Queen Latifah talks about American adoption on Ellen

02/12/2007 at 08:46 PM ET

Queen Latifah reportedly shared her desire to have a family of her own on today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Rapper/Actress/Covergirl Model says her dream family would include about 18 children.

That’s right, Latifah (nee Dana Owens) says she would like to adopt 18 children, but will not follow in the footsteps of other celebrity parents who have adopted from outside the US. Latifah says she would prefer to "help a kid in the hood" and wants to adopt her children stateside.

I want to adopt an American baby though, you know what I mean, nooffense. Just because there are so many kids here thatneed our help. My sister is a social worker, and there are just so manykids that could use a good home. Nothing against going out the country.That’s great and I get why a lot of people do it – because of the lawshere. I just feel like if I do I would help a kid right [here] in thehood.

TMZ has video of some of the interview on their site.

Source: TMZ

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joy on

I kind of agree with her. While I’m not opposed to foreign adoption I just feel as though people should help out the kids in our own country. It seems like people feel as though they have to save a child from a poverty stricken world when we have them right here on our own land….so many children in foster homes all over the U.S. – and everyone focuses so much on adopting babies which is understandable but maybe if more people like QL helped out older children it would also help bring down the # of children in foster care.

I think she’ll make a wonderful mother. I wish her the best of luck.

Ebvokaz on

Why the media have to use Madonna’s name? It’s not necessary.

Ebvokaz on

I am just curious. Why you have to use Madonna’s name? why not Angelina, Mia Farrow, and so on.. I am sorry. It’s not necessary.

Diana on

I don’t think one child is better or more deserving of adoption than another. I think its great for Queen L to want to adopt and in my eyes her choice to adopt from within the United States doesn’t make her more or less deserving of praise. I’m American and my choice is to adopt a child from the Caribbean. I say follow your heart and you won’t regret it.

Diana on

I just want to add, a few people have questioned my choice to adopt from the Caribbean as opposed to the United States, even when I give my personal reasons for my choice, I sometimes still get push back, which is totally annoying. My final response is usually, well if you feel its important to adopt from within the United States then I suggest you open your home to one or more of the many children in the system waiting for parents. This usually shuts them up which doesn’t make me as happy as one would think. It would make me a whole lot happier if they would stop questioning MY CHOICE and instead practice what they preach.

Ebvokaz on

Well, that’s Queen’s decision. Everybody have the right to do whatever they feel like doing. It’s their money. If you choose to have a child from the project then go ahead.

lanie on

Half the reason people choose to adopt newborns is to avoid the potential problems with adopting older kids with RAD syndrome, potential abuse, etc – let’s face it, if their lives were milk and honey they wouldn’t be up for adoption in the first place. It takes work and commitment to manage an older adopted child, and lots of people don’t have it. As for nationality…I fail to see what difference it makes where the child comes from, a child is a child, American foster kids aren’t any more deserving than kids from anywhere else in the world. If we’re talking about adopting the neediest children first..then that’s a whole other argument.

anne on

I am sort of appalled that some people think it’s better to adopt from the US than from other countries. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves and never be judged for that. I am sure there are some kids in the US that needs adoption – if it’s truly adoption and not surrogacy moms who sell their babies to the highest bidder or teenage moms forced to give up their babies by their families – but there are also loads of kids outside of the US that need adoption just as much!

Aura on

I think everyone needs to make their choices about these kinds of things, and no one else can tell you what to do. I personally want to adopt some kids when I’m older, and I’ll probably adopt from overseas rather than in Australia (Where I live).

I really love Queen Latifah, she’s sooo funny and a really good actress. I also love that she’s not stick-thin and looks like a healthy woman.

Ash on

It’s about time someone wants to adopt an American child (no offense to anyone who might have adopted overseas).

london07 on

Frankly, I don’t get it. I never understood the concept of telling a person where they should adopt from. It’s a personal decision.

My question is when did it become okay to tell people where they should or shouldn’t adopt from? Isn’t the decision to raise a child one of the most important and personal decisions a person makes? Imagine if everyone was telling Heidi Klum while she was pregnant “Oh you should have a girl” or “Oh if you don’t have girl, you should try again and this is the hospital you should give birth in”!!!

Would it be okay to tell a mother who is pregnant what gender their child should be and if it isn’t a female, then she should try again? Or if it isn’t a boy, they should try again?

What gives every person in the world the right to open their mouths and start handing out advice on where people should adopt from? Is it because the child is not biologically linked to their adoptive parent and therefore (in some wierd way) becomes the topic of public discourse on what should be done with that child?

Is there a committee that people have to go to now and ask for approval on which country it would be politically correct and socially acceptable to adopt from to please the likes of the Queen Latifa’s of the world?
(nothing personal against Queen Latifa).

How do you tell a mother where she should adopt from? You adopt the child that you see and become instantly attached to and feel connection towards, right?

