Anna Nicole Smith passes away; leaves 5 month old daughter

02/11/2007 at 12:00 PM ET

Update February 11th: Howard K. Stern is back in the Bahamas with Dannielynn. Entertainment Tonight, which had an exclusive with the family in recent months, was to be at Howard and Anna’s wedding in two weeks. Instead, they flew back to the Bahamas with Howard to be with the baby.

In tears, embracing Dannielynn, Howard says,

I wouldn’t be here now, but I had to get back to Dannielynn. I held her in my arms and couldn’t believe her mom is gone. I know Anna loved her more than anything in the world. I want her friends to pray that Anna Nicole is safe, happy and with Daniel.

For a photo and Howard’s thoughts on Anna’s mother coming to the Bahamas, visit Entertainment Tonight‘s website.

Update February 10th 1:45 pm: Dannielynn is currently staying with Howard K. Stern’s mother and sister.

Update February 9th 9 pm: Anna’s autopsy report was inconclusive – the coroner was not able to determine cause or manner of death. We do know that there were no pills in Anna’s stomach. The coroner expects the cause to be one of three things: 1) solely natural causes 2) medication or 3) a combination of natural causes and medication. It will be 3-5 weeks until tests results are back.

Update February 9th, 1:30 pm: A judge has denied Larry’s lawyer’s request for an emergency DNA sample. However, the judge has ordered Anna’s body preserved until the upcoming February 20th court date, to determine the next step in the paternity suit.

Larry’s lawyer emphasized that he did not ask for the hearing and is devastated, having lost "the love of his life and the mother of his child." However, she says, "It is very important that the DNA connect Anna with the baby being tested. We don’t want a baby switch."

Also, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband has joined the fray, claiming to be Dannielynn’s father as well.

Update February 9th, 11:30 am: CNN reports that Larry Birkhead has filed an emergency order to obtain Anna Nicole’s DNA for the paternity investigation. There will be a hearing on Friday. Howard K. Stern is the baby’s legal guardian, as he is the father listed on the birth certificate.

Originally posted February 8th, 4 pm: It has just been confirmed that Anna Nicole Smith, 39, has passed away, leaving behind her 5 month old daughter, Dannielynn Hope.

She was found unconscious in her room at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL, and was pronounced dead at 2:49 pm. Her lawyer reports that she had not been feeling well, with cold and flu symptoms the past two days. No cause of death is available at this time – an autopsy will be performed tomorrow.

Anna was predeceased by her son, Daniel, 20, who passed away last September. Anna was currently involved in a paternity suit with Larry Birkhead over her baby daughter Dannielynn Hope, 5 months, and was supposed to submit to a paternity test by February 21st.

According to People, Dannielynn was still in the Bahamas, being cared for by the mother of a high-ranking Bahamian official who is a close friend of Anna’s.

Source: CNN

Thanks to CBB readers Stephanie, Julie, David, Emma, Corinne, Courtney, Debbi, Tracy, Jody, Maya and Aline.

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Marie on

How heartbreaking. God rest her soul, may she have some peace. I worry now what will become of Dannielynn…

danni on

I feel so sorry for Dannilyn. What a start to her poor little life, losing her brother and her mother in such a short time.

Best Wishes to Dannilyn. x x x

Jen on

Sad for the baby but I think we could all see this coming.

Jess on

I was JUST about to send this too… I saw it on CNN and was pretty shocked. I mean, I know she had some problems, but death? Wow… poor Dannielynne.

nikki on

This is REALLY sad. I just really hope that she didnt kill herself over her son’s death, because she did have a daughter, but still…this is very sad!!

Lilybett on

wow, that was unexpected. I know she’s been doing sme silly things with drugs in the past but she seemed to have turned it around for her daughter. I hope one of the two supposed baby-daddies will step up and offer that poor kid the support she’ll need, and not just disappear now Anna Nicole (and a lot of the media hype) is gone.

vicky24c on

I cant believe it, first her son and now her. God only knows what will happen to her daughter. I read some where that Dani is being cared for by friends of the family and was not with her when this happened!

Negra on

This is really Sad….May she RIP
But now what about her daughter? Hope she is not put into the system, because now people will most likly come out of the wood works to try and claim her. I hope they find that lil baby a decent home with people who love her, like im sure her mother did.

Noelle on

What a sad, sad day. I was extremely shocked to read this. My heart is broken for that whole family. But doesn’t it seem right in a way that after all the hell she has been going through with this paternity stuff, and her son’s death, now she’s with him? That poor baby girl, though…

I’m honestly at a loss of words. Anna Nicole Smith dead. I just can’t believe it. May God bless her soul, rest in peace.

Nicki on

OMG that was random. I wonder what happened.

Doreen on

I’m watching this on the news now!! How tragic!! I’ve had a feeling for a bit now that she would commit suicide and I bet you she prob did.

Nicole on

WOW!!!! This is so sad!!! Say what you will about Anna but she was a good mother… and her poor daughter will never get to know her… This is such a shock she was so young…. I feel so sad for her daughter and family….

Aleah on

That’s terrible for Dannielynn.

sara on

omg omg omg omg omg how awful!!!

tracie on

OMG! I was not an Anna fan, but this is so shocking. My thought and prayers go to the family and friends.

Noelle on

Also, I think deep down, we all know exactly how she died. While it’s extremely tragic that she only had her daughter for 6 months (and she will grow up without a mother), I think we all knew this would come eventually after seeing her grief after Daniel’s death…

Kristin on

Oh my God. That poor, poor little baby. I heard this as it was confirmed, and the hair on my head stood on end. I wish the press had hounded her less, in recent days especially. What a sad story.

Colleen on

Sad. I feel so bad for her daughter. I wouldn’t be suprised if Stern & Birkhead get into a custody battle over Dannielynn

Becky's Daughter on

Very tragic for all involved, even Anna Nicole herself. Now she is at peace.

I’ll pray that Dannielynn has a prosperous and peaceful life.

Hea on

Oh that poor woman. 😦 I hope she finds some peace and that she can be with her son again. I also hope things will turn out good for Dannielynn.

Callen on

It Breaks my heart. Im almost to tears. That is just terrible. And so unexpected I feel for that little girl. God bless and best wishes.

Rye on

I always kind of felt like this was coming…she always seemed like a very very tortured soul to me for some reason. I just hope that the paternity test proves that either Howard or Larry are the father of this baby. I feel that Larry is really the father, and I hope he gets the rights he deserves and that everything goes more smoothly now. I was never someone who really cared for Anna-I think she was manipulative and having just watched several interviews with her, it is clear that she was big on lying about things. She said she had no relationship whatsoever with Larry Birkhead yet there are countless pictures of them kissing, snuggling, making out, and even laying on the beach together…so, she obviously lied about that stuff. I hope the baby drama clears up and Larry gets his test. Poor Dani. 😦

Beth on

So very sad for her poor little daughter. I do wonder if it was another tragic accident, as with her son and the fatal mix of medications, or an undiagnosed health problem.

So very sad for her baby. We can only pray that the wee one is able to be raised in a loving home.

tink1217 on

Unbelievable!!! My husband used to work there as a technician and we lived in Hollywood. Well, I lived there all my life. Just crazy! I feel so bad for Dannielynne!

Joy on

WOW is all I can say. This poor poor babygirl. Thank goodness she is too little to even understand but this is tragic. Something is so fishy with this whole case btw the two men and the death of Daniel. I have always felt uneasy about Anna Nicole’s state of mind.

I hope she has some peace now with Daniel. I just wonder what will happen now with this baby.

Yonni on


May she rest in peace with Daniel..

I am praying for little Dannielynn

Ally on

Still can’t believe she’s gone…may god rest her soul and reunite her with her son Daniel. So sad as Dannielynn will never remember her mom or brother. R.I.P Anna Nicole!

annette on

She definitely ODed on DRUGS!

Mandy on

My heart goes out to Dannielynn. This is just tragic and I hope that little girl can have a normal, happy life. May Anna rest in peace.

Allyson on

Very shocking. What a tragic life she seemed to have led. Very, very sad and I feel so badly for her poor baby girl.

yogadaisy on


I am in tears. I can only imagine how difficult is has been for her in the months following the death of her son. Personally, I don’t know if I could have survived losing my son 3 days after giving birth to a child.

This is just horrible. I hope that Howard K. Stern, who I know loved her immensely, is able to cope with the loss of Anna.

RIP Anna Nicole. Your fans will miss you.

Sweden on

I never really liked Anna Nicole, but off course it is sad that she has passed away, I hope that the whole who the father of Dannielynn is gets cleared up right now, I do believe that it is Larry and I always have, if he is I hope that he gets the right that he deserves. But poor Dannielynn, who will grow up without a mother

Merry on

I am so sorry to hear about Anna Nicole. May she be at rest in the Glory of God with her son at her side. I feel terrible for her. I still cannot believe this very sad news…


Just today, some friends and I were discussing different celbrities/artists who led crazy lives, only to die young and sad. that poor sweet baby girl. i hope that whoever does raise her, helps her to remember the mother who loved her dearly, no matter how eccentric she was. After someone is gone, it is time to remeber what was loved about them, not the rest. May she rest in peace

Jennifer R on

What a sad day for her daughter. I am shocked to read about this. My biggest fear is dying and leaving my children without their mother. So very tragic.

popi on

OMG!!!I am so shocked!!POOR LITTLE BABY!!What is gonna happen to her? Who will take care of her?? My God the poor baby is just 5 months old!! Poor little thing! What a tragedy!! That’s awfully sad!

~ May you rest in peace Anna Nicole ~

alovene on

My heart goes out to the baby. I know Anna was heartbroken over the death of her son and i pray that she can now rest in peace.

djhobrock on

I just can’t believe she’s gone! I too hope she will be more at peace…always seemed to be a tortured soul. Terrible that Danilynn will not have known them. God saw fit to take Anna….let’s just keep their family in our prayers!

