Pregnant Keisha Castle-Hughes over the holidays

02/02/2007 at 01:01 PM ET

by CBB correspodent Joyce:

She would be a bit bigger now, but The New Zealand Herald snapped some exclusive pictures of a pregnant Keisha Castle-Hughes right before the Christmas holidays.

The photos were taken at Keisha’s mother’s home in Drury, New Zealand where it appears an apron-adorned Keisha, 16, is preparing to do some cooking.

Keisha, who at 13 was the youngest person to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her work in Whale Rider, is expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend Bradley Hull, 19, in the spring.

Source: New Zealand Herald

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Colleen on

She is a beautiful girl, I’m sure the baby will be too. I’m glad to see that they aren’t hiding her pregnancy or falsifying information about her relationship like when Brandy was pregnant.

Aliya on

I have to say I’m disappointed that you are posting her pregnancy cbb. She is only 16 years old. There maybe other teens who view this site and think that its ok to be 16 and pregnant.

I’m happy for the girl that she has good family to support her and wish her all the best, but I don’t think its ok to post anything on her pregancy on cbb due to her age.

A, Austin on

Not sure how he can be referred to as her long time boyfrined when she is only 16…

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

A, they’ve been dating over 4 years.

Aliya, we don’t necessarily agree with a 16 year old being pregnant, but as she is a celebrity Keisha fits in with the content of the site. We posted her pregnancy announcement as well. Since she has made it public knowledge, it doesn’t seem to be something she wants to hide.

As for other teens viewing the site and thinking it’s okay to be pregnant, we would hope that they have parents that talk to them about their expectations of them, and they wouldn’t be influenced by a website.

Yonni on

Very well said Sarah. She is a celebrity and she will be a parent. That’s what this site is about. In no way is CBB promoting teenage pregnancy. Teenagers get pregnant every day. My best friend had a child at 16, and in no way do I condone that. She has even admitted that she wished she could have had her son alter in her twenties. However she is an exceptional mom, and her age had no affect on her parenting skills. Try not to be so harsh and critical. Most kids don’t say, “wow there’s a pregnant teenage r let me try it.” There is more going on in their lives then we know about, and plus I have known many responsible girls that have gotten pregnant by accident.

Callen on

Opinions are opinions! But Aliyah you passing a judgment like that is harsh! Yes it is unbelievable at times to see a young person having a baby. But a baby is a baby! And they are blessings. I think your opinions would best fit on an abstinence site! Celebrity Baby Blog is dedicated to celebrity baby’s not to lectures for teen moms and education about sex ed!!! Thank you.

Erin on

Aw! I think she looks adorable =)

Aliya: They have featured her pregnancy here since it was announced. AND Keisha is a celebrity who is having a baby – she has every right to be featured here. They report and follow pregnancies, and then document the kid’s life… They aren’t here to preach morals or point judgmental fingers at people. If a teen is going to come here and decided to get pregnant, then that is their problem – not CBBs. Parents should be teaching their kids about safe sex (and so forth) anyway, not CBB. AND, in my opinion, if a teen – who should know right from wrong – is dumb enough to want to imitate a celebrity to that extent then they need some serious help.

A, Austin: They have dated for years, therefore they have been in a long-term relationship.

Jen on

In response to what Aliya said regarding not posting the pregnancy because she is only 16, I think that is a very shallow statement. I had a beautiful daughter at 16, finished school and have been happily married for 24 years. I was blessed with 2 more children in my early 20’s. All my children know I had a baby at 16, but by them knowing that sure didnt give them the idea that it would be ok if they did too.

