Michelle Williams gets shorn

02/14/2007 at 03:38 PM ET

Actress Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda Rose, 15 months, were spotted out in New York on Tuesday. Michelle sports a new short cut, a change from her usual long blonde hair.

B000bkx4j8_01_pt01__ss400_sclzzzzzzz_Matilda rides in a Maclaren Techno XT in Storm Gray ($300).

Source: E! Online

Did you cut your hair into an easier to maintain style once you became a mom?

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Christine on

Ohhh…I like her much better with long hair.

Spiff on

She looks so cute with short hair!

Christina on

Cute cut! Yeah, I’ll admit I got the mom-coif after my dd started to pull on my longer hair. Funny thing is, it looks really great short! Who knew? I get compliments all the time on my short hair, and dh loves it! So, I’m a convert for life, now! LOL!

sandy on

i actually grew my long hair even longer after my twins were born. I grew it long enough to sit on it, I never had any problems with they pulling on it.

tink1217 on

i like her better with long hair too!

madison on

I bet she cut it for a role…..

Michelle on

My husband would shoot me if I cut my hair that short! He is not a fan of the “mom hair.” He says it looks like the person has let themselves go and that it looks manly. Just his opinion!

MMM on

She looks like Sandy Duncan playing Peter Pan. Anyone remember that?

Lorus on

It’s cute but I prefer her with longer hair.

I cut my hair short after having my daughter as well. It was easier to care for and she didn’t have anything to tug on afterwards.

popi on

Oh!! No pun intended but she looks 10 years older! She is still pretty, but I don’t get this hair cut at all…

Brandi Harris, NC on

Guilty also!!!Being a mother of 3 I got it cut and have kept short for 5 years now! I get compliments all the time that I look like Ashley Judd!! Its easier and I have more fun with it b/c I change the style all the time!!!!!

Fynn on

Like Madison, I think she may have cut it for a role. She has two movies in pre-production right now. I liked it better longer, but it’s adorable this way too–I can’t wait to see how she’ll do it when she glams up. As a mom with short hair, I appreciate it when celebrities wear short styles I can emulate.

landroverdisco on

This cut is not flattering in the least. She looks like she could be one of the male characters in Harry Potter. In my opinion, very few women can pull off short hair and still manage to look sexy and feminine.

Mimi on

I can’t believe she cut her hair! It doesn’t look good! I wonder what Heath thinks!

Kat on

I think she probably did cut it for a role.

if not, pregnancy can do a lot to your hair and while my hair looked awesome when I was pregnant with my first and third babies, it looked awful during my second.

in fact, after my first baby was born, a bunch fell out (very common) and so I cut it short, but stylishly in the fashion that was in style back in 2000 to make it look better and be easier to keep that way.

I grew it long after my second, but then cut it because of so many split ends….

I find as a mom of 3 I just don’t get enough time to always guarantee a shower every day… so I keep it shorter so that I can get by with my hair looking okay even if I don’t get a shower for a day or two… right now it’s in a bob that’s shorter in the back, longer in the front, chin length.

the key is definitely, whatever you do, don’t fall into something that makes you look old or doesn’t flatter, to not get a “mommy” cut… or, if you do, change something about it to make it look all you.