Candice on

Wow. I was never a fan of hers, but I feel so sad right now. I think it’s mostly for poor little Dannielynn. How tragic.

Dick on

Too bad, but maybe her daughter will have a chance at a normal life now.

attache_w on

So very tragic. I think that Anna was a new soul that had a lot of joy to spread to the world but in this world that we live in, she just couldn’t be free to do that.

She may have died of a broken heart after Daniel’s death. May she rest in peace.

sweetlamont on

I can’t help but wonder…what the hell is going on here?! Somebody has GOT to be up to something, this is just too tragic. I don’t trust Larry or Howard, and don’t forget Marshalls son and the $$ battles…good grief, this is just awful and frankly, hard to believe. I feel there is foul-play, with Daniel, and now with Anna

Vicks on

I can’t believe it. Such sad news, atleast now she will be reunited with her son. I feel so sorry for her daughter though.

RIP Vickie Lynn.


sidney pecora on

Her son died and she could not take it… Its a crying shame that no one could get her some help…Opiate abuse in this country is out of control.. What a shame..I know that if anyone wants to quit there is a drug called NELTREXONE
that blocks the recepters in your mind and u cannot feel the drugs affects… Its that simple.. I hope that this can at least reach one addict and save their life..I was strung out for 20 years off and on and this drug works… Please if u have a problem call me and i will tell the details..SID

mike hunt on

i was fuckin her hard last week, when i noticed that the bitch was depressed with pills and drugs (you name it, she did it)

CR on

I am absolutely dumbfounded. How sad. I only hope that she finally finds peace. No one deserves what she has gone through, and her poor baby has lost her mother. RIP.

natalie on

wow!!!! omg i can’t even belive it! i’m so shocked…….BOOBIES!!!!!!

K.P. on

Wow, seemes like Stern is always close when there’s a death……….

RiDdLeS on

I got $20 on OD any takers?

DeRonde on

OMIGOD…Doesn’t anyone out there see that Stern had every motive to kill her son and has now most likely killed her as well. If he can keep the paternity test from taking place he gets everything that Nicole ever had. And that new baby will get dumped on some nanny somewhere. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

stacy russo on

god bless her & her family may she finally rest in peace mistaken 4 so much this beautiful woman now lay dead may her daughter know how wonderful she was and how much of a fighter she was we will miss her

Leop on

I’ve known her for 15 years and this was going to happen. It’s just a tragic shame that she has a daughter in the world now but maybe her daughter has a chance to escape being raised by her. Sounds horrible but it is true. I hope Larry B. is proven to be the father and I hope Howard K. Stern is somehow held responsible for keeping her so drugged up.

Forrest Freeman on

While it is heartwarming to see all the concern for Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, let’s not all be so blinded as to not have any sympathy for Anna, after all, she is the one that has passed away. To forget and ignore her death is outrageously callous, I think, and we all need to take a deep breath and realize that a person has died here, and regardless of what we think of Anna, it is still awful to hear of someone die so young with so much of life ahead of her.

k on

This is tragic, my heart goes out to Danielynn Hope and her family. I do not know what the cause of death was, but it was obvious that she had a broken heart. What happens to her daughter?

Carol on

Poor Dani. I hope the court will have Howard K. Stern take a paternity test, I know he and Larry will now fight paternity in court. It did seem to me that Howard really did love Anna Nicole. I hope with all my heart he really did! Anna seemed like a lost soul, even before her son died.

Good to see that we who are posting here are not dragging into this the ‘who did it’ speculation. Good to see that we are being asked not to do that here. But elsewhere, the court of public opinion is now in session. The whole situation is sad. I feel for Dani now having to grow up without a mom.

RIP Anna Nicole. You are now with your son and may you both have eternal peace that surpasses all understanding.

megan on

omg thats soooo sad….pray 4 little dani

Megan on

Several of my friends work at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood. I will let you guys know if I hear anything.

Maria on




merry on

This reminds me of the Sesame Street creator who died of Pnemonia. The flu kills the young and old! It should be taken seriously especially after having Pnemonia in November, she should have been in a hospital. God Rest her soul.

Kris on

I think the whole situation is a sad one. I sure hope that someone will have something nice to say about Anna Nicole…at least then her daughter will have something positive to remember her mother by. No child should be left without a mother no matter what she has done in the past. I hope Anna Nicole is at peace.


Alicia A. on

I am sooo sorry for Anna and her family. This is so heartbreaking. I cried when I heard the news. I will pray for Anna, Howard, the baby girl, and all the friends and relatives of Anna’s. Love and Peace to you all.

carrie on

poor woman. may she rest in peace. i hope the situation with her daughter and the two men who claim they are the father is settled soon, for her sake. it must be terrible to loose a child, i think that may have pushed her over the edge, not to mention all the lawsuits and things shes involved in. poor woman just wanted to live in the bahamamas and live a quite life and hollywood pushed her over the edge…

Kristin on

May Anna rest in peace. She went though so much in a short life and the last year alone would be too much for most. I am so sorry this had to happen before Dannielynn could be at a point in her life that she would remember her mother. No child should have to grow up without their mother by their side. Now it looks like Dannielynn will have a hard road to go now. God be with the little one.

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

I’m shocked and saddened. I forsee a long hard custudy battle over Dannielynn now, especially if Larry is her biological father. I’m praying now more then ever that by some miricle Dannielynn is Howard’s, I hope then this family can finnaly be at peace. Poor Dannielynn, to grow up never knowing her mother or her brother.

Cathy on

I personally cringed when I saw Anna on the television, but this is such a tragic end. That poor baby.

KC on

Common denominator on person present when death/collaspe occured for Anna Nicole and her son, Danny = Howard K. Stern.

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

What a tragic life she led. I’m so surprised but sort of not. She definitely burned the candle at both ends. I feel very sad about this, though I was never a huge fan of hers. I suppose it’s because she leaves Dannielynn without a mother and at this point, no one knows who her father is.

I wonder if people will compare her to Marilyn Monroe because she died around this age (36). Marilyn officially died of a drug overdose but it’s speculated it may not have been by her own hand- I bet people will speculate about the circumstances of Anna’s death, whatever the autopsy shows.

D. Marcoccia on

Doesn’t anyone care about Howard? He stuck by her side when everyone else abandoned her.Howard has to be the most devistated one of them all. Maybe he will end up being the father and share memories with their daughter, the good side of Anna! He obviously found some joy in spending his life with her. May Anna find the peace she couldn’t find on earth.

randa on

omg her poor baby, atless now she is with her son that she missed so very much.

Melanie F. on

This is soooo sad. Words can’t even express the sorrow I feel right now. I’ve made so many mistakes in my life the only difference is they weren’t/aren’t publicized. So I have no room to judge a single soul about their life. I watched her show and she loved, loved, loved her son. May GOD continue to watch over her little girl.

Allie on

absolutely shocking! when i saw the headline on my MSN news page, i thought it was some sick joke! i just cant believe it, how much pain and heartbreak does one family need?

michelleanne on

This is so sad! They were just talking about her on the view this morning and how sad they felt fo rher and how she seemed always so out of it. So sad this happened to her.I pray the two men do not have a huge fight over custody of the baby

Heather. on

This is so awful. I hope she is at peace, and did not suffer. That poor baby girl. Whatever will become of her?

B on

I bet you that Howard K. Stern Killed her son and then married her and kept her on drugs to get her to sign papers and then killed her to get what money she had and the baby.



Amy on

In repsone to Forrest Freeman’s post: I think it is very normal for people to grieve for those who are left behind, and it is not callous to not extend sympathy to Anna…she is dead, she won’t receive our sympathy cards. Those who are left behind are the ones who will suffer. Anna’s suffering is over and may she rest in peace. I don’t think anyone here is being callous by saying that they are sad for Dannielynne.

dani on

i just heard the news about a galf hour ago and that’s just horrible. She had been through so much already and now..she too is gone. i feel so badly for her baby, dannielynn, she has lost so much without even knowing it. First her older brother dies at the age of only 20 and now her mother too. i wish her and anna’s family the very best.
*this was so sudden.

Lara on

How tragic! That little baby was born to a loving mother and had a doting brother and now she’s all alone.

Just when Athina Onassis and Frances Cobain seem to have grown up normal and happy, there’s a new “poor little rich girl.” The case is still in the courts, but Smith’s estate could receive more than $80 million. I hope the baby is assigned an honest guardian for her money and a separate guardian who will bring her up well and not spoil her.

Lainie on

I am SHOCKED, however the interviews lately showed her in a much sedateded state of mind. ET was broadcasting the second part of an interview with the 2 guys from Myrtle Beach (tonight) who claimed they bought the house for ANS. I wonder if was all just “too much” and she self medicated to the point of her death. This is just more proof that the media contols the celebrities. I belive if she were left to morn her sons death and not become the cover of every magazine tabloid or entertaiment show, she would have been able to go throught the whole death process and become the person the media always kept her form being. Bless the family in their time of loss and I hope she is honored for being a good mom to ther children.

Michelle on

I am so sorry for Mr. Stern & little Dani

My prayers are with you both. Good Luck and may god be with you!!!!!!

ashley on

at least she is with her son now. may you rest in peace anna nicole.

diane on

didn’t I read somewhere she wanted to be the next Marilyn Monroe? And now she fits the discription.


Not to sound heartless, I mean it’s terrible that she died so young and that her daughter will never know her mother. However, I don’t see this as 100% bad thing for her daughter. If Larry Birkhead is found to be the father (which is my gut feeling) at least DannieLyn (sp?) will have a chance at a normal life. Birkhead at least seems grounded and somewhat stable, a nice contrast to constant dysfunction and melodrama that was ANS’ life. At any rate, I hope things turn out well for this little girl.

