Shiloh Jolie-Pitt at 8 1/2 months

02/23/2007 at 10:48 AM ET

FaoblanketCBB reader Nicole sent us this great scan of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, who will be 9 months old next week, from this New Orleans outing.

Baby Chic 101’s Patty tells us that Shiloh’s Plaid Baby Blanket is available at FAO Schwarz ($85).  The cotton blanket’s contrasting colors are intended to promote visual stimulation.  There is also a coordinating knit cashmere ABC block  with a bell ($45).

Source: US Weekly

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Catherine on

Shiloh is so adorable and looks so much like Brad but ofcourse Angelina in the lips arrrrrrr so cute more pics plz

Angela on

She is so cute! She looks like Brad, but she has angie’s lips.

Liz on

She is so pretty…shes got such a baby face! Very sweet!

Jennifer on

That baby is so gorgeous.

Sheena on

She is adorable. I think she looks so much like Brad.

popi on

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!No doubt this little cutie inherited her parents’ good genes!I think she is a good mix of both ; mommy’s lips, forehead and eyes, daddy’s nose and cheeks and also a little bit in the eyes. Awww, totally cute!!

Bellie on

I love Shiloh! Se’s sooooo cute!

Angelina ( preg) on

She is so pretty. She def. has Angelina’s lips!! She has beautiful eyes too. I want a little munchkin like that too. I am new on here so for thoses who don’t know me. My name is Angelina DUH and i am 24 yrs old. I am pregnant with my first child. I am 8 wks. I have a daughter named Lynn and one on the way. Lot of morning sickness tough, any advice??

natalie on


Amy on

Shiloh is precious and she does look like a doll. This little girl hit the genetic lottery but more importantly was born into a loving family. It’s going to be fun watching her grow up.

amy on

shiloh is beautiful,she sure looks more like brad.they are such loving parents that any babay will be lucky to have them

Kaley on

She is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen! Shiloh and Kingston should hook up.

Josie on

Well Gwen did say she’d love it if the got married one day and that it would be so freaking cute. and i happen to agree with her.

Mary on

Is funny because I think she looks more like Angelina than Brad. Everytime I looks at her, is Angelina’s face that comes first to me.

Helene on

She looks very much like Brad, but with Angelina’s lips. It’s cute.

Aleah on

I’ve never been a fan of either Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but I must admit they have one of the cutest celebrity babies.

sandy on

too bad her mother thinks she is just a blob

Mimi on

Could there be a more beautiful baby? (Except for mine, of course!) Just gorgeous!

sara on

Admit it ya’ll…Shiloh is cuter than your own kid.

Cynth on

what a cute little baby. she does look like a doll and totally has brad’s eyes! What a cute mixture!

chicki on

Shiloh is cute, but I’m starting to think that Suri has her beat! Little Miss Cruise is looking absolutely GORGEOUS these days!

Lucia on

She really is a beautiful baby…but I think Suri is even more beautiful though…i dont know actually there both are 2 stunners.

Nicole on

So, so beautiful. I love her eyes!! She does have Brad’s face mostly, but her eyes are Angie’s.

eden on

OMG! She looks just like her Daddy…really cute!

newshoes on

Shiloh is cute, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that she is one of the most beautiful babies ever. I’ve definitely seen a lot of babies that are quite a bit cuter.

Callen on

Sara? Now why would you say that? I happen to think my kids are Beautiful. And to me they are the most beautiful children to me. It’s sad you feel that way about your children! But that is very offensive to me!

ailen on

I know I’ll more than likely regret saying this but Shiloh is quite over rated…she is cute though.

Ven78 on

She is uncommonly cute…she reminds me of the Gerber Baby

mia on

Shiloh v Suri….will it ever end?lol.

J.M. on

very cute with those big eyes and her mommy’s lips but Suri is still by far the cutest baby girl!

And I happen to think that my nephews are gorgeous…they may not be my kids but I find them to be just as cute or even cuter then Shiloh! So to me know, Shiloh isn’t any cuter then the kids I know.

Marisol on

I personally have never seen a more beautiful baby. She’s perfection. I just think Suri looks “off” to me.

Doreen on

She’s soooo precious!!! Where’s her hair though? lol Suri has a head full of hair and she’s only a month older…

Sarah F. on

this has gotta be one of the cutest kids ever… next to, in my eyes, my own of course 🙂

millie on

She’s a doll and looks exactly like Brad (with Angie’s lips). She has very fair, strawberry blond hair (Brad again).. as to Suri, she’s adorable but seriously folks.. she’s not 10 months old.. she looks at least 12-13 months old and it’s not just the hair. I look at my kids photos and that’s how they looked when they started to walk. Fortunately, Suri looks very much like Katie too.

carol on

what a beautiful baby she got the best of both of her parents lucky girl

Emily on

Shiloh is way more stunning in my book and I agree Marisol, Suri Has always struck me to be a little, as you put it ‘off’ as well. Her eyes are a little too far apart or something- don’t get me wrong she’s gorgeous, but not as wow worthy as little shiloh.

Shiloh is fugly. on


mimi on

Of course, they are all cute! BUT lets me honest, you don’t always have or see the cutest baby… doesn’t mean they grown up (or even within two years)to be the cutest little child! BUT this baby really is so pretty. and this is coming from a person that is NOT NOT NOT a fan of angie or brad. But i have to say, WOW that is one very pretty child. It is not often that I see a baby less than one years old and think, “wow what a very beautiful child” Sure they are all cute in their own way…but…

mimi on

oh and i forgot to add… I think what really does it for her is the nose, lips, and eyes!

yaosa on

Just a beautiful child!

I think that both Shiloh and Suri are equally adorable and stunning in their unique ways. And of course, in my eyes, no baby has anything on mine:-)

Alioop on

I don’t think Sara meant any disrespect or insult … sure our own babies ARE truly beautiful and we have all seen beautiful celebrity babies as well, but Shiloh Nouvel seems to be in a class all her own!

equality for all liberal thinker!!! on

Isn’t the picture you posted with your site on it; someone else’s photo. Do you do anything original? I have noticed you cut in paste just like perez hilton. I use to like your site but now it is just like the rest of the bunches.

Angieland on

Shiloh is a gorgeous baby, but she’s not the most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen. Why are so many people making her out to be so superior to other babies out in the world? Why susch a high pedestal? Is it because of who her parents are? She eats, drinks, poops, pees, cries, coos, etc. just like every other baby out there. I am a fan of both of her parents, but come on! She’s just a baby.

Campbell on

Yowsa!! This suddenly got a bit nasty for me…. JK. I THINK that BOTH Suri and Shiloh have their own unique “cuteness”…… If everyone wants to get “technical” about it MY son ( on of 3 precious children) HAS to be the most gorgeous baby ever… he is 21 1/2 years old now.(STILL GOOD AS GOLD TO HIS MOMMA (ME) AND A LIVING DOLL. HEHE

Angieland on

I was not trying to sound nasty at all. I was just pointing it out. My apologies for anyone who is offended.

Stephany on

She sure is beautiful and I love her lips! They are so Angelina’s!

ankie on

Well she sure is beautiful, she looks like a real baby. Suri Cruise on the other hand is far less beautiful than the average kid. I can’t help it. But the most beautiful girl in the whole world is of course my own daughter (5 years old).