Most celebs adopt from the United States but yet this statement keeps coming up. What are we so afraid of in the United States? We are a strong, rich and “use to be” caring country. Shouldn’t we be applauding when any child is adopted. I frankly think statements like this makes the American people look bad. I used to read with pride when Americans would go to other parts of the world that were worst off and help. Now we seem to be saying that “American kids are as bad off as kids in Africa or Why are we donating to Pakistan when New Orleans needs money”. We need to set our priorities straight in this country and it does not start ragging on Angelina or Madonna.

Sharon Stone has three adopted boys, Calista Flockhart has an adopted son, Tom and Nicole have 2 adopted kids and Rosie O’Donnell has 3 or 4 adopted kids but no one says anything because they are American babies. When Madonna and Angelina adopt from poor countries it’s a “Hollywood trend” and they’re “shopping for kids”

joy on

I think anyone who adopts should be applauded…I just don’t think anyone should be criticized for making the choice to stay in the US to adopt.

Many celebs choose to adopt out of the country which is great bc it brings attention and awareness to these places but I feel as though there is so much emphasize and praise put upon people who go to a 3rd world country to adopt rather then right where you live.

I personally would love to adopt a baby from out of the country (when the day comes that I’m ready to open my heart to a child but I’m still kind of young for that). I don’t care where he/she comes from as long as I am able to give them a home. I have had the experience of seeing many mothers adopt from countries like China, Russia and elsewhere….but I also know some who said they’d love to adopt a child right in the U.S.

Problem is the other countries make it so hard to adopt. Look at China…they just changed the regulations on adoption making it exceptionally hard to take a child. Many people just want to take home a child and not have to go through the burden of the laws in foreign countries (which to me is also understandable). At the same time nobody should be upset with anyone who on where they adopt. And if Queen wants to bring home a child from here then good for her!

And as it may be true older children come with what some would call “baggage” does this mean that we should still overlook them? So bc they aren’t babies and bc they may have had a rough life we are supposed to forget about them? I find that a bit harsh. I know someone who fosters older children and many of whom come from bad situations but that doesn’t make them any less worhty of a home then these babies.

eBirdie on

There are not tons of babies who need help in America. The wait to adopt an infant in this country is very long. If, however, you are willing to adopt a child out of the foster system, there are many children who do need help here. But it is definitely a consideration that older children come with baggage. No – that does not make them less worthy of a family and probably makes them even more needy for it! But it does take a certain kind of person to devote themselves to a child like that and, let’s face it, not many prospective parents would choose that for their child. Those who do are saints, to be sure, but those who adopt a needy infant from anywhere in the world have also done a good thing and have made the choice that worked for their family. It is a broken world we live in and we can all only heal it with the ability we’ve been given.

Elisa Cotcher on

As a teacher in the United States for the past 34 years I applaud Queen Latifa. I have seen too many US children who would love to be adopted.

Christina on

She did say that she wanted to adopt a baby, not an older child, though.

Adoption is not a quick & easy process, no matter from where you choose to adopt. The reasons people choose the countries they do are personal and varied.

mm on

I have heard that adoption from the United States is very lengthy. Not only are there very few infants to be placed, but the guidelines for adoptive parents are very strict. Of course, if you are rich, and go through private adoption, I am sure it is easier. However, for most of us, it would take most of our “child-raising” years to wait on the list.

Lissa on

Absolutely wonderful! Adoption is a long process filled with many emotional ups and downs. I treasure my child who we adopted from China. China was our path…Latifah has found hers. May her journey be a beautiful one and may her family be blessed.

B on

To me, where one adopts from is not the issue.
I think the emphasis here needs to be on an ethical adoption. That is really the most important consideration isn’t it?
My biggest concern is for the child.
My hope is that Queen Latifah is able to find the resources she needs to make a wise, ethical, respectful adoption that honors all of the parties involved.

Pete on

I do applaud her. I think it’s wonderful she wants to help American kids. She also did not tell anyone where to adopt their children.

I never understood why people would want to help a child from another country instead of kids from their own. If American don’t adpot American choldren who will? Are there a large number of people from other countries who are waiting to adopt our children? I might be wrong but somehow I doubt it.

Older kids are worthy of good homes also, not just babies. Adopting a baby isn’t free & clear either. They too sometimes come w/ their own baggage & scars from their parents.

Lauren on

“I never understood why people would want to help a child from another country instead of kids from their own.”

I definitely understand why-it is really a great deal easier to adopt internationally, particularly if you desire an infant, and you don’t have to worry about open adoption, etc.-but on the other hand, I completely agree with you, Pete. I have to bite my tongue every time I hear someone talk about how “wonderful” and “well-off” American orphans are compared to orphans in other parts of the country. Why don’t these people try living the life of a child in the American foster care system and then get back to everyone and talk about what a “wonderful” experience it is. The reality is that, for many reasons, American orphans and foster children get completely, unnoticably screwed over. Everyone assumes that they are so much better off than international orphans, yet many of them, once they graduate out of the system, are left abandoned and homeless, with little to no chance of getting a job, much less making a decent living for themselves. There are hundreds of thousands of children available to adopt immediately in the US out of foster care. Of course it is a personal decision regarding the country a person chooses to adopt from, but I ultimately agree that if we don’t help our own children, no one else will. Major kudos to Queen Latifah for realizing that charity begins at home.