Jade on

So sad! RIP Anna and may god bless Dannielynn

dani on

i just heard of this news about an hour ago and i just have to say that it’s so trribly sad and out of the blue no less. Anna Nicole had been through so much lately and now she too is gone. Dannielynn will never have the opportunity to meet her older brother from who she received her name nor her mother who gave her that name along with much love. i wish dannielynn as well as anna’s family only the very best and i hope that who ever ends up getting custody over this little girl, they love and care for her as her own mother would have done in the years yet to come.

*this was so sudden, i don’t anyone could have seen it coming.

Posh_Fan on

RIP. Poor little girl!

PSB on

This is just tragic. I feel for that little baby and hope for her sake that Larry Birkhead really is her real father and takes her away from all the craziness. He seems really concerned about her well-being and will probably (hopefully) provide her with a loving home. I hope Howard steps up and does the right thing for the baby.

I agree with the other posters who said that this was somewhat expected. So sad, but not a shock. Anna Nicole never seemed the same after her son died.

iamsosad on

I am so sad that Anna Nicole died. It is just so sad to hear. I did not know that she died until my sister told me because I was a big fan of Anna Nicole and her Daniel. My heart goes out to her family and close people around her. Howard and Danielynn are the most people I feel bad for. At least Dannielynn has her father around to take care of her. Now I have to say people should have been of her case the whole time since Daniel died. People out there have been getting on her nerves and I hope people will stop getting on Howard and Danielynn because both of them are going to not be in the mood for people. Anna Nicole Smith was a role model to me in so many ways and I will not go a day without praying for close ones around her. Now I am going to end with at least she can be in peace with her son now.

Lin on

I feel so bad for her, her life seemed to have a lot of drama. I hope she has some peace <3

Naughty Cal on

Really sad, though not totally unexpected. The only good to come of it is, she is reunited with Daniel forever.

I also get the uneasy feeling that by the end of the year, we’ll be reading about Britney.

Faith on

This is so sad. I really like her, That poor little baby,, I hope they find out what happened to her son and find out what happened to her..I don’t like that Howard guy.he seems fishy,, But Anna R.I.P You will be missed

Phoebe Ann on

This is so tragic, my heart goes out to Danilynn. I don’t know what the cause of death was, but it was obvious that she was suffering a broken heart. What happens to her daughter now?

DodySara on

I’m just in shock and tears! I feel so sorry for Anna Nicole and her family. Especially her baby and husband. No Child should grow up without a mother as stated in another comment. My heart brakes for her and her family. One person can only go through so much. This is just awful and tragic.

kelly on

What???? Oh my goodness…. this is sad beyond words….i have tears in my eyes….how could this have happened? RIP Anna Nicole Smith….i hope her beautiful baby girl comes out of this ok, shes only 5 months….god its sad but it takes something like this to make you realise how precious life is. Too sad for words.

Anne on

Please pray for little Danielynn and Anna’s family and friends. Anna and Daniel are at rest till the Lord returns to reunite all. A tragic death of a fellow human being.

Rye on

I agree with LAILA. Also, I don’t have ANY sympathy for Mr.Stern…he has obviously been aware of Anna’s drug abuse…and for anyone who says she wasn’t on drugs…are you sane??? Have you seen her interviews??? And now she is dead, which obviously isn’t just from the issue of “dropping dead”…it was probably drugs. I think Howard has done nothing but manipulate and pry his way into Danni’s life…Anna probably saw that Howard was an attorney and made a lot more money and just thought, “Oh well, this guy is richer…he’s my babies daddy” and WAM…Larry is out of the picture. We all knew that Larry was the father way back when she first announced the pregnancy-it was posted on this very website. Whatever the outcome is, I am rooting for Mr.Birkhead. He seems to REALLY want a relationship with his daughter…and if she is his, he DESERVES full custody of her in this case. Howard deserves nothing in my opinion. I have had no respect for Anna ever since her marriage to that Marshall guy…PUHLLLEEEASE…If you think she married him for love you are insane and should be locked away in an institution.

Mar;y Therring on

I was shocked to hear of Anna’s death. It is very sad for all that loved her. May she find peace and know that her daughter will be taken care of…I know that would be important to her.

Regardless of the cause of death, it is sad when someone looses their life.

May God bless her daughter and family during this time, watch over them and protect them from harm.

Natalie S. on

My thoughts go out to her family and to those who loved her.

Laura on

Wow. Very, very sad.

Heather on

Whether or not Larry or Howard are the prospective father is really not the issue. This poor little girl has lost her mother. Whoever the father is, will never ever make up for what she’s lost today.

Lauren on

I agree with you, Laila. While it is terrible that Dannielynn has lost her mother, I can’t say I feel sorry for her. Anna was obviously in no condition to raise a child, and Dannielynn would have had a bumpy upbringing at best. I hope Larry takes her away from all the insanity once and for all; she deserves better than what she was born into. As my mother said, there are far more important, upstanding people in the world (including our soldiers) who passed away today, and I’m not going to waste time mourning somebody like Anna Nicole.

Callen on

Where is everyones respect. People need to put aside their negative feelings about her. The woman just died. Her daughter doesn’t have a mom!!! And for whoever said Dannielyn would be better of growing up without her mom! Is sick. People always want to judge when they dont know 100% of the story. You would not like if people who didn’t like you. Had something to say about how great your kids life would be without you. Some people are crossing the line. I respect CBB efforts that they make everyday to get news out there. people still need to respect her even though she is gone, and respect the web site. Keep your negative comments about her death to yourselves!

Jeanine on

I dont even know what to say about this. God rest her soul is pretty much all that comes to mind. I hope DannieLynn ends up with her biological father whomever that turns out to be. Anna is now with Daniel.. Rest In Peace.



Rye on

I agree with you Heather. It is sad that a daughter has lost her mother..but all I meant by what I said was that I hope that this babies REAL father is proven and she is given a chance to have a HAPPY, HEALTHY life with him. I couldn’t imagine growing up without a mother, so my heart goes out to her…but, at the same time, i feel like, with all the drama and probable drug abuse that Anna had, little Danni may have a better future without that negativity in it…at the same time though, it is sad because people CAN change, and she deserved that chance too.



Aura on

@Rye, It was only speculated that Larry was the father on this site – Wasn’t it posted as a RUMOR??? And, anyway, When Anna accouced the pregancy, didn’t she say “Everyone thinks that they know who the father is (i.e Larry), but they’ll be shocked”? (Paraphasing here). Anyway, I’ll keep Danni, and everyone else in my prayers – Poor Anna, I think she lived a hard life, and feel completely lost without her son.

tiffi on

This is such horrible news, I am shocked as is so many people. I feel for her family, friends, and especially her baby. This is so sad…

Allie on

My mother phoned me with the news and I was shocked as hell. It just doesnt seem real. I feel so sorry for Dani. She will never get to know her mom or her brother. No little girl should ever have to grow up not knowing their mother. My thoughts and prayers go out to Anna’s family.

Heather on

Other than Dannielynn having to start her life amdist such devastation, waht makes me the saddest about his whoel thing is that, desptie the fact aht everything she seemed to be was contrary to everything I am/enjoy/surround myself with, I couldn’t help but like her in a way. She seemed so lost and sad, but sweet. I couldn’t help but look at her and think that if her life were to pull together, it would be aboost to any out there who have had such drama ( though not so publicized) I hoped that she would have a happy ending. The thought of her dying like this, hcaos, tabloids, etc. just makes everything she went through all the sadder.

Jennifer Flippen on

This story is very sad and tragic – what a wasted life. This just goes to show that having $$ OR being poor is not what makes you happy. Money and Fame can do good things, but it is only a tool, a thing… They can create misery if your core values are tweaked.

I’ve seen this played out in my own extended family, with miserable results for those obsessed with getting more $$, and wonderful results for those who respect themselves and use it to bless others.

Trying to make good life choices, forgiving yourself and others if things get messed up, learning to move on and take the next step forward, knowing how to laugh at life’s absurdities, having a good moral center and being kind to others without debasing yourself are more important than Money or Fame.

Mizz Ruby on

My husband wanted to know why I was glued to CNN listening to the same Anna Nicole story over and over again and I said “CAUSE I FEEL BAD FOR THAT BABY”

Kelly on

This is just heartbreaking news. My prayers go out to the family especially little Dannielyn. She’s not even 6 months old yet and already so much has happened to her. Loosing her brother days after she was born and now her mother. I just hope this child will be loved dearly and taken great care of. May Anna R.I.P. She’s now reunited with her young son. Such sad news.

Dorkiee on

Im so shocked at this news. I cant believe how much this little girl has lost.

And i cant believe Larry is already making statements, and claims to Dannielynn (like shes some piece of property) so soon, i mean jesus, regardless of if hes the father or not (and i believe he is), he should give Howard time to grieve, and that little girl has been raised by him for 5months wether he is her father or not. She needs the stability and familiarity Howard can offer at the moment.

He went to the press over the baby so soon after Daniel’s death, and now this? Does this man have any ounce of repspect for anyone other than himself. He just seems like a publicity hound to me.

Poor child. I hope she gets some sense of normalcy back in her life.

jashmom on

This is a VERY sad and tragic day!!! My thoughts & prayers go out to her loved ones & friends. And my heart is just breaking for Dannielynn!!! This poor little girl has lost her brother & mother during her short life. May you RIP Anna Nicole!!!

tinna on

I just cannot understand how all the major players fit in her life. Why is EVERYONE in her family so distanced from Anna? There are so many questions to be answered. I do feel from a woman’s point of view, that she was totally disraught from the death of her only son that she was weakened to the point of not being able to handle all the things that were comming at her at one time. She was so busy trying to protect the new baby from it’s susposedly “real” dad, that she had little time to actually be a mother to her. What does this tell us? She has a reason NOT to have him as this child’s father. I don’t think it is at all good. She has been used and her very immature gestures show a very over-handled, scared woman who had little reality in her life. She was used up. Sure, she played alot, but that was for public consumption. Money, money money. I truly wonder what Howard knew and will NEVER disclose to anyone. He is another type of “handler”, although I think he did love her as a good friend.