Jen on

I don’t think we should ignore someone that is pregnant because of age. She’s a celebrity, she’s having a baby, & she isn’t trying to hide it. I was a teen mom (at 17) and it really hurt to have people be disapproving all the time. While I certainly don’t promote teen pregnancy (it is EXTREMELY hard!), I don’t think anyone else should judge either. I also don’t feel that CBB is promoting teen pregnancy- they are just giving us the latest celebrity baby news. I also think that it is a parent’s job to guide their children and teach them about issues such as sex and pregnancy. It’s not the place of a website, celebrity, etc.

sarah on

I have to agree with top commenet i am not interested in reading about babies having babies its wrong

Latisha on

If she and her long time boyfriend were married would still be up in arms? Or is it really because she’s 16?

If she were 20-21 and unmarried we wouldn’t be saying much, probably if she were even 18, I doubt anyone would do a second glance.

But since she’s 16, it’s so bad? Who are we to judge? Is it better to be 35, unmarried and pregnant, and single than 16 with a long time boyfriend and supportive family?

Let us not judge. For we know not her situation in depth.

Jess on

I’m sixteen. Seeing her doesn’t make me want to go out and have a kid. It actually makes me thankful that I’m not pregnant because I have wishes that I want to fulfill and maybe Keisha has dreams that she won’t be able to achieve or that will be hindered. Maybe she wanted a baby. I don’t know. It’s not my business. I know plenty of teens pregnant at my school, some younger than sixteen and some who actually wanted to get pregnant. Anyways, I agree with just about everyone else. This celebrates celeb pregnancies. Keisha is a celebrity, so cbb is celebrating her pregnancy. Would it be wrong for cbb to post announcements of celebs 40-50+ who are pregnant? I certainly don’t think so.

Fran on

Very well said Sarah, Yonni and Erin.

Karen on

I admire her for taking responsibility for
the pregnancy and am glad she has a
supportive family and boyfriend. Most teens
don’t try to get pregnant, but it does
happen and I don’t believe in judging young

joy on

well I know in her country this is okay but in America this is something we try to prevent. I wonder how this will hurt her film career? I think she did the Nativity movie before her pregnancy so I am not sure how many jobs she’ll get now.

I kind of just feel uneasy about it myself but she does have a right to be on the webpage for she is a celebrity and she is expecting. But I am not going to comment on whether or not I think at 16 she looks “good” being pregnant.

I wish her well. Lucky for her she’s got money when in todays society many teens who do end up pregnant don’t have the luxary of wealth and support.

Jessie on

I totally agree with posting it, whether or not it’s a good thing — celeb preg is celeb preg. Lots of celeb pregnancies have bad elements but the editors can’t pick and choose what is acceptable.

That being said, they’ve been dating for four years? Do 12-year-olds actually date? I thought a middle school date involved holding hands in the hallway …

Jayden's Mommie on

Just because she’s 16 years and there is a post on this site reflecting her pregnancy does not mean that CBB is promoting, encouraging or soliciting teenage pregnancy. It’s a reality in our world today and to pretend that it isn’t happening is ignorant and naive. She’s a celebrity, hence a posting on “Celebrity Baby Blog.” Makes perfect sense to me!

Sara Halloran on

congrats to her! she is a celeb and pregnant, so she should be posted. Everyone has something they think is wrong, what if someone said that 40’s is too old to be having kids? should CBB not feature them because its sending a message that that is okay? A baby is wonderful no matter what age the mommy is. I would love to see how big she is now! I hope there are more pictres soon.

Chicki on

I agree with everyone except Aliya. There are some cultural factors at play in this case – I think I heard that in New Zealand it isn’t uncommon to see young mothers. Also, there are many unmarried celebrities that are featured on this site, but that fact, doesn’t negate the fact that they are still babies of celebrities, hence CBB. Lighten up!

sarah on

This post is very discusting glamorizing this 16 year old girls pregnancy not to mention the fact that she is pregnant by a 19 year old male makes that a CRIME! You dont put the ok or awwww on this just because she is a “celebrity.”

corrievk on

OK…isn’t it OK in her culture (forgive me but I can’t remember the name!) to have children young?? As far as her boyfriend committing a crime…I don’t think “sex with a minor” is a crime in all countries. She is a New Zealander, not an American.

