Naomi Watts in Soho on Wednesday

02/22/2007 at 06:20 PM ET

If there was any doubt in your mind that Naomi Watts is pregnant, this photo of her in Soho yesterday might change your mind! Lots of tabloids (In Touch, New York Post, Us Weekly) are saying that Naomi and her boyfriend Liev Schreiber are expecting their first child, but the couple has yet to make an announcement and her representative has declined to comment.


How far along does she look to you?  According to In Touch, she is in her fourth month.  I didn’t really start to show until I was 5 months along, but then again, Naomi is really petite and thin so it may be showing earlier on her.

Photo: Splash News,,

Thanks to CBB Readers Amanda and Melanie.

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michelle on

Being as small as she is….she looks pregnant to me. I hope she is. They are such a great couple. Good luck to them either way.

MrsSoup67 on

I did not really show until about 5mos with my first pregnancy, then I exploded. I think she is probably about 5mos along if she really is pregnant.

Mimi on

I didn’t think this was true, until I saw this photo! There is no doubt, now! She’s probably 4 months (she’s very petite, thus she’d probably show sooner…I didn’t really start to show until my 5th month).

AllAngela on

I’m four months along and she looks just like I do in a coat. I’m willing to bet that they’re expecting. Good for them!

mommy 2_1 on

She’s gotta be!! Even though they have not “confirmed” the news they have not denied it either! I would say around 5 months also!!

Lissette on

I had my doubts about her being pregnant as well but this photo definitely proves she is! Congrats to her and Liev! I think she’s been wanting a baby for a long time.

fina j on

check out this photo from the Golden Globes last month, she wasn’t even showing?

Alicia A. on

I’d guess she’s 4 1/2 months along. Beautiful girl! I think pregnant woman are the most gorgeous people on earth.

Nicole H. on

I agree with Alicia – she looks 4 1/2 months along, right when it is clear to most people realize “oh, she’s not putting on a few pounds, she’s pregnant.”

Callen on

I didn’t really blow up until I was 33 weeks With my Son who was born at 40 weeks and 3 days. I did not show for a long time. I was starting to worry was there a baby in there! My daughter another story… I started showing alot at 22 weeks. But my lil girl was just so chubby! She was born at 40 weeks exactly! Naomi mos def looks preggers. Good luck to her!

millie on

I’d say 4 to 5 months, definitely. She looked quite pregnant couple of weeks ago at an event in France. On another photo (popsugar has them) she’s wearing a ring on her ring finger. I wonder if they’re engaged. In any case, this is great news! BTW, I just realized that she filmed an entire movie (Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen) in her first trimester, for which she had to learn to ride a huge motorcycle, do stunts etc.. I’m impressed, I wasn’t able to do much at all during that time.

Urban Baby Runway on

Sure looks like it to me! But I was showing by 2 months w/my one and only, by 4 months I was way bigger than that. But I think she looks like a typical 4 month’er

Julia on

i think she is about in her early six month. I am pregnant and i am due in September 12th and i am eight weeks and i am not showing one bit. If its a girl i am toying with the names Clara James Jane Mildres, Rose and Annie. The ones i like the best are Clara James Piri ( Piri is Italian which is my last name) and i like Annie Rose. Anny other names you guys can come up with?? I serilouly need help.I am stressing over just the names here. For boys names i Picked Sean Dylan Piri. Or Sean Jack, or Sean James. Sorry to go on and on but…………………….yup.

Alicia A. on

Hi Julia! Those are great names that you have in mind. My personal favorites for girls are Anna, Ella, Rhea, Rose, Crystalina —those are probably my top faves. For boys, I like Mike, Mark, Jared, Declan, Ryan, Seth, and Patrick. Hope this helps a little bit. I hope you have a great pregnancy. Keep us up to date!

PSB on

She looks 5 months pregnant.

lolasmum on

I totally think she is pregnant now! Yay! Popsugar has some photos of her at another event with Liev and she has a little bump in those images too. Like the coat in this picture, I am noticing her in more outfits with the “empire waist”…hmm… Pregnant or not, I think she is such a beauty (but I do hope the photos are telling us something!).

popi on

I admire how she managed to keep it private so far… Seeing her facial expression in this picture, I guess she is pissed the world now knows. I hope she won’t be stalked!She looks 4/5 month pregnant to me. I wish her luck and to have a peaceful pregnancy.

popi on