted, but now she looks like Katie every bit exp. for the eyes. She has little features that are Tom’s.

Jen on

She is most definitely a pretty baby but am I the only one who thinks she looks older than 10 months? Maybe it is just that she has a very serious face. I don’t know. Cutie nonetheless.

Posh_Fan on

What a gorgeous little girl!! Can she seriously get more beauitful? Wow!

Émily on

She’s soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!

She looks so much like her mama!

J.M. on

of course cutey Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would produce the most adorable baby to ever exist!! Tom better watch out bc Suri is going to have little boys chasing her left and right!

Zoey on

Suri Cruise out in public when neither Tom nor Katie has anything to promote!? *mock gasp*

Is the sky falling?? 😉

Haha but no seriously. Wow, she is a very pretty little girl!

Cynth on

She really is a doll baby. I thought she was very cute in the Vanity Fair issue and just keeps getting cuter! She has so much pretty hair and looks like Tom with hint of Katie (like someone else said) Wa-hooo SUri that’s what people get for talking shit!

Estherpanda on

She’s just STUNNING, with thoses big blue eyes and beautiful hair! Tom and Katie can be proud of their family!!!


Bar none, the prettiest celeb baby out there, IMHO.

annesoinca on

Look at shiloh who’s almost 9 months and Suri who’s 10months. Suri looks way older!! But she’s a really cute baby!!

Avery on

Woah! Suri’s gotten even more beautiful! She is the cutest of all celebrity babies….its between her and Shiloh! lol.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

She is so adorable!

Obviously with the media full of Britneys recent antics and the Anna Nicole saga celebritries have thought it’s save to bring out their hidden babies 😉

Suri & Shiloh are both such cuties. If Suri were mine I would have little pigtails in her hair already.

dina on

Best looking kid ever!

Julia on

Suri has a striking beauty while Shiloh has a softer baby face…they are both adorable in different ways…how could one choose?!LOL…

marie on

She’s fabulous looking, she looks Irish…any Irish in Katie or Tom?

Kathrine on

Marie: I read on eBay that Tom Cruise is of German and Welsh descent (paternal side) as well as German and Irish descent (maternal side). I don’t know about Katie.

Suri is about the cutest, most strikingly enchanting little creature I remember seeing.



mags on

Your right marie she does look irish…my brothers one year old lives in co. clare, ireland and she and Suri bare a strong resembelence.

gina on

She’s a real little beauty!

gina on

IMHO Suri has surpassed Shiloh in the looks department..she looks like Katie.

kelli on

Shes so very hr mom.

carol on

yes she is a beautiful baby

Whisper on

Suri is beautiful…but there is no way that she’s only 10 months old. And I’m not just talking about the still photos. Her fine motor skills in TV clips are more advanced than a 10 month old baby.

Akaa on

She is beautiful that is for sure. Who can deny that. Shiloh has baby sweetness and fan loyalty beauty, but Suri seriously has exotic looks which makes you wanna see her in a couple of years’ time. She also makes you stop to look, I bet all people at the airport were staring at her. Even if she was not a Tomkat baby, you would still look at her and pinch her cheeks.

Callen on

I cant believe everyone is so fixated on looks! These are children. They are children! Not a beauty contest. Yes! Have your opinions. But these are kids. Not whose dolly looks cuter!

Chiara on

Can we talk about the really important things here…does anybody know anything about Katie’s shoes? 😉

Stephany on

What a cute picture of Suri. She has a really funny facial expression in this picture. And her grandma looks ready to punch the paps!!

She’s such a strikingly beautiful baby.