Britney heads back to rehab. Again. After attacking a photographer's car.

02/22/2007 at 12:57 PM ET

TMZ has confirmed Britney Spears is back in rehab. The emergency custody hearing that Kevin Federline wanted has been cancelled because of this new development.  If Britney leaves rehab before the program is completed (between 30-45 days), Kevin says he will go to court seeking full custody of their sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline.

According to X17online, last evening she went to Kevin’s house and rang the bell, but he didn’t answer.  Her assistant begged photographers to stop taking photos, but of course they didn’t.  Britney got mad and started attacking a car and a photographer with an umbrella, and cursing at them before running back to the car and driving away. We don’t condone any kind of violence (even against cars) but who can blame her for being so pissed?  The paparazzi is part of the problem and they are only making it worse by following her. On the video, you can hear a photographer saying, "We’re worried about you."  If they’re so worried, why don’t they leave her alone?

Anyway, turns out Kevin was home with JJ and SP.  Half an hour later, he drove to Britney’s Malibu home where the couple talked.  One can surmise that they came to an agreement about her going back to rehab because she checked herself in late last night.

We REALLY hope the third time’s a charm.

Source:  TMZ and X17online

Thanks to CBB Reader Sarah T.

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Roxana on

Spears’ father told FOX News that the troubled pop princess is “a sick little girl … we’re just trying to take care of her.”

Jamie Spears, speaking Thursday from his Louisiana home, also told FOX News’ Lisa Bernhard that he did not want to comment on the specifics of Spears’ current situation. He added that the problems with Spears are “not about what other people think,” and that he and Spears’ mom are “concerned about our daughter.”

Jessie on

Thank goodness! I hope she gets the help she needs, and I’m glad to hear that K-Fed has them in the meantime so they are not just being shuffled between nannies.

I find it interesting that TMZ’s “who should get the kids?” poll has Kevin leading 79-21, when a couple months ago it was completely reversed!

Erin on

Sad to say, but I honestly think that Britney only did it so he’d cancel the hearing. I just don’t feel, after all this, that she is honest in wanting help, and wish he had gone forward with the hearing.

C on

Yep…Hope 3rd time is a charm. If she really cares about her family she will get her act together.

Did Brit tried to commit suicide?

Terrified she’d lose custody of her sons, an out-of-control Britney Spears tried to kill herself TWICE in the hours after shaving her head, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively from sources.

Hours after creating a media frenzy by shaving her head, sources say the troubled star tried to take her own life by walking into traffic, only to be rescued at the last second by her staff.

But that wasn’t the end of Britney’s self-destructive impulses. A short time later she was rushed to a doctor after saying she was going to kill herself and then taking too many Xanax, say the sources.

Britney’s emotional collapse was triggered by a “reconciliation” with estranged husband Kevin Federline — that was actually meant to be an intervention, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

And when Kevin warned her that she’d fail a drug test and he’d get custody of their sons, a hysterical Britney went over the edge and ended up shaving herself bald while a crowd of spectators and photographers watched outside Esther’s Haircutting Studio in Tarzana, California.

“After she shaved off her hair, Britney had a complete breakdown and tried to kill herself,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

C on

And based on her father saying “she’s a sick little girl”….I think her family is babying her. Yes it’s fine to have your family have your back, but Brit will be 26 at the end of the year. Its about time Britney acts like an adult.

Hea on

Glad to see Kevin is taking responsibility. I hope everything works out for Britney.

Roxana on

At least she said “F*ck you SIR” 🙂

LaMama on

Kevin was smart not to let her in while she was acting like a lunatic. The boys don’t need to see that.

Stephany on

I agree with you, Erin. I doubt this time she’ll last long. If she does, I’ll be surprised.

I think, judging by Britney’s antics the past months, Kevin is a better suited parent.

Natalie S. on

I hope she gets the help that she needs and best wishes for her and her family.

Lissette on

I think Kevin and Lynne Spears came up with that together to scare her back into rehab. And I do agree the photographers should leave her alone for the time being. I’m pulling for her and hope she gets better soon. I think she’s got a lot of pain in her and the rehab will do her a lot of good.

Angela on

I wonder what is wrong with Britney. Her father told Fox news that her problems are not about what other people think, that she is a sick little girl. So it may not be a drink/drug problem.

I hope she stays in rehab this time. She needs to get better so that she can be reunited with her children.

Jess on

Poor Brit. I think the paps seriously just need to give her some room. Some ‘Brit’ time.

I think that time alone with her two beautiful little boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, would be the best remedy. She has had so much stress recently I think alone time will do her good.

No matter what anyone claims/says, Britney is a wonderful and very loving mother to her sons, you can see that just looking at her.

And I think she was really hurt when her and Kevin split, again no matter what people say they did love each other and you can’t just turn your feelings off like that.

As a 25-year-old single mum, with two boys under two (Sean Preston aged 14 months and 5 month old Jayden James) obviously she needs help caring for them. I can’t believe that the media are claming she can’t cope for the youngsters, she needs her family to help with their care.

The paps seriously need to give her a break and leave her alone.

I hope she gets well soon.

JoyJoy on

I think she needs to get a grip for the kids sake. I hate to say it but the paparazi is not going anywhere. She just needs to deal with that fact and learn how to deal with it. That is something that is not going to change in her life. If she is on drugs maybe it would be better for the boys to be with their dad. It is sad to see it come to that but she should know better. Doing all this wild things like in and out of rehab and shaving and tattooing herself is not going to help in court. She can hate the camera men all she wants and yes they are to blame for stress and being their bugging her. But she is the one who has to deal with that. She is famous and as long as she is she is going to have to deal with that. Her best bet is to just deal with that and learn to use it for her advantage and if she can’t just ignore it. They love reaction and are waiting for reaction.

amanda on

At this point, I wouldn’t be disappointed if Kevin gets full custody.