Every country, every culture is different. Just because it isn’t accepted here to have babies so young, perhaps in her culture/country, it is accepted. Does anyone remember the name of her culture?

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Sarah, as stated before, we’re reporting celebrity baby news, to which this applies. We try not to editorialize in our posts, so it’s certainly not being glamourized. It’s up to the reader to decide their own opinion. As for it being against the law, it’s not. Keira is from New Zealand and the age of consent is 16, not 18 as in the US.

This is from the original post announcing her pregnancy: A relative of Bradley’s emailed us to set the record straight, saying that lack of cultural context has clouded our readers perceptions about Keisha and Bradley’s relationship as well as their pregnancy. She said that in indigenous cultures, such as the Maori of New Zealand, of which Keisha is a part, 16 is not considered a young age to have a baby, that her parents were not neglectful or tacitly approving of an “illegal relationship,” and reminded us that the laws are different in other countries. CBB readers Zoey, Helen, and Sabrina tells us that the age of consent in Australia is 16, not 18 as it is in the United States – therefore there are no statutory rape concerns as many readers expressed.

Hope that makes things a little more clear.

Aliya on

I’d like to just clear up a few things as I feel attacked by some of the posters.

I am not passing judgement on this young lady. The fact is she is a teenager who is about to become a mother. She is very young.

I am also not a conservative person. I just feel like a young lady in her situation should just have her baby and not make it a “public” affair because of the stigma with having a baby so young (especially in the US).

Yes all babies should be celebrated as they are beautiful miracles, but personally her age was the thing that really got me and I really did not enjoy seeing a second post on her and felt the need to comment. Like I said in my original post I do wish the girl all the best.

Sarah…I did see the original posting of her announcement and yes you are right a celeb is a celeb.

Kori on

There’s plenty of hope for her, she could turn out to be a better mom than many of the women I know who gave birth in their 20s and 30s. I work with a woman who had her daughter at 16. I wonder how many people passing judgment on her were sexually active in their teens as well…but because they were lucky enough not to end up pregnant they think they can pass judgment on this young woman. Keisha is beautiful, the baby is a reality so I just hope it all work sout well for everyone.

alexa on

I’m sorry you feel attacked Aliya, but you were putting down teen mothers, how is that ok?

Reese Witherspoon had Ava young, I looked up to her too but never thought about going out and getting pregnant. Britney Spears has many many many young fans, but let’s see what she does.

I don;t get why it’s ok for unmarried women to be celebrated for being pregnant, but when a teen mom comes along (not saying it shouldbe celebrated, but a little support would be polite).

Carol on

This young woman should not be made to feel ashamed of her pregnancy. I was also pregnant at 16 and I was hidden from the world. Do you really think it promotes anything healthy for it to be treated that way? If people are offended by CBB’s inclusion of this woman’s story then either skip over it or don’t read the blog at all. I wish her and her child the best. To welcome the baby with love, insight and wisdom will make for a happy, stable childhood.

Terralynn on

I also dont agree with a 16 year old child having a baby
It is a big responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly by even an adult
I do believe broadcasting this girls pregnancy to teens may send the wrong idea That it is ok to have a baby at that age because
We are all so enthralled with celebrity status that it seems acceptable to teens because she has done it and we all seem to accept it
Just like becoming anorexic can be encouraged due to celebs seemingly haveing the perfect body
It creates false expectations in young girls minds

It may be fine for her because I am sure financially this child will not want for anything
And I am also sure that she will have lots of help not only from her family
But from Nanny’s because she is so stable in that regard
It is a much different world for this girl than it would be for your average teen who finds this thought appealing to envision