Sarah F. on

I pray God will put her daughter in the best situation possible and watch over her as she starts her life on such a difficult set of circumstances…

Mary on

I am shocked with the news. This young baby has already a very tragic life.. and I also feel bad for the mother because she was young and, no matter what the circuntances she wont by her daughter side.

Christa on

I, like most people posting here, was in complete shock when I heard the news of Anna’s death. I was shocked, but not surprised…losing her son seemed to take any form of life out of her. Her grief was seemed so unbearable! I just had a feeling she would not live much longer. I am very suspicious however of the coincidence of both her & her son’s similar deaths in such a close period of time. Could this be more than a “coincidence”? Just a (horrible) thought. And the poor poor baby, what will become of her? Who will raise her?

Tiffany on


Joy on

I just hope the two men can come together, get the paternity test done, and both be there for Dannilynn no matter what the results. Larry B. has a right to know if this is his kid and I support him on making sure he gets that DNA test and I think Howard K. Stern needs to allow it. I think alot of this could have been avoided if Anna allowed a paternity test a long time ago. This baby has lost a brother and a mother and now she doesn’t even know who her real daddy is. I just feel bad for the child. May she find out who her true father is and may he take her and raise her with much love and guidance.

Cherish on

Wow, I am in shock, although I did sort of see this coming. May she rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends, especially Dani. I feel so bad for that little girl. I just don’t know what they are going to say to her when she grows up…losing her brother three days after her birth and her mother five months afterwards. I just hope she ends up with people who love her, not someone who is just looking for publicity.

Amber on

How Tragic.. i hope Daniel and Anna can rest in peace.. loved them both, God Bless Danilynn and Howard in there time of mourning.

Morgan on

I still can’t believe it. She had all these awful things happen to her in these last few months and her death was really the least expectant thing. RIP Anna Nicole.

Carol Lee on

People should have some respect for a woman and mother who died too soon and leaves an infant daughter behind. Say what you will about her but it’s obvious that she loved that baby and deserved a chance at happiness no matter what she’d done in the past. May God rest her soul.

jessica on

she will be missed god rest her soul i just hope everything works out for larry Birkhead
so he can get custody of Dannielynn

Andrea on

I was shocked when I heard the news when it was first announced today. I feel so bad for Dannilynn who will grow up without a mother. We all know that Anna was still grieving over her son, and if you have been watching interviews on The Insider and Entertainment Tonight in the past week, you can tell that she was messed up on something. It all seems fishy to me. But she had to have been on medications and she probably overdosed. Either she overdosed, or she had a heart attack from what Trimspa did to her heart. The truth will come out sooner or later. I hate it that she died, but I think she was miserable and depressed, so maybe she’s in a better place now and hopefully she’s with Daniel. Now we just have to find out who the father of Dannilynn is… although I think it’s Larry, and I hope he gets the rights that he deserves. If he was the father, Anna should have just came out and told the truth about it, because the truth will be known. But my prayers are definitely with Anna Nicole’s family and friends and little baby Danilynn who will never see her mother again.

Erin on

Being an Anna Nicole fan, I’m completely in shock. I still can’t grasp that she’s gone – everytime someone on TV says she’s dead it shocks me. Very, very sad.

justme on

Wow, I can’t believe this! Very, very sad. Rest well, Anna Nicole.

Jamie on

I will admit I was extremly shocked when I first heard about it..I just got online and it was on my first I thought I read it wrong but then I turned the tv on and it was on the news. I truely feel for her family and for her daughter..I hear people say she killed herself but I don’t think she would of not with Dannilynn.I just hope people let her rest in peace and not start rumors like they did when Daniel died…

RIP Anna

Rye on

Does anyone know the legal issues that will now ensue because of Anna’s death revolving around the Larry Birkhead paternity issue? Will it be easier for him to get a DNA test now or harder? I am guessing that Howard has the legal custody over Danni because of his name being on the birth certificate…I wonder if Larry will end up still getting his paternity test by the 22nd. I hope everything works out. I know I have sounded somewhat brash about the issue and i didnt mean to come off as insensitive towards Anna’s death…but, I have never been a fan of Anna’s…My feelings of sadness are strictly for her baby. The condolances i send are all for her.

Gabbie13 on

May Anna rest in peace now with Daniel.

May Dannilynne find herself in a loving family who will teach her about her mother and brother’s love for her.

And Danielle, I agree with you, the first thought that came to mind after shock was Marilyn Monroe

“…her candle burned out long before her legend ever did.”

lovethischick on

would Larry really want to take away the one person Howard K. Stern has left??

PinkRoses on

Anna Nicole’s mother stated in several interviews that she feared for her daughter’s life because of Howard K. Stern. She was absolutely distraught because the authorities were not looking more closely at HKS’s influence on Anna and possibility of him getting her medications/drugs, as well as the ones Daniel took. Her mother repeatedly spoke of her worry that something just like THIS would happen. It’s just so incredibly sad. ANS really was a tortured soul. And that poor little baby girl. It makes me want to cry.

Patricia Williams on

JESUS!!! LORD, PLEASE HELP HER! I know it’s too late for those words, but my heart just hurts so deeply as I think about this whole SOAP OPERA, for lack of better words. This was TOO much stress on Anna Nicole and I guess she felt like since no one REALLY cared about HER, as a person, during all of this melee of media spotlight put upon her, she felt like she needed a rest. I mean, like, she NEVER had a chance to JUST GRIEVE after her son’s death…It’s so DISGUSTING when I think about how much people are TRULY INCONSIDERATE of another person’s LIFE, all for just the sake of MONEY!!!! JUST DISGUSTING!!!

(If you want to see a picture of Anna Nicole’s collapsed body, go to

Erin on


What makes you think Howard has no one left? The guy has a family – he has people left in this world.

If that’s the thinking then let’s ask this: why would HOWARD want to take away the one person LARRY has left?

If DannieLynn is Larry’s, which is most definitely the case (and I so did not want it to be in the beginning but am hoping for it now), then he deserves to have her… Howard has no right to DannieLynn, at all – even if he was obsessed with Anna Nicole for years and was in a relationship with her for a few months.

Erin on


Her mom was on Nancy Grace’s show and made those statements about Howard, and this is what Nancy said about it (thought I’d share, just cause I’m bored LOL):

BLITZER: Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith.

You remember that interview, Nancy?

GRACE: I remember it very well and I have no doubt in my mind that Anna Nicole Smith’s mother Virgie still, to this day, love her very, very much. They had deep and long running mother-daughter problems. They were not in contact for many, many years.

But, you know, the mom was being very, very over protective. There was no suggestion whatsoever that her 20-year-old son Daniel died by homicide. Yes, there was a mixture of drugs in his system, but there was no such suggestion.

Of course, police are going to have to look at that possibility with both Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith, but before I would point the finger of guilt at anybody, there’s got to be a long investigation before that.

Lena on

It’s so weird to say that Anna Nicole Smith is dead. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was very young and I’m in a state of shock.

I feel so bad for her daughter and i hope she’ll be all right.

I think she commited suicide and i have a feeling larry birkhead is the father. I hope I’m wrong

I also hope that Anna is reunited with her son, because i’m sure that’s all she really wanted

Becca on

poor poor Howard and Dani…my thoughts and prayers go out to them.

queen_godezz on

This is so unbelievable. Like most my heart breaks for daniellynne. To have to grow-up without a mother. She will never know her mother or brother. The only rememberance she’ll have is what was said by the media. That is the saddest thing of all. There will noone to tell her what her mom and brother really like. It’s sad. I will keep her in my prayers. God bless you Danniellynne!

Teena on

Very Sad DaniLynn will never get to know
her mum

If Larry is the father and i know he is i hope he gets DaniLynn

At least Anna can rest now with Daniel in Heaven

Heavenly_hibiscus on

I heard this sad news while at work today. The day has gone so slowly…

This is such shocking news! Poor Anna Nicole 😦 The last 6 months has been full of such turmoil. What a turn of events.

On a brighter note atleast she’s peacefully up in Heaven with Daniel :-/

Poor Dannielynn. I hope the paternity is settled soon so she can get on with life. The poor lil sausage… 😦

Simone on

These are some tragic news to wake up to,her death was the first thing that popped up when I came online,i thought my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Rest in Peace Anna and my best wishes go out to the little girl and the rest of her family.

Rye on

“would Larry really want to take away the one person Howard K. Stern has left??”

That is the weirdest comment i have seen so far about everything going on. Anna and Howard have rudely denied Larry the right to know if Danni is his daughter or not…and you are worried about Howard K. Stern?

It’s a really ignorant thing to think.

I had a friend who had to go to court to get court ordered paternity for his son and his ex-girlfriend constantly told him the baby wasn’t his and that it was her current boyfriends (whom she actually cheated on him with) and after 2 years of torture he got his test and it proved he WAS the father (pardon the Maury like tone-yeah, i said it in a maury tone-y’all heard it!) and he had basically been robbed of 2 years of his sons life.

Was this fair just because my friends ex-girlfriend decided she liked her new boyfriend better and wanted his name on the birth certificate regardless of the other guys feelings???
That is what Larry Birkhead is going through. As a woman, you can’t just have sex with someone, become pregnant, and just decide on a whim whom you “WANT” to be your babies father. If you TELL a man even ONCE that he might be the father, it is his GOD GIVEN RIGHT to find out if it is or not.

