Anna Nicole Smith's former nanny makes accusations

02/14/2007 at 02:15 PM ET

It just keeps getting weirder.  Anna Nicole Smith’s nanny filed an affadavit in the Bahamas making pretty crazy claims about Anna regarding care of Anna’s daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.  The nanny, Quethlie Alexis, worked for Anna from September 7 – November 30, when she says she was fired for misplacing a washing machine manual.  She filed the affadavit on December 4th because she said "I am therefore concerned for the baby’s welfare."

Please note that this affadavit was filed -prior- to Anna’s death and immediately after she was fired. 

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In the affadavit, she said that Anna purposely had her underfeedDannielynn.  She says Anna "was obsessed with making sure that her babywas ‘sexy.’ Ms. Marshall [aka Anna] knew that the correct amount ofbaby food was 3 ounces every 3 hours … Ms. Marshall insisted that themaximum I was to give was 2.5 ounces." Why?  According to Quethlie,Anna was "obsessed with making sure that her baby was ‘sexy.’"  Inorder to make sure Quethlie followed her orders, Anna kept the babymonitor on all the time so she could listen to her warming the formulain the microwave and feeding Dannielynn.  Because of being underfed,she said, "Dannielynn is badly underweight and not thriving, as a babyshould."

Quethlie also alleges that she and the baby bonded veryclosely ("in the absence of Ms. Marshall in any bonding process withDannielynn), making Anna very jealous.  She said Anna "accused me ofwishing Dannielynn to believe I was her mother (which is untrue)" andthat she told her "if ever Dannielynn were to call me ‘mummy,’ ‘I willhave to shoot you.’"  Because of Anna’s "state of mind and generalbehaviour,"Quethlie said she believed her.

She stated that "the whole domestic regime for Dannielynn is wildand unpredictable and her feeding is improper.  In addition, Ms.Marshall takes daily a lot of mood altering substances, with the resultthat she spends a lot of time asleep or resting in bed and when she isup and about, her mood swings are extreme and very unsettling and I amtherefore concerned for the baby’s welfare.

Quethlie also alleged that Anna tried to kill herself on twoseparate occasions by drinking a "liquid sleeping aid" and by drowningin a pool.  She also concerned about Anna’s "flagrant sexual relationship" with the Bahamian Minister of Immigration.

Source: TMZ

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Kristine on

ugh. I’m not sure I believe anything that anyone is saying about this anymore ..

susie on

How sad…i feel awful for this poor child who seems to continue to be a pawn in this rather disgusting situation. I hope for her sake that someone steps in who really cares for her- can you imagine being born into a mess like this?

tink1217 on

this is all very disturbing. not only the accusations people are coming up with, but the fact that all these “publicity hounds” are suddenly coming out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes! Its so very sad that Dannielynn is going through this. Its just good she is too young to know what is happening!

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

I just want to point out that this is from the beginning of December, and was filed only 4 days after the nanny stopped caring for Dannielynn. It’s only coming to light now because people are digging for things after her death.

Mason Jeffries on

Tink, she isn’t “suddenly coming out of the woodwork.” This affadavit was filed last December, probably in an attempt to find help for the baby.

Grace on

Don’t you just want to hold that baby and shield her from all of this insanity? Tink, I agree – it’s good that this didn’t happen to her when she is older; let’s just hope that when she IS older she is in a healthy situation and able to deal with her history and her mother’s death.

Erin on

If ANY of this is true then, in my opinion, Howard allowed it to happen and therefore he was just as responsible. The DNA test needs to happen – pronto!

Lorus on

I highly doubt this is true. She says DannieLynn was FTT but all the footage of that baby she doesn’t look underweight to me.

Mary on

This seems to me the kind of thing someone who was fired would do. I dont believe a signle word.

tink1217 on

mason, I had not heard about this from December, please, forgive me for not being in the loop! Geez!

and yes, MOST of these people( Zsa Zsa’s husband, for instance) are suddenly appearing. And the blonde guy who used to work for anna nicole on her reality show, what was he a chef or something???

from pictures of anna nicole and dannielynn just weeks ago the baby looks perfectly healthy. this baby could be inheriting alot of money and i think that is the real deciding factor in who is staking their claim on this poor little girl!

