Rumor: Donald Trump didn't want Nancy O'Dell hosting Miss USA?

02/22/2007 at 04:48 PM ET

It was announced today that pregnant Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell, 40, will be hosting the Miss USA pageant in March. The Donald Trump-owned pageant is to be shown on NBC, and as Nancy is the host of an NBC program, she was thought to be the perfect choice for Miss USA as well.

TMZ reports that the choice of Nancy to host his program upset Donald, who "doesn’t like the way pregnant woman look" and tried to get Nancy, 5 months along, dropped from her spot. Luckily for Nancy, she’s under contract and is staying put. The Trump camp was contacted and had no comment.

Source: TMZ

Did you ever feel discriminated against because you were pregnant?


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Sarah K on

If this is true, I think Donald Trump is a bit out of line to say that pregnant women are not attractive. He is a father himself…Nancy is BEAUTIFUL…and I think she is even more beautiful with child. She is glowing. I’m glad he couldn’t do anything about her hosting the show due to the contract. If anything, the contestants should be honored to have Nancy hosting. She is a charming, smart, successful woman…which is something that all of those contestants hope to become.

Grace on

Well said, Sarah K!!

tink1217 on

i would hate to be married to that man! Melania watch out!

Callen on

Thats sad! No one messed with me while pregnant. I would have kicked some Donald Trump is a problem within himself. You dont want a pregnant woman who is married by the way, And has a great career. Hosting the pageant? Oh but you let a 20 something woman who was an alcoholic/druggy. Keep her title? Oh Donald you are bad!

Heather on

One more thing to add to why I can’t stand that man. He is disgusting and just the thought of him makes me nauseous.

I never felt discriminated against while pregnant other than when people found out I was not married. I never let it bother me though because I did not care about their opinions. I have always felt that you did not have to be married to be a family.

Karen on

Donald never ceases to churn out insensitive comments, especially about women’s bodies.
Has he taken a look at himself lately?

Nicole on

Yeah, I had issues at work sometimes when I was pregnant. I’m a nurse and I work in the operating room. There are alot of things that a pregnant woman cannot be around in the O.R. My supervisor who determines what nurse is assigned to what surgery would put me in risky cases just to pull rank on me. But, I stood up for myself and my developing son and never did cases that were harmful. It was unneccessary…

Jess from ohio on

Donald Trump is an ass. He “hates the way pregnant women look” and “doesn’t do diapers”. He’s a slimy pig and I can’t stand him.

Aura on

Donald sounds so old-fashioned, like he’s from a different era!

sarawara on

I do not believe that Donald Trump said that.

Jessica on

This comment by Donald doesn’t suprise me at all. The man is a filthy pig.

Unfortunately I had a hard time at work when I was pregnant up until my 5th month. Things came to a head when my boss told me that “Maybe this job just isn’t right for you.” This after I asked for a chair to sit down on because my 8 hour job required me to stand on my feet all day long and he refused. After much frustration and some tears my husband finally convinced me to quit, I didn’t need the job (or the stress and immense back and foot pain!) THAT bad to have to deal with that jerk. Of course my boss was a man with no children so he had no idea what he was talking about anyway. I still haven’t gone back to the workplace. My daughter is my job now.

Amanda on

While Trump is known for speaking first, then thinking, I do not believe that he said that – at least not in a venue where it could be quoted.

Sounds like tabloid fodder that is published to get readers.

I am surprised that this site echoed it.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

We do occasionally post rumors, but they are clearly marked in the title and category that that is what they are.
The quotes were used to clarify that it was taken from TMZ’s report. I apologize if that was unclear with this post.

PSB on

He doesn’t like the way pregnant women look because he thinks they look fat—and as we all know, he hates fat people.

What a disgusting, shallow pig.

Lissette on

I was going to say I feel sorry for Melania but I dont. She knew how arrogant and chauvinistic he is before marrying him. I dont care how much money he has, I still wouldnt marry him! What a pig!

Diana on

I would hope that this is a rumour but I wouldn’t be surprised if its true.

Elizabeth on

It is admirable that CBB published the post questioning this as rumor, etc.

But in response to CBB’s position that:
“The quotes were used to clarify that it was taken from TMZ’s report. I apologize if that was unclear with this post”

Isn’t TMZ a tabloid-type thing? Absolutely. So, is quoting a rumor from a tabloid not publishing a rumor?

It seems that a lot of fodder makes it into our more mainstream media after the tabloid folks have broached it. Then CBS, or whoever, can say, as published in The Enquirer, Jon Benet was abducted by aliens…”

Or, “_________________” (insert the person who is getting buzz and attention at the time, in this case, Trump) …”was heard to say “________________________” (insert sound bite that gets a rise out of people), according to “___________________” (insert internet or tabloid source of choice – there are many).

This way the mainstream media get to publish salacious stuff that gets a response, without appearing to get their hands dirty.

It’s like: “We don’t generate the dirt, we are just showing you the dirt that someone else published; we are above publishing dirt.”

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

True, it is like that. We don’t want to publish it as truth, because we have no idea. The best we can do when reader interest is shown and we decide to post something as rumor is to present both sides of the issue – unfortunately, here, Trump had no comment.

Again, I apologize if anyone was offended by the post.

Abby on

It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump said these things for 2 reasons. 1. He hates fat people. and 2. Trump WAS NOT present for the births of any of his 5 children. Just fyi.