Now, what my gut is telling me, is that Anna Nicole verbally told Larry this. Whether or not it results in Larry’s being the biological father is another story, but he deserves the RIGHT to KNOW!
I can’t believe people are actually bashing Larry for WANTING TO BE IN HIS DAUGHTERS LIFE!!! We have enough dead beat dad’s in America as it is, and we finally have one guy out there who is literally FIGHTING to know the truth. Get a grip people.

Howard K. Stern, in my eyes, is a lying, no-good, manipulating, habit-supporting scumbag. Now, I know that is harsh. But, that is what he is.

All i can say is that I look at my friend (who i haven’t talked to in a while because of location changes) and the time he lost with his child all because of his exes greed and dislike for him and i feel horrible. I hope Larry gets his test and finds out the truth. That is what matters for the sake of Danni. Because in the long run, not having the test will only supply even MORE emotional issues for her as an adult.




Heavenly_hibiscus on

After reading all the conspiracy stories on other sites I now want to say my heart also goes out to Howard Stern. He stood by Annas side for many years. They obviously had a great friendship. He has just lost a very dear friend 😦

nicole on

Laura, that was really uncalled for

kayleigh on

i feel so sorry for him god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sweden on

There was someone who stated here earlier that Larry is only caring for himself and I dont think that is the case, I understand Larry completly, he wants to know if he is the father, which he has the right to know, I believe that he is and always has, I just hope that Dannielynn gets the life that she deserves with her biological father, and I believe that Larry just wants the best for the baby, that whoever the father is that she deserves to be with him as soon as possible, what is wrong with that? absolutly nothing he just wants to know if he is the father and if he is he wants to race her as soon as possible, so she can get the life she deserves, now tell me how that can be selfish, because I cant see it. I am praying and cheering for Larry in this coustody battle, I support Larry and I hope he gets the right that he deserves.

bella on

Her poor baby… Thoughts for that precious little girl…

Angela on

I was so shocked yesterday when I heard this news. I switched on the tv, put on Sky News, and there it was, breaking news of Anna’s death. This is so very tragic.

Anna gave birth to danni, then just a couple of days later her son died, and now she has died. It is a very tragic story. Danni will never know her brother or her mother, so sad.

I used to watch the Anna Nicole Show on E! She did seem messed up, but also a bit childlike and naive. She had a tough life. It’s strange, her idol was Marilyn Monroe, she wanted to be just like her, and now she has died young, and mysteriously, just like Marilyn did.

She was so devasted after her son died, I felt so sorry for her. Life was obviously very tough for her these last few months. May she rest in peace.

And my heart goes out to Danni. I just hope that this row over who her father is sorted out soon and and that she is raised by him with lots of love and affection.

tink1217 on

as far as I heard, her nurse was with her when it happened. HKS wasn’t there. She had been sick the last couple of days, feeling flu like and had some flu medication, but nobody knows if she took anything else. Why does everyone automatically assume foul play? She led a rough life, just lost her son after giving birth, was involved in so much turmoil since then, and just found out she was being sued along with TrimSpa. Maybe TrimSpa damaged her heart or something. I guess we’ll all know after the autopsy comes out. I feel so bad for her daughter. AND, I really hope it turns out that HKS is Dannielynne’s father. Something about Birkhead doesn’t sit well with me. I can’t put my finger on it.

Jay on

So sad. I feel so sorry for little Dannielynn; her mummy and big brother passing away in so short a time. So tragic.

But how insensitive can Larry be? Howard is grieving over the loss of Anna’s son and now Anna and Larry wants to take away his last bit of them; Dannielynn Hope.

The poor little baby has lost everyone apart from her daddy (who I believe is Howard – and how much I hope it is). They need the time together. Larry should just leave them alone for a while.

Ariana on

This news is so sad. I live in Miami and it was crazy down here yesterday with media, police, and fans. I just wish that they can let her rest in peace. I had a bad feeling that this story was going to have a terrible end. My thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends. God bless her little baby girl.

JEH on

While I sympathize with the family and friends, especially Dannielynn, I can’t help but think as tragic as her life may have been, she still lived pretty good and experienced things most of us can’t or won’t. It is a terrible tragedy first Daniel now her. I just hope the baby will be given to someone who really wants her and if Larry is her father then that would be best. So sad.

Holly Catherine Slavic on

this is tragic.
Where is HKS? If baby Dannie is in the Bahamas with a family friend, as I read on Pop Sugar—-Larry deserves her, and needs to be DNA tested pronto.

Gina on

No matter who it is and what the circumstances are it’s always tragic for a child to lose a mother, let alone a mother and a big brother within months of each other. Hopefully some good will come out of this, and her daughter will be taken care of.

Amélie on

It’s just so sad for her, the only thing i hope for her is that larry isn’t her father because otherwise she would loose everything she’s familiar with, brother, mother and the man she tought was was her father.

Tiff on

This is so sad. May she rest in peace and I hope the best happens for Dannielynn. That poor innocent child and what she is going to have to go through. This is very heartbreaking!

Star on

The information here is wrong. Larry Birkhead is NOT seeking custody, he is seeking Anna Nicole’s DNA for paternity. I looked on CNN and the information you posted is not listed on their site. I understand this has come very quickly and there is a lot of speculation, but please correct this error. Thank you.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Star, that was what CNN reported last evening. This post had not yet been updated for the day. It should be all set now.

Latoya Davis on

I am very sad that Anna Nicole had a very hard life. She just wanted someone to love and except her. Its sad that people don’t consider other people’s feelings. Now you have a little girl that will never know what her mother was like. She will never experience any of the things mothers and daughters do together. I am praying for the family and especially Danniel lynn. God bless Anna and God bless Danniel Lynn.

popi on

< >queen_godezz
I so agree with you! This poor little girl will see her mom through the media when she grows up… How painful it will certainly be!
And I saw on another site that there is now a video (sold 500.000$!!!)of ANS’s death! How HORRIBLE is that!! Totally unscrupulous, insane and disrespectful! In a few years it may be Dannielyn who see this!! It’s like no one is thinking about this child’s future!
May ANS has some happiness and rest where she is.
Once again all my thoughts go to little Dannielynn. (And HKS)

Katee on

Im not saying how she died but i was just wondering if anyone else had realized that Howard was in the room when both Anna and Daniel died..kind of strange to me.

G@bby on

what kind of drugs did she use man that sad for the baby she whant even know her mom poor baby

heather on

@Erin, it is not ”most definetely” the case that Larry is her father, until it has been proven. For all you know you could be completely wrong. Nobody can say for certain who Dannilynn’s father is.

@Sweden, – Larry does not have the right to raise Dannilynn just because he has good intentions. (which, to be fair, you do not know. You only have his word for that. He could want a DNA test for any reason, not necessarily because he wants to be that) If Howard is the father, how can you possibly say it is best to take away the one person who that little girl has known for 5 months? If Larry is not the father, he does not deserve custody. The very idea of that is ludicrous. I simply cannot believe that you would approve of a little girl being taken away from her biological father who has helped raise her for the first 5 months of her life. Obviously Howard also wants to be her father, considering he is named on the birth certificate and has been with Anna Nicole.

Helene on

I’ve personally never been a fan of Anna Nicole, but when I heard this I felt really sad, and I still do. None of us knew her personally, so none of us are to judge her. It’s obvious she loved her children more than anything. Just look at the picture of her in this featured post. The love SHINES out of her. It’s so obvious to see she is proud of her little princess.

What pisses me off is Larry Birkhead. Maybe he’s the biological father, maybe he isn’t. Either way he should have kept the “family crisis” inside locked doors. Instead he went to the media and threw all his **** in Anna Nicole’s face right after she had lost her only son. And NOW, right after the woman has tragically died he throws a garbage bin in her husband’s face. I mean, that man will obviously do anything to attract a bit of media attention. *ironic* Wow! He would make such a good dad. *ironic*

CK on

Sadly, we as a society have contributed to this …… and continue to do so with others in the spotlight.

Nino on

How would you feel if you knew that what you believed is your child is living with your ex-husband, and a new wife, and the husband just died?
Of course you would try to see your child (if it is really the child is another thing, but if you believed it was).
Thank god a thing like that cannot happen to women…
In any case Larry deserves to know for sure. And however the father is, deserves this little girl..
Even if Larry is not the father, they should have made it clear in the first place..

tink1217 on

whomever asked where HKS was, they were both in Florida, he just wasn’t physically with er. From what I heard they had been looking to buy some kind of boat and thats why they were in south Florida.

Karen on

Just because we don’t agree with a person’s lifestyle does not mean to judge her. God will handle that and I wish the best for daughter and her “daddy”


I don’t get the anger at Larry Birkhead here. Not to speak ill, but much of this mess can be laid at ANS’ feet. She’s has 5 long months to submit this child for a paternity test. If she knew that she and Stern had been in a monogamous relationship and that he was the only possible father of her child, then she had nothing to fear; do the test Birkhead is proven to be a liar and everyone goes on with their lives. Instead she flees to the Bahamas and then proceeds to play this protracted game of keep away through the courts. ANS could’ve made this right for herself and, more importantly, for her baby, a long time ago, for whatever reason she chose not to. Now she’s gone and Birkhead and her innocent baby are left to sort through the confusion and chaos left behind.

I know nothing about Birkhead, his motives, his character or his relationship with ANS. I suspect, but ultimately don’t really know that he is the child’s father. But I don’t blame him for trying to find out if he fathered this child; most people in his position would want to know if the child was theirs. And beyond that Danni Lyn deserves to know who her father is, whether it’s Birkhead or Stern.

momof2girlies on

What tragic news! My sympathy to her family and friends…

Sorry to change the subject, but I just noticed that the baby has “Marshall” as her last name (I am so out of touch) Have they ever given a reason for that? I would have assumed she would use the babies fathers last name, Stern, Birkhead, whatever it may be??? Was this to keep her in the running for the “Marshall fortune”?
What a series of events!