Tracy on

I swear after this week, daytime soaps seem tame! By the way — Has anyone ever seen a pic of Anna pregnant? I heard a blurb on one of the news channels today that someone was wondering if perhaps she fled to the Bahamas b/c she miscarried and then adopted a child to cover it up. Not sure how much faith one could put in that “theory”, but … after all of the other weirdness this week revolving around this story, is ANYthing really that far-fetched?! As sad it is, she was obviously a drug addict. Unless she were to have gone to rehab during the pregnancy, wouldn’t she have still been using …. leading to a baby with issues? Dannielyn seems pretty normal to me. ????

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

I had only mentioned the December date again (as Mason did) because I figured people had skimmed that in the third sentence of the post.

Tracy – there is a photo of Anna Nicole pregnant here.
She most definitely was – considering we even saw her c-section!

joy on

I don’t buy this story even if it was filed awhile ago. Who knows maybe they were all on drugs together…at this point who really knows. All I do know is there is a baby girl who has no mother and is the one going to pay for this all in the end. I agree thank goodness she’s too little to understand her life at the moment. May it all be resolved soon.

Rebecca on

As insane as this whole story is, I’m not sure that I believe this story. Anna always seemed to love Dannielynn. I doubt she was underfeeding her or anything like that.

tan on

I’m with the first poster.I don’t know what to believe.Everything is bizarre.Like Judge Judy was saying how you have a 20yr that just suddenly dies and not a 39 yr that just suddenly dies.I’m sure Anna was not your normal mom but she probably care about her baby.She’s deceased now so we will only know the truth if Stern spills it and he’s obsessed with her and listened to everything she said so I don’t think we’ll ever know.

Grayson's Girl on

I don’t know that I believe this, she sounds like a disgruntled ex-employee to me. If there was merit to it I can’t see the Bahamian government ignoring it. When ET was there in October the baby looked perfectly healthy to me and when they returned in December and January she looked to be growing at a perfectly natural and normal rate. I’m waiting for the bomb shell from another “friend” or “former employee” that the baby was bought in an illegal sex ring from planet Zenon. I’m sure Howard will be rumored to have been in talks with the king of Zenon to come up with a more powerful narcotic to control Anna and all the people around them in that house. *rolleyes*

Alexa on

I find this most disturbing! And to further question her parenting skills, check out the other article posted on today! She was apparently using drugs while pregnant. Granted, some mothers do have viable reasons to take certain medications while expecting, but considering A.N.S.’s history, she obviously put the drugs above her unborn childs health. So sad! I pray that the child is taken away from the horrible conditions that she is now in and can begin to grow into a healthy toddler in the arms of her true father or grandmother….

Ginger on

I just don’t want to believe anymore absurd allegations. The woman passed away, we should respect that.

C on

I believe it! Anna’s mom told of a similar story of her jealousy for her child. When she was on Dr. Keith Ablow she said that when she took care of Daniel Anna wouldn’t allow him to tell anyone but her that she loved him. She also said that Anna flipped out when she took Daniel to get his hair cut. I know that she was not close to her mom but she did give Daniel to her for a while when he was younger.

NicoleM on

The women has died! Can people just let her rest in peace?

They do this stuff because Anna is not here to defend herself.

joy on

I don’t believe anything that ANS mother has to say. Anna claimed this women was mentally and physically abusive to her and that’s why they were estranged. What causes certain people to go to the path of being a drug abuser?…most of the time it comes from a not so good childhood. So I don’t buy anything her mother says, this nanny says or HK stern says…as far as I am concerned do the DNA test ASAP and find this child’s father. That way he can take her and raise her and move on.