But again it is just my opinion
I do think it is a little risky, to have it on here being viewed by teen girls thinking of this possible life they could have

equality for all liberal thinker!!! on

In New Zealand you are considered an adult at 16. You need to think out of the box and quit being so narrow minded. I am sorry but give Teenagers more credit. Teenage pregnancys have gone done dramactically.
Oh! yeah, CBB, is now going to have to take the fall for encouraging teenage pregnancies. GET REAL!!
This post is scary. I never in my life read so many post where people are so judgemental.
Just because someone lives their life differently then you does not mean they are any less; vice-a-versa.

lanie on

Joy – “in her country this is okay “?? Just for the record, I am a New Zealander, and no, we don’t encourage 16 year olds to get pregnant anymore than Americans do – not a good idea to make sweeping generalisations about other people’s cultures but I’m sure you weren’t doing that deliberately.

The difference being…just like anywhere else, it happens. Maori families personify the concept of the village raising the child – Keisha will have a large and supportive network around her, and as such probably isn’t going to suffer too much here. Not to mention – she can afford it.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Gawd, I can’t believe some of the comments!!!

Keisha is 16 & her boyfriend is 19 – that is not a crime.

Plenty of my friends had children young. There offspring are no worse off than kids with ‘older parents’. Also, Keisha has a supportive extended family.

New Zealand has the third highest teen pregnancy rate per capita – 1st & 2nd being Britain & America. Maybe it’s seen as ‘ok’ in New Zealand because NZers aren’t a bunch of two faced bigots. The glass is half full…

Keisha and her boyfriend are having a baby. So what? That’s their buisness – I’m sure the will be GREAT parents!

sara on

She is so pretty!!
I hope everything goes great for her and her baby!

Cali on

“I just feel like a young lady in her situation should just have her baby and not make it a “public” affair because of the stigma with having a baby so young (especially in the US).”
I’m sorry if you feel attacked, Aliya, but comments like this make it hard for people not to speak out it disagreement.
Hey, I’m not for “glamorizing” or encouraging teen pregnancy either. But I don’t think CBB is doing that at all. I find nothing wrong with reading updates on Keisha’s pregnancy. To imply that she should simply stay out of public eye because what she has done is shameful is… sad. Whether this baby was planned or not, it is going to be born. So why should Keisha hide away? So she doesn’t offend some people? She probably wants to celebrate impending motherhood just like all the other women in the world, and I think she has taken the right steps so far in being open with the public instead of lying about certain things, like other celebs have.

And come on, can we please give teens a little more credit? Yes, there is teenage pregnancy in the world, and no it will never cease to exist. But if a teenager is looking at this page and says, “If Keisha Castle Hughes can have a baby, so can I!” and goes out and gets pregnant, she already has serious issues that none of us or the media are responsible for.

fumar on

What disgusts me most is that there is a photo of her prengnant, and that someone actually went to her mother’s house to get it. Why can’t people leave her alone? Yes, other pregnant celebs are photographed all the time, but isn’t this a little different? Although I suppose there’s always a chance that this is just a publicity stunt to satisfy the public’s curiosity in regards to her.

I’m not disgusted by her prenancy at all. Even if I were, it’s not as though I could change it. While I wouldn’t condone a teenage pregnancy, I believe that having a baby at 16 in the Maori culture isn’t that young at all.

I tried to read all the comments so I hope I’m not repeating anyone here.

lulusass on

Hear hear heavenly_hibiscus!!! Well said.

Ashley on

i know it’s frowned upon here in the US for a teenager to be pregnant, but in other countries, it happens more often than not, and it’s accepted.

popi on

“New Zealand has the third highest teen pregnancy rate per capita – 1st & 2nd being Britain & America.” H-Hibiscus.
The question is why? Maybe because there is an obvious lack of information about birth control… That’s a REAL problem. Pro life organizations are powerful (especially in the US) and they do everything they can to dissuade young girls who want to abort to do it. And since Bush and this conservative government has been here it has worsen. Unfortunately.
About Keisha, I don’t know what to say, because I don’t know her and what she wanted. Good for her if she has a supportive family and a loving boyfriend, I wish her the best.