Ashley on

I am actually very suprised but impressed with Kevin and the way that he has “taken control”. We all should give him a little more credit. Britney Spears is one of my favorite artists, but I am not a fan of hers anymore. For whatever reason, there is no excuse for leaving your kids for excessive partying CELEBRITY OR NOT she still chose to have two kids before she was 25. I am a mother of 2 at 23 and I never get to go out, but that is the sacrifice you make when you want to be a mother. The only thing I want to know is who is taking care of those kids? The only thing i’ve heard is that they’re “well taken care of”

Melissa on

Wow, looking back at pictures it is easy to see she’s not doing so well! She was happy, beautiful, healthy. Within the last month she looks noticeably sick, sad and lost. Whether it is post-partum, drugs or depression is not for me to judge, but I am very glad she is getting the help she needs, for herself and her family. She needs the guidance of professionals, a break from everything. I hope she comes out a better person!

Jen on

Wow. She really needs some help.

Oh and Roxana, she didn’t say “F you SIR”. She said “F YOURSELF.” Not so nice with or without the sir.

Aura on

Poor Britney, I hope she gets better – It must be awful for her family, and friends right now, wanting to help but not being sure how to do…. I just hope that Britney pulls herself together for the kids.

sara on

is it true she tried to kill herself? craziness!

Emma on

I really feel for Britney and everyone that is close to her because despite what we see in the tabloids, this must be really hard on her and her family. She is obviously suffering quite badly from some sort of depression wether it be post-natal or not.

I think the paparazzi and tabloids underestimate the damage they do to some celebrities lives, Britney has been under the limelight for a huge chunk of her life and every single move she makes is scrutinized all over the world. Rehab is most certainly the best place for her right now, but understandably its going to be hard for her to wake up and see that.

She really needs to get better for herself and her children but in order for her to do so, the public, the press and the paparazzi just need to leave her alone and give her some space.

I don’t blame Britney for ending up like this to be honest, if it was me i’d be verging on crazy too.

Rachel on

I honestly don’t know that rehab will help. And I wonder if what her father is talking about when he says her problems aren’t what we think is that her problems are way more than the drugs and the alcohol.

Rehab really is hollywood’s solution to everything these days and the thing is, sure there are many individuals who have great lives ruined by drug addiction or alcoholism… these are the individuals who need rehab. There are other individuals who turn to drugs and alcohol as an escape from much deeper underlying problems. So for these people, the rehab may help them with the drugs or the alcohol, but when they leave, that underlying problem will still be there…

And what happens to those people?
I think Britney’s in that position. I’m sure rehab is a first step, but it can’t be the last… she needs more help than that.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

So are the boys with Kevin fulltime while she’s in rehab for 30-45 days?

She appears to be such a mess. I find it quite disturbing. Wonder what actually happened to her?

NicoleMarie on

She is a mom of two boys, who need her, and she needs to grow up and take action to help herself(i.e. leaving rehab). Doing these things, like shaving her hair, can harm her chance of getting custody of the kids. Although, it is not just shaving her head, it is why she did it; she did it out of anger and most likely a cry for help.

I hope I did not sound mean but I hope she gets better. I think she is suffering with depression.

Rosalba on

I usually don’t comment on things, but this time I had to. I’ve notice you guys keep defending Britney and her behavior, mind you I love your site but you must be honest Britney is a mess, and must of her problems she brought them on herself. Yes photographers are annoying and in the way, but she did not mind them when she wanted to be big.

The girl needs help, and SHE needs to blame herself and no one else in order for her to accept the help she so needs. I can believe I’m thinking this but Kevin is doing the right thing by keeping the children, poor little angels are not to blame for their mother and HE is being the parent not her. I really hope this girl gets it together for her sake and her two innocent little angels.

Scarlett on

I think Britney needs to get out of California. It’s obviously making her mental state worse. She needs to go home to Louisiana until her head is in a better place for everyones sake.

Doreen on

Holy moly!! This chick has lost her mind not to mention she’ll prob lose her children. She better get her act together and GROW UP!!! She’ll never be a hit pop star ever again. Sad but true!! She was once pretty and everything now she looks like CRAP! The kids deserve a ROLE MODEL Mom and Brit just isn’t that!

Emma on

Does anyone not see that Britney has just come out of a marriage with Kevin and that this might be a tad hurtful for her? The puplic seems to think that when a celebrity couple break up or get a divorce that they don’t have feelings and that they are all ok, but just like the rest of us, they hurt like crazy.

Sure, Brit might have been the one to initiate the divorce but she obviously had her reasons, and i’m sure if she felt like she could make it work between her and Kevin then she would have tried. It’s not fair how as soon as a marriage splits that the pap’s and tabloids come running, whilst Britney and Kevin are still hurting and picking up the pieces.

I understand that when celebs get famous they are fully aware of what they are getting themselves into, but doesn’t anyone understand that some days when it all just gets too hard that she might have just had enough? You might not like Britney, i personally don’t know the girl but i feel sorry for anyone in her situation, famous or not, because when the times get rough and your going through a divorce with 2 kids under 2 to deal its hard enough. In her situation you got the paparazzi at her feet all the time and tabloids are getting a high off the fact that her life is going pear shaped.

I know she may been partying all the time and taken some drugs and been acting a little crazy of late but all of that is most certainly stemming out of some sort of depression and that just might be her way to deal with all of her pain.

Give the girl a break, everyone needs to be decent human beings, forget she’s famous and just give her time to get her life back on track. This is very serious, it’s not a situation to be played with and it seems everyone is treating it that way.

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