Best of luck to Dannielynn and her father in the future, may she not be hounded by the tabloids…

alexa on

Poor ANS, but even worse off is Dannielynn I dont think anyone has her best interest at hearT? Has Howard Marshall’s family said anything?



Erin on


It’s my opinion that he most definitely is. If he isn’t, then Anna Nicole had nothing to worry about. That’s all I’m going to say.

Dorkiee on

@ Helene – i totally agree with you about Larry.

And now hes claiming Anna was the love of his life? If thats how you treat the love of your life (at all) let alone after the death of her child; My hubby must be god.

Saying that, i still believe he is Dani’s father.

And now, who is this third guy making claims?!

This whole situation is crazy. Poor, poor child.

Kyah on

I’m very torn about this. It’s really hard to feel bad for someone who may have done this to themselves, but on the other hand, how is someone who was never tought how to deal with their feelings supposed to deal with the death of the only man who never let her down? If she was on drugs, I can see how, for an addict, that would be the way to deal with her sons passing. But I have NEVER understood how a person with children could be so self-destructive. You have a child, you need to take care of yourself for that child.
I sincerely hope that what happened to Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith was not murder, but in the case of Daniel, an accident, and in the case of Anna, either a suicide or accidental overdose, or some type of illness.
And I really hope that now, all the mystery surrounding her daughter will be solved and that little girl will go to her father, whoever that may be, and will be left alone to live her life in peace. And I pray the same fate doesn’t befall little Dannielynn. This little girl has seen a lifetime of tragedy in only 5 months.

tink1217 on

why would they need DNA from ANS for the paternity test?? Clue me in?? Didn’t she give birth? Don’t they know she is the mother? How does her DNA have anything to do with whether the baby is HKS or LB??? I don’t really know much about DNA testing, but that just doesn’t make sense to me!

tink1217 on

momof2girlies, I believe Marhsall is one of her middle names and Stern is actually listed as her last name. Don’t know the significance of it, maybe something to do with honoring her late husband I don’t know.

Lissette on

I think the babies last name is Marshall because legally Anna’s last name was Marshall. I’m not 100 % sure on that though. As for Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband claiming he may be the father, why is he bringing that up now?!

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Because they are afraid that the baby that is finally submitted for the DNA test may not be Dannielynn – that they may provide another baby for the test. So they want ANS’ DNA as well so if the baby’s does not match Larry’s, they can at least check to see that it matches the mother’s and that the baby is in fact Dannielynn.

Her middle names are Hope Marshall – her legal last name is Stern.

Kyah on

momof2girlies, the baby’s last name is Marshall because legally, that is Anna Nicole’s last name. Her late husband was J Howard Marshall.

tink1217 on

Its Dannielynne Hope Marshall Stern.

and, now I saw on another website that the reason they have been dodging the paternity testing and the reason she supposedly “tried” to committ suicide a couple of months ago in the Bahamas is because her SON was Dannielynne’s real father. How crazy is that!!! That would be so terrible if it were true!!

Kyah on

tink1217, Larry Birkhead fears that HKS will switch babies, so he will be proven not to be the father. If they have Anna’s DNA, they can prove that it is in fact Dannielynn that was tested, not a “replacement baby”.

Wendi on

The are testing Anna Nicole because they need to verify DNA from both parents. There seems to be a concern that Howard Stern might “switch” the child during Larry Birhead’s testing.

Kyah on

tink1217, I heard that too, and I have to say, of all the disgusting things that could be said about a person no longer here to defend themselves, THAT is the worst! I personally think it’s a bunch of BS.
Tabloids will do whatever they can to make more money, even if it means making up stories that are so ridiculous that you wonder how they don’t get sued more.

FC on

May God rest her soul. This news was definitely a shock to me the other day. I don’t care how her life has been, I can’t say I saw this coming. Other people have lives worse than this and death hasn’t come knocking on their doors yet. Honestly, I just don’t think she ever really got over losing Daniel. He was the constant love of her life before he passed.

My regards go out to her family, Howard, who obviously loved her and her son and Dannielynne, and I hope that they do sort out this mess revolving around who is Dannie’s father. I mean, first it’s just Howard vs. Larry, now Zsa Zsa’s husband is trying to add his name to the list? Please. I just hope and pray that this mess is sorted out real quick here. Dannielynne doesn’t deserve to be stuck in this mess.

Helene on

@ Nino & LAILA

I feel anger towards Larry Birkhead, because he keeps going to the media. He thinks Dannielynn is his daughter, and OF COURSE he should get the paternity test, BUT WHY GO TO THE MEDIA WITH IT? Why not just settle it with Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern and the others involved? Why tell the whole world about it?

I think it was insensitive to tell the public about his and Anna’s personal problems, especially right after Anna’s son had died. I think it was wrong of him, and I don’t think his actions made it seem like Anna was the “love of his life.” I just think this whole thing is messed up. Really.

Dorkiee on

Just read on Perez that Anna’s mom is now wanting the baby.

Jesus, thats 4 people now?

Any which of those people only want her for publicity and money?

Might sound harsh, but the best thing for her, might be to take her away from all the crazyness to be raised by a normal “un-famous” family.

PinkRoses on

This is the biggest media circus I’ve seen in, well, ever! Who else is going to come out of the woodwork claiming to be that’s sweet little baby’s Daddy??? I’m so sorry that Dannielynn has lost her mother (and brother) and it breaks my heart that she will be too young to have any memories of them, but I am, in another way, glad that she’s not old enough to know what is going on in the world and won’t have to deal with the added trauma of wondering who her real father is right now. By the time she’s old enough to have serious questions, this circus will have left town. This is all just so sad, on so many different levels!

tink1217 on

ok, i did not realize they were thinking that they would switch the babies! Makes sense now.

momof2girlies on

Thanks for clearing the name situation up! This whole thing gets more confusing by the minute!!
I saw an interview on CNN that stated she may have PPD also?? How tragic this all is.

Anna on

OMG, it really doesn’t get any sleazier than Frédéric von Anhalt. He isn’t even a real prince (nor is that his real name), he just payed some poor princess a lot of money, so that she would adopt him.
I don’t believe a word he says…

Helene on

@ Dorkie

Yeah. It seems like everyone is trying to get some attention using Anna Nicole Smith’s name and fame, and it breaks my heart. I was thinking the same thing you did. Maybe it would be best for Dannielynn to be raised by a normal family. I bet that won’t happen, though, but with all these people turning up claiming to be this and that, I’m just scared for Dannielynn’s future possibly surrounded by people who seems to be willing to do anything to get some attention from the media. 😦

Nisha, CBB Senior Contributor on

I am soooo saddened by Anna’s death and for baby Dannielynn… This little girl has had sooo much drama already in her short life… The only thing is that Anna is back with her beloved son Daniel.

Aleah on

So many potential fathers fighting over her. Thank God Dannielynn is too young to understand she’s the centre of this battle, and I sincerely hope for her her real father will be revealed soon.

Jody on

I agree with you DORKIE, the best thing to happen to this baby would, to be adopted by an unknown family. I have never seen such a circus surrounding someones personal life.

joy on

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ex husband is coming out and saying he could also be Dannilynn’s father! Wow the nightmare never ends! This poor baby!

And I am not agreeing with the judge. I think Larry Birkhead deserves to have this DNA test done ASAP. Why should Stern get to act as father figure when he may not be! Every father has a right to know if they have a child. If Anna had nothing to hide she would of had that baby tested a long time ago…and since she didn’t it only leads me to believe she doesn’t know who the real father is.

DodySara on

This is all so sad, She cannot defend herself to all this gossip and it is very unfair. I think the only person whom has the best intrest of the baby is Howard. Remember, everyone who is posting gossip from other websites, a person, a mother is now dead, regardless how her life has played out, it is a shame a baby will be without a mother & now everyone seems to want that baby for money!
Show a tiny bit of respect for the person whom passed away and those who loved her. =)


WHO’S THIS BABIES DADDY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…



Heavenly_hibiscus on

I think it’s really sad that everyone tries to jump on the band wagon. The paternity of Dannielynn is a very simple DNA test – that really should be done asap. She should then be in the custody of the bio-father.

Gabor husband – oy – some people have no respect for the dead.

I think it’s horrible all these obviously made up stories going around. As if Annas life wasn’t crazy enough! The woman has left us with very entertaining memories, we don’t need to resort to making stories up.

I still can’t believe she’s gone…

Maria on

How is it that my comments posted yesterday were erased and replaced by someone elses?

Mary on

I hope the baby stay with Howard.. Unless there is any proof he ever did something very wrong. I want this because it was the only person ANS seemed to trust and she was the mother of the kid. For her own reasons she didnt trust enouth her family and let alone this boyfrind claiming to be the father. I wonder what kind of image of her mother they will shape in this kid if she is raised by anyone too critical of her. So despite all craziness her life was, I hope the kid is raised by someone who would understand and respect her.