Ariana on

It’s a shame that each time there is a post on Keisha, the majority of comments are negative. Ok, so she is 16 and made a life changing mistake. Who are we to judge? Thank God she has a supportive family. I’m pretty sure it’s really hard to be a teen, celeb, and a mom at the same time. I feel that if someone doesn’t like a certain post, DON’T READ IT!

Congrats to Keisha, a baby is the most beautiful thig that could ever happen to a woman, NO MATTER HER AGE. May God give her wisdom and strength to be a good parent.

Terah on

I am very disappointed at some of the comments on this page. Hopw can people make such generalizations and assume so many things. Also, has ANYONE taken biology or history classes?!! The female body was meant to have children when it is younger, not older. It is a cold fact that although women can wait until they have careers and financial stability, many of them are devastated when they learn that they will need assistance to even TRY to get pregnant. Not to mention that there is a higher risk for complications and more wear and tear on the body. Women usually learn this too late. Do a little research on fertility. Now, if you do have the money and thetime to put into fertility treatments, by all means, more power to you. And I also am in NO WAY bashing older mothers! Children are blessings at all times, no matter the age or circumstance. I am extremely happy with older mothers and the way they feel about having children, and one day we all might be able to wait until we are 45, without any complications, and have kids as easily as if we were in our twenties. No matter what choice a person makes, there will always be sacrifices and shoulda, coulda, wouldas. It’s just a matter of whether you are mature enough to make the best of whatever happens. After all, only we can make a choice to be happy or not. I am in no way saying that it should be this way(having kids younger) for everyone, but throughout history you see stories of girls in almost ALL cultures,including old American culture, that are usually marrieed off within 2 years of beginning menstruation. This is just a pure biological fact that everyone should know. Now that people live longer, don’t need children to support the family, we concentrate on education and leisure, and birth control is available, no, it is not a necessity to try and raise children into adulthood, i.e. their mid-teens in the past, before you die at the age of 40. However, just becaue we don’t have to get pregnant by 14 to have any hope of seeing our kids through to a decent age, doesn’t mean it is mandatory. The # of teenage births will always be significant, whenther it is low for that year or high. Half the population wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. I say ‘births’ because in some places the pregnancy rate isn’t low at all, but because of abortions they never make it to birth. There is nothing truly wrong with being a mother her age. Studies have shown that there are some statistics that a child of a teen mother may fit into later, but a lot of them turn out better than kids with 2 older, married parents. There are too many variables in life to say what the ‘perfect’ family model should be, and I am saying this as a Christian. I am one of the few that still believes abstinence is God’s way, and I’m 22 years old! We need to stop judging her and just love her as God intended. The child is not to be punished, which everyone is doing by stressing out the mother. If she is surrounded by positive energy, she will be more likely to strive to be the best mother possible. After all, we all know that money has nothing to do with what makes a good mother. Some of the most successful children come from poor, uneducated mothers. And some of the least successful/criminals come from middle class or wealthy homes. When will people stop judging and start helping. You can’t undo what is already done, so we should make it a point to spend the 9 months teaching and preparing the mother rather than reminding her everyday of what a huge mistake she made. Support is crucial in a child’s life, but you have to start with the mother.

Ally on

I think CBB should post this, because she’s pregnant, and she’s a celebrity, and I congratulate her on her little one.

In the grander scheme of things, I don’t think many people would advise teenage pregnancy as a course of action, but saying that, I have a friend who gave birth at 15, who has turned into the most fantastic mother you could wish to see.

However, as I live in the UK, my judgement on this issue is clouded by the fact that we have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates here, and I see so many babies dragged up instead of raised, completley reliant on the benefit system. It’s hard to see a teenager smoking and swearing in front of their children and not have an adverse opinion of them. Of course, this kind of behaviour is not exclusive to this age range, but we do see it a lot here.

