Rumor: Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnant again?

02/22/2007 at 01:44 PM ET

A number of CBB Readers have been emailing us asking what we’ve heard about The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck being pregnant again.  We haven’t heard anything but we know she and Tim have been trying for quite awhile. Meanwhile, our readers have noticed some changes in her appearance and demeanor leading them to believe she could be pregnant again.

  • Brandy said, "I have noticed for the past couple of weeks that Elisabeth’s tops are looking mighty loose.  I have also noticed that she hasn’t brought up about she and Tim trying to conceive in a while…do you think maybe…?"
  • Veronica said, "The last few episodes, she has looked like she may be sporting a bit of a bump. She’s been quieter too…maybe suffering from morning sickness? I could be off, but I do watch everyday and she looks quite different to me. If she is pregnant, I’d guess she’s about 10 weeks along and expect an announcement in the next couple of weeks."
  • Christina said, "I have been watching the View recently and Elisabeth looks pregnant. I’m usually pretty good at noticing these things. I know she said she wasn’t a few months ago but she looks it now. Has anyone else noticed anything?"

What do you think? Watching the View has screencaps up of Elisabeth’s outfits this past week to assist with your guessing. In addition, she’s appearing on The Martha Stewart Show on Friday, wearing a loose-fitting top.

Photo: Elisabeth, her husband Tim and their 22 month old daughter Grace had front row seats at the Child Magazine’s Fall 2007 Fashion Show on February 9th that I also attended (click here for the photos). Grace was wearing an adorable Burberry skirt that coordinated with Elisabeth’s outfit.
Source: Us Weekly


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halifaxhoney on

I haven’t watched The View lately so I haven’t noticed anything, I do hope that she is pregnant though.

Erin on

I noticed yesterday that she’s looking fuller and that she appears to have a “bump.” And she does appear to be talking a little less than normal but who knows why that is – I don’t recall her doing that when she was pregnant with Grace.

Linda on

I saw Monday’s episode, she does look pregnant. However, that seems to be the style lately – flowy tops.

Amy B. on

I rarely get to watch The View. But, I did watch it this past Monday, and the first thing I thought when I saw her is that she is pregnant! Only time will tell…

Elisabeth on

I don’t get to watch The View regularly because i’m either out or watching a baby show but I did catch an episode recently and the first thing that popped into my head was “Elisabeth’s pregnant”.

Callen on

Maybe just maybe. This makes me want to have!

Ashley on

i looooove elizabeth and i am praying SO hard that she is preggers. She is one of the most beautiful women anyways but when she was pregnant with Grace, she just was glowing like nothing I have ever seen… so magical!!!

MMM on

I think Ashley is Elisabeth in disguise:). She might be pregnant. I watch everyday and have been looking. She has been seen in tight shirts lately too, but that doesn’t mean anything since she is so fit to begin with!

Jennifer on

I don’t know if she is or isn’t pregnant, but I’d love her to be 🙂 Grace is an adorable little girl, and her outfit in that photo is so cute!

sarah on

She will be on Martha Stewart today…and she is wearing a very loose fitting green top…can’t wait to watch to make a futher judgement for myself! But I hope she is pregnant!!!

Lauren on

I just saw her on Martha Stewart, and all I have to say is that if she isn’t pregnant, she either stuffed a beach ball under her stomach before going on the air or she has gained a LOT of weight in her stomach.

Sue on

I’m watching Martha Stewart right now and Elizabeth is on with her and she does pregnant. She looks adorable.

Sarah118 on

OK, on Martha Stewart she looks pregnant…but on The View today she didn’t. I’m still trying to figure this one out…but I hope she is!!!

Amber on

On Martha Stewert this morning she looked a little pregnant. She was wearing a typical baby doll shirt that I wore all the time in both pregnancies, but if she turned a certain way you could see that the shirt wasn’t just that big, her stomach actually came out and met the shirt. Not huge or anything, the shirt definately made her look bigger from the front and when she turned to the side she didn’t look so big, but that is the angle you could tell the shirt touched her stomach. I would guess if she is she’s no more than 3 months and just has a little early belly from her second pregnancy, showing a bit early because her daughter is only 2.

Genise on

I watched a recent episode of the The View and Elizabeth was skateboarding. Not sure a newly pregnant mom would try this but who knows

Jackie on

I’ve noticed the change in Elisabeth too and think she is pregnant.

Mary Lou Burnis on

I usually can guess when a woman is pregnant and I do believe Elisabeth is pregnant again. Yes, she has been wearing loose tops and bigger dresses. The other day she was off the show apparently for a school program of Grace’s, but she probably is suffering from morning sickness……mark my words, we will be hearing something soon!!!!!

Lauren on

I have been questioning this for a while now! She did talk about wanting another baby for a while and has been quite on the subject lately… she is also wearing a lot of loos fitting clothing that I dont think she would have normally worn you know? And it makes me want another baby thinking about it 🙂