C on

If her mom was so unstable why would she let her take care of her son? (This was of cousrse when he was younger but still)

Busdriver B. on

How sad this situation is. If Howard Stern had a decent bone in his body. he would want the dna test done immediately. He probably is not the father and knows it so he is trying to delay the dna testing so he can keep getting paid millions about this sad story. Let,s get the dna done and find the real father. And get the child with her real family and on to a decent life. Shame on you Howard Stern. Busdriver

Rachael on

Like many of you, I don’t know what to believe anymore and the stories just get more and more disturbing as time goes on. The only way we’ll really knnow what happened within the walls of the homes and in Anna’s life is to get the truth ~ and some of the truth needs to come from Howard. I still can’t understand why he’s not going forward with the paternity testing to end the circus once and for all. I can’t help but think he’s hiding something. This poor child doesn’t deserve all this, and I hope the person(s) that end up raising her really want her, and not the millions of dollars she’s worth.

annabelle on

That baby needs to be pulled from any and all of the supposed daddies. There are hundreds/thousands of families out there that could give this little girl a proper home — and without any of the $$$ that she may inherit. Give the $$$ to charity, let a good family raise the child and be done with it! No, instead, lawsuits will continue for decades and all of the $ will be spent on lawyers and Dannielynn will be raised in the middle of all of it. :< (

Rye on

I think there is validity to this woman’s story. This woman filed this back in December before Anna died, so she is not trying to stir anything up right now…she obviously has SOME reason to think that Dani needs to get out of her current situation…otherwise she wouldn’t make up this stuff…what good would it serve her? It’s not like she’s going to become a famous celebrity or make a ton of money.

The BOTTOM line is that a paternity test needs to be done ASAP on Larry AND Howard. This baby needs to be with her biological father…and if it isn’t Howard, it might just be in the child’s best interest for her to be with her grandmother. I have seen interviews on ET of Virgie a while back before Daniel and Anna passed with Anna saying things that didn’t make sense. She stopped communicating with her mother over a haircut!!! Cmon…that’s just ridiculous. Anna proved time and time again that she wasn’t all there mentally and her word is certainly not something i would ever trust…so, I think Larry needs to get this test done. it’s better to get it done NOW when Dani has no memory of it than have it done later when she will feel the trauma of being pulled from what she knows best in life. Howard is actually being selfish if he doesn’t allow the test because it will only postpone things and cause problems for Dani further down in life. If he IS the father, like he says he is, he should have no qualms allowing a paternity test…that is the funny thing about all of this is that Howard and Anna were so, “Howard’s the father and this is how it is. end of story” but they won’t even PROVE it. It’s more like they are hiding it. Also, Dani looks NOTHING like Howard. There isn’t a HINT of him in her. I can’t wait for this all to be over for the sake of the baby. Hopefully she can grow up like a normal child.

Roxy on

I wouldn’t be surpised if this is true. Does anyone remember seeing Anna on the entertainment shows showing off her daughter, saying” Look how long she is! Look at her slim fingers! She’s gonna be a model. She’s soooooooo perfect.”

Then, back in the day, Anna was sued by Daniel’s nanny who said she was sexually assaulted by Anna and I think she won, or it was an “out of court settlement”.

People, I know we want to respect the dead and everything, but people seem to be having selective amnesia of what Anna Nicole was really like. She was obviously mentally ill.

saronne on

What rings true to me is the obsession with sex- even as regards the baby; this accusation is too bizarre to be phony imo. There are so many things of which Anna could have been accused, but limiting a feeding to 2.5 oz instead of the correct 3 hardly sounds as if it were fabricated. The jealousy re bonding also seems to fit. A “sexy” baby- sheesh– and a prescription for those meds even while Anna was 8 mos. pregnant– and under her legal name–as sad as this situation is, I am grateful that Anna will not be rearing the child; we can only pray that this child (as well as all children) will be brought up in a non-dysfunctional home full of love.One other thing- I heard Anna’s saying her son was her “rock”; this might give a clue as to the dysfunctional way this poor boy was reared; an adult child might be someone’s “rock”, but this boy obviously had to assume the role of an adult confidant as a child (all-too-common, unfortunately, with messed-up families) and his turning to drugs is hardly surprising, considering what he endured, not to mention the example his mother set.Of course I feel very sad for Anna Nicole, but she had some culpability as to how her life turned out, and certainly how her children’s did. I would hope that all interested in this situation will put into perspective its importance relative to what is happening re suffering of humans (and animals) on the entire planet; Darfur comes to mind, for example.

Jane Doe on

Again, who is this nanny? She doesn’t sound very educated. Someone needs to step in and do something for that child, starting with having the child tested for effects of her mother using drugs while pregnant (and drinking).

