Julia Roberts talks pregnancy

02/23/2007 at 10:38 PM ET

Last evening on Oprah’s Primetime Oscar special, Julia Roberts and George Clooney interviewed each other – quite comically, in fact. They even received a phone call from Brad Pitt! George jumped right into the interview, telling Julia that he "heard she was pregnant" – to which she responds, "I heard that too!" She tells George she’s due in late summer, but, since she did fudge on the twins’ due date to the press last time around, and has an obvious baby belly, we’re going to guess that her due date is closer to June.

Still, sounds like she’s looking forward to a hot and sweaty spring and summer pregnancy, telling George about how "swollen and elephant like" her ankles will be! Ever the gentleman, George offers to deliver the baby when the time comes – since, as we all know, he played a doctor on ER for many years and apparently is quite the accomplished OB!

For those that missed the show, our friend Jared has video of the appearance up at his blog, Just Jared.

Source: Oprah

Did you also retain water (Julia apparently gets cankles!) when you were expecting?

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Heather on

I had my daughter, Raina, in July. At the very end of July to be exact so, it may as well have been August. All the month of July I had the worst swollen feet and ankles. It would go down if I sat in the pool for awhile or if I would lay down with my feet up a little higher but anytime I was up and moving or walking..they would swell up so bad. I could only wear these flip flops I had that were made out of a spandex material. Anything else would cut into my feet. All in all though…I really enjoyed being pregnant in the summer.

Kristin on

My feet swelled up so much (as did every other body part) that they looked like they belonged to a hobbit.

Emily on

I didn’t have ankles for the last month of my pregnancy. I wore flip flops throughout February because my feet wouldn’t fit into my shoes anymore.

Alicia A. on

God bless all you women who go through pregnancy. It seems like it’s so hard and can take a toll on your bodies. I guess it’s hard but it’s always a blessing.
I would agree though,I would say Julia’s 5 months along. Probably a little bit over 5 months. So exciting. I’ve heard it’s going to be a boy. Goodness, she’ll be busy. TWINS then a baby to look after.

Ana on

There’s the guy I wish he would have a baby (even after he said he wasn’t into fatherhood that much, but he also said, that only future knows). If he wants he can wait ’till mid-June, when I turn 18, and I give him a beautiful, healthy baby! Ahahah, and especially a baby boy, so he can look like his dad ahahahah just kidding.
I just can’t wait for Julia’s baby.

p.s.: hey, George, the offer is up! aahahah

MMM on

Completely swollen for the last 3 months. So much so that it felt like my skin would tear if I moved my ankles. So gross. I had to buy all new shoes and socks!

I am pregnant again, due in October, and I think the summer is going to take it’s toll on me. I will be the only one in long pants to cover my ankles!

Maximum Big Surprise on

I didn’t have swollen ankles, just swollen hands. I couldn’t wear my wedding ring in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Lorus on

I retained a lot of water towards the end of my pregnancy. It was mostly in my feet but would move to my hands while I slept. I would wake up with numb fingers! My feet were so swollen during the day that I couldn’t fit them into a size 10 slide sandal (I’m normally a 9). It took a lot longer for the water to leave my body after my daughter did as well.

Suzanne on

My feet and ankles swelled up at about 5-6 months along – the baby was born last September. I would put them up after work and put ice on them, but it didn’t really help much. Luckily I was allowed to wear flip-flops to work, and since it was summer, it didn’t look wierd! I never thought my feet would ever get back to normal (I went from size 7 to size 9+, now I’m back to about size 8 – have to buy some new shoes)!

Christiane F. on

I **hated** being pregnant! I am always in awe of women who look vibrant & glowing during pregnancy…lord knows I couldn’t wait until it was over with. On top of being swollen, I had horrible time sleeping, my legs were always tingling when I would lay down, and I could barely move. But, of course, it was worth it. Love my baby boy more than anything! 🙂