Ramona Sarsgaard with her parents

02/23/2007 at 02:28 PM ET

Finally!  A good, no, GREAT photo of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard‘s daughter, Ramona Sarsgaard, four months old.  They were at Hugo’s in West Hollywood yesterday.

20828_mid_lClick ‘Continue Reading’ for a photo of daddy Peter putting Ramona in her Bugaboo Cameleon ($879) with a breezy sun canopy in blue ($40).

Ramona wears a Splendid Littles long sleeve terry footie in kale ($55).

Photo: CelebrityBabylon.com (used with special permission)



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Amber on

Awww! She’s adorable! I love bald babies. I love that she’s not dressed all pink and frilly too.

Jen on

Wow, she is a mini Peter! She is adorable.


So cute. On close inspection I think she looks like her father, Peter Sarsgaard. She’s adorable and so big already.

Jennifer on

Aww…She is the cutest little thing. Maggie and peter make excellent parents.

Jess on

Aww! She is so adorable! Such a cutie!

estherpanda on

I love the way Peter is holding her..it’s just adorable!
They are such a beautiful family and Ramona is a cutie, with big blue eyes !!

Mandy on

Little Romona is so sweet…she looks a lot like her daddy.

Rinna on

Ramona looks so much like Peter. She’s a cutie!

ix on

I HATE it when baby girls are dressed like boys! I honestly thought that she was a little boy! But they look like a happy family, so that’s koolio! πŸ™‚

Jaclyn on

She’s adorable, they all seem so happy. I’m loving the outfit Ramona is wearing, any news on the brand?

I still prefer the looks of the Bugaboo over the Orbit and the new hood looks quite interesting.

millie on

cute and she looks like her daddy.. most girls do πŸ˜‰

lanie on

So because she’s a girl she immediately should get saddled with pink clothes? πŸ˜‰ I hate it when people define babies by the colour clothing they wear – surely we’ve moved past ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ now. My girl HATES pink, at the age of three, she won’t wear it – and why should she have to?

Chiara on

CUTE!!! What a snugglebum!

Emily on

I think she looks like her mommy in that second picture. So cute.

Sarah F. on

So cute! I just love them. My DD is named Maggie =)

Liza on

I love all those stripy outfits for babies. Shes adorable, I love bald babies!!

PSB on

Totally agree Lanie. I always dress my boy in yellow, green, orange, etc when I can because it’s more interesting and I don’t believe in gender stereotyping infants.

RE: Ramona

She is adorable! A mini-daddy if I ever saw one. And I happen to love her little zip up outfit. Looks like Carter’s or Gymboree to me. We have loads of those at home too.

Alicia A. on

I thought she looked like her mommy more. I’ve only seen what daddy looks like a few times. I think she looks like a combo of both.

tink1217 on

she really does look like Peter!! Adorable little girl!

Kim on

She’s wearing a Splendid Littles terry striped sleeper:


Mary on

I thought she looked more like her mom as well. She’s a little cutie. Nothing wrong with dressing a baby in non-gender specific colors. But at this point Ramona has no hair. So I dont know if Maggie and Peter would be offended if someone came up and said “what a cute little baby boy”. Cause really there’s no way to tell, short of asking.

Lauren on

There’s nothing wrong with not dressing a baby girl in pink and lace all the time (although God knows I will with mine-little girl clothes are the BEST!); while I love seeing girls dressed like-well, girls-I know that’s not everyone’s style, and I don’t expect everyone to dress their daughters that way. That being said, there is nothing about that outfit that distunguishes Ramona’s sex, and while I would guess she was a girl if I didn’t know, there’s really no way to tell with an outfit like that. I personally would get miffed if people came up to me saying, “Oh, what a cute little boy!” I think it’s an ugly sleeper, whether a boy or girl wears it, but that’s jmo.

Christiane F. on

Maggie is running a close second for cutest celebrity mom in my book (Gwen’s still #1) She’s seems so earthy & “cool”, and I agree with the other posters, I love that she’s not dressed in frilly pink girly clothes. Maggie is such a natural mother.

nir on

Did she just say on E that she is pregnant ?
or was it taken from last year?

I wonder

FC on

She’s totally adorable, bald head and all. In both pictures she seems to be looking straight into the camera. She’ll be working the camera before she’s able to walk, lol. πŸ˜‰

Stephany on

She’s so adorable! Although, I have to admit, if not for the title of this post, I would think this was a boy. But she’s still cute.