Sweden on

To heather: I think you have missundertod me, what I meant was, that if Larry is Dannielynn`s father he has the right to know no one should take away that right, I never meant that Larry should race her if he isnt the biological father, I meant that he has the right to know if he is and if he turns out to be then he has the right to race her. And if Howard is the father off course he has the right to race her, I never meant that he hasnt, but I think it is unfair to say that Larry dosnt deserve to take away the one person that Howard has left, what about Larry? does Howard has the right to deny him for wanting to know if he is the father?, no he hasnt, off course I would feel bad for him if Dannielynn is taken away from him, but if he isnt the father and Larry is the Larry deserves to race her, and if Howard is the father then he deserves to race her, this girl will never know her mother or her brother, but she has the right to know who her biological father is, and the right to get to know him, do you really think that it would be fair to Dannielynn to be raced by Howard and Larry would turn out to be the father, then when she is adult and finds out the thruth dont you think she wants to know why she was kept away from her biological father who obvioly wanted to know her, and I would feel the same if Larry would do that to Howard if Howard is the father, I just thinks that she has the right to know, dont you?
And yes I believe that Larry is the father and that is because of the fact that if Anna was so sure that Howard is the father of Dannielynn then why didnt she alloud the DNA test to prove it? If she had done it, then I wouldnt have had doubts, and I am sorry if someone takes offens of this letter that was never my intentions, and I am not some cold person that dosnt care that Anna has died, off course I do, off course it is sad when people dies so young, but I just hopes that this baby will get the life she deserves as soon as possible, that is all, she has the right to that

Posh_Fan on

I really cant say how much I feel bad for that little baby. So much drama going on. That poor poor baby. She really doesnt deserve this. I really hope everything gets sorted and this little girl have a loving home and people who truly love her and not her money.

Aicy on

My heart goes to that poor little baby, and honestly I hope Larry turns out to be the baby father, I don’t care what anyone thinks or say, but it sounds like a murder to me and we all know by whom, takes her to the Bahamas, her son pass away Sept. 10, supposively of an overdose, who knows if someone injected him with the drugs to make it look like an overdose, he marries her two weeks later, does not wait for her to overcome the death of her son and then 5 month later she’s gone too, I’m sorry this sounds too shady. All for money. Stern knows that is not his daughter, Good luck to Larry.

Callen on

According to the news.A Prince(cant remember the name) came forward and said he had a 10 year long affair with Anna Nicole and he could be the possible father!

Autumn on

Poor baby Dannielynn! Who’s her daddy?

Larry Birkhead? (probably)
Howard K Stern? (possibly)
J. Howard Marshall? (frozen sperm bank? wouldn’t put it past Anna…)
Daniel Smith (ew gross! I hope not!)
Zsa Zsa’s husband Prince Frederic? (Princess Dannielynn? Who knows? (Grandma Zsa Zsa??))

(DJ) Howard Stern? Hugh Hefner? Bobby Trendy? Santa Claus? (LOL! Who knows?)

Seriously though, I wish only the best for that poor little baby. I hope and pray that she can have a decent life, no matter who she ends up with in the end!

Delores Jackson on

My heart just breaks for that baby girl that’s left without her mother. The family are in my prayers.

hannah on

I really think you are the only sane person left to get this child. Anna hated her mom and I would’nt think it would be right to allow her to raise the baby. If you are the biological father to Dannilynne and I believe you are then you and only you should raise her with the help of your family. Anna was so messed up on drugs and I believe Howard K. Stern was 100% responsible for both her and Daniels deaths. He was keeping anna high and very depressed because he knew she was fragile and would eventually get to a point where she wanted to die. He knew by getting them both out of the picture,he could stand to aquire Annas money. I think his motives for being with Anna were self serving and he only was thinking about himself and all that money. I hate him for what he’s caused, (in my mind) and I hope he pays one way or another. Larry, don’t give up because your little girls life depends on you winning her back.

Dorkiee on

For one, Howard and Anna werent legally married, so hes not technically her husband and therefore gets none of her moneny. So, there goes that conspiracy out of the window.

And for this Saint Larry you believe exisits, he didnt wait for her to overcome the death of her son before he started trashing her to the world.

I cant believe there are people who believe this was murder, its insane! This whole situation gets more and more crazy by the hour.

Anna on

His name is Frederic von Anhalt, but he’s not a real prince. 20 years or so ago, he payed a lot of money to a poverty stricken princess, so that she would adopt him. That’s why he can now legally call himself Prinz von Anhalt, but it’s just a name, not a title.
Click on my name for his wikipedia profile.

Ryan on

i’ve been observing this board for 2 days now and some of you people are insane. HOW can you even begin to say things like, “Even if Larry is the biological father he should just leave Howard alone with the one person he has left” Isn’t that the most ignorant thing ever? Why should a man be denied the rights to his own child???? Anna obviously made it clear to Larry at some point that he was the father and now he DESERVES to know the truth and if she IS his child, he deserves full custody of her now. As for the whole HKS killing Daniel and Anna off for there money…he wasn’t legally married to Anna, so I don’t know how it would work that he would get the money if he DID kill them…All of Anna’s financial ownings will now pass on to Danni by law unless she had a will stating otherwise…but, Howard has no legal rights since he didn’t officially marry her so that theory is convuluted.

hannah on

I just can’t believe what is going on with this whole thing. Now the news is saying that Anna may have used her dead billionaire husbands sperm that she had frozen to get pregnant, my God what next? This poor woman never had a chance to be happy because it seems like whom ever she came into contact with wanted something from her IE: money. I pray she’s with Daniel now and they are two beautiful angels looking down at all these sad things that surround her death. I know they (Daniel & Anna) are happier now. God Bless both of you.

Grayson's Girl on

I just wanted to add my condolences and prayers for DannieLynn and those closest to her who are truly grieving. It sickens me that people are swooping in on that child and Anna Nicole’s legacy like a pack of vultures. And that’s exactly what they are VULTURES. That poor baby has a bounty on her head now and all these people have come out of the woodwork to lay claim to her. A mere few weeks, if not days ago, Anna Nicole sat on National tv and denounced her mother for the abominable way she behaved and the things she said after Daniel died and I’m now to think she should have some legal claim to the child? Birkhead undeniably has the right to know, but the way he’s gone about this is VERY suspicious. Many a paternity suits, high profile or not, have been handled competently and PRIVATELY where everyone had to comply with the law. It’s highly suspect to me that he chose to go the route that afforded him the most attention. If he is her father I sincerely hope he rethinks his methods and makes amends for the unnecessary airing of their dirty laundry. Howard seems to genuinely love and adore her and those two kids (Daniel and DanniLynn) but he wouldn’t be the first spouse to give an Oscar worthy performance at the time of death only to be found complicit. I’m reluctant to lay any blame or hurl any accusations at him though, if he is indeed nothing more than a grieving husband left bereft by loss I don’t want those accusations on my conscience. This is alot of loss for one person to bear, I’d hate to be responsible for compounding his grief. Bottom line, Anna Nicole was no saint, she is in essense responsible for alot of the reprecussions now, *BUT* just as we all want and deserve mercy in our own lives, so does she. She made her mistakes but she was human and I believe paid dearly for each misstep. I pray that she finds the peace in death that she couldn’t hold on to in life. I also want to caution people to be careful and aware of the weight of their words. At some point in the future this little girl will have access to all of this. She’ll probably know her mother wasn’t perfect but she doesn’t deserve to have to read and hear the amount of slander based on hear say and supposition floating around. I’m not perfect myself and have been and probably will be guilty of it at some point, but I wish everyone, from posters to the so called responsible news media, would remember that once it’s out there, you can’t take it back, the damage has been done. None of us know *anything*, until we hear it from a reliable source I suggest we all keep it as classy and respectful as possible.

I apologize for the long post but I live in Fort Lauderdale and have been inundated with the coverage. I’ve been sickened by the amount of slander being based on rumors that change daily and needed the opportunity to vent.

Miao on

This is almost too tragic for words. Almost her entire life, Anna Nicole’s been treated more as an object as a human being because of her appearance, and could not escape scathing prejudice and constant intrusions on her privacy. Though her lifestyle choices may be questionable, she is still a _person_ who loved her children and wanted to make something good of herself.

The treatment of her as well as celebrities like her is disgustingly callous. I hope Anna Nicole’s death will put their situations in the right perspective.

I feel horrible for Dannielynn, having lost a mother and being the center of unwelcome attention. I hope they find out who her father is soon, and regardless of who ends up caring for her, I hope she will have a fulfilling life.

gargoylegurl on

Wow! I can’t believe some of the insane comments and theories being put forward. It reminds me of the craziness that was going on before Suri Cruise debuted. That turned out to be nothing: she’s not an alien, she’s real, she’s not deformed! The point is, I think Anna’s death will prove to be a tragic accident, and until we know otherwise, it’s disrespectful to suggest anything else. I was certainly no Anna Nicole fan when she was alive, so I’m not going to pretend to be one now. I felt that she caused a lot of her own drama. However, I can’t help but feel sad that she has passed, and I am sickened by the fact that her daughter has lost her brother and mother. I say let the courts figure out who the biological father is, then give Dannilynn to him – that’s the right thing to do. Larry Birkhead may be a jerk for making this whole thing so public, but have you ever considered that he is a desperate father just trying to gain access to his child? If someone was keeping me from my child, you better believe I would be shouting it from the roof tops. I think he has been using the media to help him claim what he believes is rightfully his. If Howard is not the father, he shouldn’t have custody of the child. I think it’s that simple. I hope this is all over with quickly so that Anna and Daniel can rest in peace, and Dannilynn can get on with her life.

Anne on

Okay, so if Howard was in the Bahamas as soon as Thursday evening, why did he pick up baby items as People mentioned? Why would he bring baby items to FL and leave the baby in the Bahamas?

Wanda on

TRAGIC!!!! There are no words for how I felt when I heard. I was actually having Christmas dinner (yes a late one) with my sister and her family when my mother told me. Made the boys turn it to the news right away. I have/had always admired Anna Nicole Smith. She came from nothing and was one of those rare people who had the chance to see both sides of the fence. Underneath it all, she was a good person. She dreamed big and lived big. Loved her son, poor thing. Hope they are together now. She probably did die of a broken heart. That is the worst thing for a mother to have lost her beloved child. You could see in the past few months since, that she wasn’t right. Even with Dannielynn, she didn’t smile much. As for the fathers, who knows. We will see, everyone just pray and pay attention to the little one. She is going to need everybodys love and prayers. Too bad she missed really getting to know her beautiful mother. God bless Anna, Daniel and Dannielynn Hope.

joy on

I just heard that now Anna’s sister is saying that she confided to her that she used her late husbands sperm to get pregnant!!!!