Our sources claim that is the only reason Howard Stern claimed paternity. They didn’t want to give access to any outside person who might get wise to the child’s problems and possibly question ANS suitability as a parent.

Steffennie on

I just think it’s sad. I really don’t know a lot about Anna Nicole, so if I misunderstood something I’ve read lately please forgive me.

I think what is happening now is ridiculous. I also think Howard (I think that’s the attorney)is hiding something. Even on ET, his comments seem so empty. Like he’s reading a script. Does anyone else get that impression?

One of the big reasons for me, is some of the things that were stolen. Why would they steal paintings out of the nursery? I mean, who even knew she painted them? Why would they take baby clothes and her first footprint? I only had one thing that I am wondering. What if Howard did all of this and has it stored somewhere else? Is the next step going to be hearing that Dannielynn was kidnapped? He could take her, hide her away, spew out a few more rehearsed lines, shed a few more fake tears, and take off to be with her forever. That would be one way to stop the paternity test and he would have all he ever wanted, except for Anna Nicole won’t be with him.

Lin on

I feel like jumping up and making claims toward being the childs real birth mother….this case is getting so bogus.
The above sounds like a bad employee making false accusations.

I wish they would stop. I do, Anna is dead…the child is motherless.
Let them be.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

None of these vultures have Dannielyns best interest at heart as they all claim to.

As for the nanny – I used to be a nanny & there is A LOT of psycological dramas that go on with the mothers. Some very strange happenings went on. Some people have very strange ideas about babies ‘schedules’. Not necessarily ‘wrong’ but just odd.

Anna & Daniel had just a fantastic relationship. She did a great job of raising her son, I don’t see why raising Dannielyn would have been any different.

Alisa on

I would like to point out that the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement that feeding a baby on a schedule instead of on demand can lead to dehydration and failure to thrive, so even if this nanny did give Dannielynn a full 3 ounces every three hours, her health could have been adversely effected.

Johanna on

What I find most disturbing out of this WHOLE situation, is that people are mourning the loss of Anna. I’m sorry, but I have no respect whatsoever (dead or alive) for someone who sleazed their way to celebrity. Was she known for anything good? I’m sad that she was able to bring this poor little girl into the world in the first place. It’s probably a good thing that Anna is gone- the baby may have a chance at a normal life now. Considering the date of the affidavit, the nanny was probably telling the truth. What did she have to lose at the time by coming forward? She wasn’t going to gain any monetary compensation for her affidavit. FYI, a short video clip on ET of a baby dressed in a frilly dress is not telling of whether or not a child is healty and thriving. Seriously people, at least 5 guys are claiming to be the father now. Geez that Anna Nicole had some class…

Shannon on

I’m wondering why this was only found just now? This was filed two and a half months ago, with the publicity she’s been getting over the last few months, you would think they would’ve jumped right on this the minute it was filed.

I’m not sure if it’s true, but if it is then that’s a sad, sad situation, and Howard K. Stern was a witness and participant to that, and doesn’t need to be with Danniellynn.

Grayson's Girl on

I wanted to point out that msnbc has been running a investigation of sorts everynight at ten. Last night they interviewed the woman who has been indentified publicly by quite a few people as Dannielynn’s nanny, Mrs. Gibson. She’s singing a totally different song and by her account she started caring for Dannielynn after she met Anna in the hospital after Daniel died. If she was Dannielynn’s main caretaker after Anna and Howard where does this other lady fit in? I’m more inclined to believe her since Dannielynn was in her custody for the week they were gone and the extra days until Howard returned. I saw no reason for her to fabricate anything nor do I see her agreeing to underfeed a child for any reason. It’s sad that every wild negative story that comes out is accepted or portrayed by the media outlets as gospel truth when the people who were around them most who have been telling a totally different story aren’t getting equal airtime IMO. I have no clue what went on that house but I’d rather hear it from the people who were actually there.

M on

Wow annabelle, you really think all those childless parents wanting to adopt a baby somehow “deserve” her or have more of a “right” to have her more than her BIOLOGICAL family? That is so sad. Do you think that just because money is invloved they won’t care for or love her properly? This baby is innocent and has a RIGHT to be raised by her biological family if they are capable. How do you know if that whichever of the 2 men claiming from the start, Howard and Larry, get custody couldn’t form a “good family?” It sickens me when people scream “ADOPTION” just because the family won’t be a “perfect” one with a mother and a father or because OMG! there’s a legal battle invloved. That is no reason to take the baby away from its FAMILY.

tink1217 on

alisa, when a baby is a newborn 3 oz every 3 hours is pretty much the norm whether feeding on demand or on a schedule. Thats what my babies took the first 2 or 3 weeks of their lives. now, if she was insisting on this schedule and amount when the baby was 2-4 months and older then I would worry! My babies would drink about 3 oz every 3 hours and eventually made it to 4 oz every 3-4 hours and so on. My kids are healthy anf thriving and always have been!

Alan on

This is so irresponsible of her nad shameful for her to even deal with such puke people who plainly just don’t care about much other than themselves

It is also amazing how poor the child welfare system is

The amount of letters and cases that we look at concerning abused and neglected kids and how bad the court system is is mind boggling and people need to come together and fight for change and recalls of judges who let free scum of the earth monsters who abused kids and set them free only to do it again after being free

IT is all despicable behavior and its amazing not enough people are getting involved to fight

I pray for the kid and Anna should be ashamed in her grave to have done the evil stuff she did to lead Daniel to his death

She knew what firestorm she created and thats why she destroyed herself
Because she couldnt face the reality that she was a bad mother


Maureen on

First off, I feel very sorry for Anna. Maybe she wasn’t what we all think she should have been as a mom, but when I watched her on her reality show or TV interviews she was nothing but sweet to Danieland always raving about him. She loved him. AS far as her mother, Virgie, well if she really cares for her daughter she would respect her daughters wishes and bury her with her son. Fighting over her body,,,C’MOM!!! Lay her to rest!! And Dannielynn, Her money will be gone as her things were taken hours after Anna’s death. Howard loves that baby, you can see that perfeclty clear. But I don’t think that he is the bioligal father. The baby looks like Birkhart!!( maybe because of the sperm sample he DONATED to Anna)… Is’t there also a law about donated sperm and the claim to a child from artificial insemination???? This whole thing is absolutely crazy but I think that it’s going to get a lot worse within the next few weeks. GOD BLESS ANNA, DANIEL, HOWARD & Danielynn!!!!!

Jennie on

Well since Anna’s will intentionally left out any future children as her heirs, the final twist in the bizarre story that was Anna’s life will be if Daniel’s father inherits Anna’s estate. Anna’s will stated that she left everything to Daniel intentionally disinheriting any future children since Daniel wasn’t married any Marshall millions would go to Daniel’s next of kin which would be his father. This story is stranger than fiction.

Faith on

According to the State Laws of Texas, Anna’s mother should at the very least be under investigation by CPS and Law Enforcement for her claimed criminal acts against Anna as a child. See definitions listed below for Child Abuse. Because her mother was a police officer, her awareness of the law makes this even worse, in my opinion. Further, those around Anna had to know something was going on, they to can be prosecuted for the failure to protect Anna from her mother.

We are all talking about HKS. Let’s talk about the criminal acts of her mother. These acts caused great emotional harm that had a deadly cause and effect to Anna. In a sense, her mother killed her, it just took 39 years to accomplish her goal.





§ 261.001. DEFINITIONS. In this chapter:
(1) “Abuse” includes the following acts or omissions
by a person:
(A) mental or emotional injury to a child that
results in an observable and material impairment in the child’s
growth, development, or psychological functioning;
(B) causing or permitting the child to be in a
situation in which the child sustains a mental or emotional injury
that results in an observable and material impairment in the
child’s growth, development, or psychological functioning;
(C) physical injury that results in substantial
harm to the child, or the genuine threat of substantial harm from
physical injury to the child, including an injury that is at
variance with the history or explanation given and excluding an
accident or reasonable discipline by a parent, guardian, or
managing or possessory conservator that does not expose the child
to a substantial risk of harm;
(D) failure to make a reasonable effort to
prevent an action by another person that results in physical injury
that results in substantial harm to the child;