That I can actually believe. So what will happen if none of the men turn out to be the father. Who will get this baby?

Lin on

I agree with Wanda, you could tell that she wasn’t herself since her sons death, she wasn’t the happy Anna we all knew. Plus the way she talked about Daniel it was as if she knew she would be going to see him soon. Rest in peace Anna, <3

halifaxhoney on

I’ve waited to post anything here because I wanted to see what everyone else was saying about this.
I’m so sad for her daugher, that she will grow up without any memories of her. She will unfortunately grow up with tabloid footage and copies of tabloids showing her mother in the worst light.
As for the DNA tests, it is much better for it to be all dealt with while she is an infant and has no memory of it. I also think it’s in poor taste for the Prince person to have called a press conference so soon after Anna Nicole’s death.
I myself don’t know how I feel about Howard K Stern but we are not privy to their relationships, we only see a very small portion of their lives. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
R.I.P Anna Nicole

Mary on

I feel sorry for Howard seeing the ET picture. The baby so calm in his arms, knowing nothing what is going on..

Patty on

TMZ says Howard got paid for that interview.

Mary on

they say a lot of things. If they would cover their wed probably he got paid because of this, not knowing what the interview would end up being about.

tink1217 on

looking at some of the pics of Dannielynn I really think she looks like HKS.

Oh, and TMZ says LOTS of things!! So do all the other tabloids and blogs. Doesn’t make it all true! I hope Dannielynn will grow up loved and secure, but I have my doubts. Poor baby is all I can say!

Mary on

I also tought she looks HKS, something about the eyes.

Michelle on

I feel so bad for that little girl. My prayers and thoughts are with her. My only concern is where was Howard during all of this? It doesnt seem like he was there with her which seems kind of odd to me.

Rye on

I think she looks a lot like Larry actually. They showed some baby pictures of him and her-side by side and they look a lot alike. It’s probably going to end up never getting fixed or settled…just like Mariska Hargitay…Jayne Mansfield split with Mickey Hargitay for a while and Mariska was conceived while she was with Nelson Sardelli. Jayne told everyone the baby was Mickey’s but if anyone has ever seen Nelson Sardelli-you instantly are like, “That is Mariska!”

But, my main point is that I hope it doesn’t end up like this…I hope that Danni gets the right to know her BIOLOGICAL father…because Larry deserves the right to know and more importantly, Danni does too. Regardless of what Howard has done and how he feels about her, a biological father has the right to know.

Shywolf on

I think Stern should be checked out…He sure hurried back to the Bahamas to move the baby in with his mom and sister…Now he is back in the house with the baby in the Bahamas(dont think he will let her out of his sight now)…I just read he was on the boat when Anna Nicole died? It says she was ill for a few days and had some surgery…a soaring temperature..was on meds that made her pass out…why was he off boating instead of tending to her? I think that shows how much he cared about her…NOT!! Who’s money bought the boat? Surely not his…i also read when they looked up his law career…they couldn’t find any cases he was a lawyer for…Stange i say!! Then there is Daniel…they say Stern was in the room and his death is still a mystery…They are suppose to investigate again in the Bahamas.
Also if he is so sure he is the dad…why the delay in testing. I hope some day we find out the truth…and i feel sorry for Danielynn if she has to stay with Stern. I hate to assume…but something stinks here.

Helene on

Now that I have seen that picture of Howard holding Dannielynn… I’m like I hope Dannielynn is his. He has been in her life from day one. I have no idea what he is like as a person, but well… it looks like he has much love for that little girl.

Kyah on

Has anyone noticed that in recent interviews, since Daniel died, how sad her eyes look? The only time I’ve seen her smile in interviews is when Dannielynn is there. That baby was the only thing that brought her joy in such a horrible time. And that baby wasn’t with her in Florida, and if she did decide to take her own life, I think it could be said that she did so because her little girl wasn’t nearby to remind her that life goes on, and she does have something to live for.

Angie on

What would happen to the baby if none of the guys suspected turn out not to be the little girl’s father? Will Anna’s mother get custody? I wonder.

Rye on

I think that if Larry IS (by some freakish chance-because i honestly don’t think Howard is the father) found out to NOT be Danni’s father…then Howard just keeps custody of her unless they perform a paternity test on him too which turns out to show that he also isn’t the father…then, i THINK Danni’s grandmother gets a shot to contest for custody..but i am not sure. Anna and her mother have had major public spats in interviews and articles and I am not sure how those would play a part in the custody decision. It would probably be in the childs best interest, if Larry isn’t the father, for her to remain with what is familiar to her, which would be to stay with Howard…even though I think Howard is horrible. sorry for saying it.

Lin on

Seeing Howard with that baby just crushes me. First they lose Daniel and then they lose if that child is not his he will too lose her.
How would you like to go through all of that within a years time?
God bless them all.
I hope if that child is not his that the father will atleast allow him to be a part of her life.

Campbell on

Regardless of how I feel about Howard, I do think this man must be in DEEP grief. As for poor Anna… I think she was such a tragic person. There was SOMETHING that endeared me to her. I know that when her son died, I saw her very differently. I don’t think she could get spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical footing after his death. Her health was terrible and of course she medicated her pain away as best she could. When I would see interviews, it was obvious to me that her grief was PROFOUND. I pray she and Daniel are with God and in true peace. As for that precious baby… hopefully, she will be given the best possible opportunity for a good and decent life. God Bless all her family and friends.

ash on

Stern that Ass whole he did it, he was there when daniel died and he was present when Anna died. All he wanted was her money.She should have stayed with the man she started out with.

Shywolf on

Smith’s partner, Howard K. Stern, wasn’t with her when she died, but he had been there that morning, and he knew she was very sick, his sister, Bonnie Stern, said. Smith had been running a fever of 105 degrees, and a nurse was “icing her down” earlier that day, she said.
“When he left her, she was sleeping,” Bonnie Stern said.
Howard Stern had been gone only about two hours when news reached him that Smith was dead, his sister said.

This is a bit taken from MSN home page article. Shows how much Stern cared. 105 fever and he didnt get her help? He left her and was off boating? Says she was sleeping when he left, or was she already slipping away? Shame on you Howard Stern!!

Loretta on

I was deeply saddened when I heard that Anna passed away. She made some bad choices (as many of us do), but that doesn’t make her a bad person. She had a lot on her plate and I think all the stress and the loss of her son was too much for her to handle. As for the paternity issue, I think a father has the right to know if he has fathered a child or not. As for Larry going public with the paternity issue, I think if Anna would have willingly submitted the baby for testing when Larry first requested it, rather than running to the Bahamas, it would not have been so much in the media. Anna refusing to submit the baby for testing makes it look like she feared that Larry could be the father. As for Howard Stern, if it is determined that he is not the father, I feel sympathy for him too because he has been a father to this child since her birth. Regardless of who the father is, I believe Daniellyn should know who her biological father is. Who are we to say who the better father would be. At this point, the test should be done and the biological father should take custody of her. I hope that she is at peace with her son who she loved so dearly.

Rye on

Is there any way that Larry will be denied a paternity test? I am hoping they get this done and out of the way so Dani goes where she needs to be now and not a couple years from now when it would be harder on her. I think Howard K. Stern would be acting in selfishness to drag this out for years…if he is so confident that Dani is his, what is his big problem letting the courts give her a DNA test??? Afraid they might take away his possible billion-dollar baby?? There is something soooooooooooo fishy about all of this and it’s really irritating that a man is left in the dark not knowing if a child is his or not.

mamajay on

Howard K. Stern is NOT a FATHER nor a DADDY to Baby Dannielyn and does NOT have her best interests in mind. IF he did, he’d agree to a paternity test so that the results would show that he is INDEED the baby’s father- what is he afraid of? The truth? Losing out on the $$?? Please don’t say that Howard K. Stern “is the only daddy baby Dannielyn has ever known…” cuz I’d bet my thumbs that he hasn’t done squat in taking care of that baby unless a camera was rolling. They have hired help to do all the work that a REAL daddy would do. Please- give the baby back to her REAL DADDY, Larry Birkhead. Besides- SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM! duh!

shywolf on

i agree with mamajay!! I almost had to laugh when he RAN back to the Bahamas rite after Anna Nicole died to be with the only part of Anna he still had..he is seen on camera saying they both cried together(she is 5 months old…hate to say but she has no clue her mom is gone) I agree to…why not do the DNA testing when Larry Birkhead first asked…is he afraid he will be out the $$$?
Hopefully Anna had something in her will about her where she wanted to be buried, she deserves to be buried ASAP. And Howard was in the room when Daniel died. And the best part, he left Anna very ill, 105 fever, being iced down, out of it, on all sorts of meds and was ON THE BOAT…Did anyone else notice the one interview with Anna and Howard, he would not let her talk, she kept tryin to say something and he kept buttin in… Strange, Very strange!! Poor Baby

kirsti on

I have been a fan of Anna for quite some time now. She may have done some things in her lifetime that many would disagree with, but she never mistreated her son, and seemed to have turned things around in her life to take care of her beautiful baby girl. i hope that howard gets custody, because he is all that baby Dannielynn knows. rest in peace anna you will be sadly missed.

jamie eden on

too every body that is dogging on anna nicole smith needs too stop. because she was a good mom and she never really gave up on her dream to become parent. and she is not a hore. she just loves sex now every body loves too have sex. and cant dog her for that so just get over it she still is a good person no matter what any one says about her.
don’t judge her only god has the right to judge her and what she chose to do in life.