However, on the Keisha issue, she’s a beautiful girl, who obiously has a very supportive boyfriend and family, and this baby, I’m sure, will be well looked after and very much wanted. I hope the future brings Keisha and her child everything they could need. Best wishes to her and her family.

Aliya on

This will be my last post on this. I’m disappointed with some of the attacks on me. None of you ladies know me and you are passing judgement on me. I thought this was a place where we could all come together and just share our thoughts and make comments that would not be agreed with by all posters, but at least respected.

I’ve never posted before yesterday for this very reason, but I did because of cbb “policy on comments”.

Everyone is entitled to share their own thoughts as long as they are not mean spirited or attacking a celeb or another poster. And my original post was in no way intended to be mean spirited or a slight against teen mothers or to this young lady.

I sincerly wish her all of the best and I’m sure that with the love and support of her family she and her baby will be fine.

Further more I was not aware that this young lady is from a certain tribe in NZ and I belive my second post was either just before or right after someone posted about her decent.

So I’d like to thank everyone who either disagreed or agreed with me for sharing their thoughts. And thank you to the poster for educating all posters on her background.

Jamie on

See I disagree I had my son 6 mths before I turned 17..and yes my parents didn’t approve of me being pregnant but they supported me none the less friends of my family did the same no one judged me..and I still went to school I didn’t drop out like most girls my age did I kept one promise to myself and my father to graduate high school I’m about to be 19 and I just had my second child to top it off I’m a freshman in college its community but I’m still giving my kids the same life my parents gave me..You see in my town its normal for there to be young moms and none of us are judged its kinda expected to be married before you hit 21 and possibly a kid..some might not agree with that but thats the way it is. I will admit at times I do regret becoming “mommy” so young but I love my sons and I see them and I don’t care what anyone thinks about teenage mothers. My mother had me at 17, my grandmother had my dad at 15..I became an aunt at 12 and a godmother at you see there have been teenage mothers for a long time..she is just become part of the list of young teenage mothers..and frankly I’m proud to be on that “list” as some call it

Callen on

Aliyah you say people are judging you and they dont know you. Isn’t that what you did to Kiesha? I Agree with Terah 100%. Very nice post by the way!

funnyhoney on

While I don’t think it’s the best idea to get pregnant at 16 (I would NOT want my 16 year old sister to get pregnant), Keisha did. She has taken responsibility for her actions and I am sure that she and her boyfriend will raise a wonderful child together in the midst of their families.
I am truly sorry that Aliya has been somewhat attacked in some posts. She was simply sharing her opinion. She has every right to post comments that display her personal opinion. It is EXTREMELY close minded to attack her beliefs simply because you disagree with them.
This comment section shouldn’t be a heated debate over teen pregnacy. Rather, we should all focus on the accomplished young woman who has decided to take on the responsibilities of motherhood. As many of us know, this job is not easy, regardless of age.

Ash on

Last I checked, I thought America was a free country without censorship. Some people might not like the fact that she’s 16 and pregnant, but that’s too damn bad…lol. A story isn’t going to be censored just because someone doesn’t like its content.

Karen on

I can assure you guys that most sixteen and sevtenteen year olds do not think its okay to be pregnant in this day and age. At least, that’s most of us.

In all honesty, I think it’s quite ridiculous that she decided to remain pregnant at sixteen. But that’s her choice and her prerogative.

I wish her all the luck in the world. She’ll need it.

T on

I think that people should not be so quick to judge and to also respect other cultures. Celebrity or not- she is not an American and we should not define her by our “standards”

Louise on

Lanie, I completely agree with you. I too am a New Zealander and no, it is NOT normal or okay for teenagers to be pregnant. It happens, just like it does everywhere else. I am also a teenager myself and I certainly don’t think it is okay to be pregnant at 16 because I saw it on a blog, if anything, I’m grateful that I am not pregnant and will not need to put my life on hold to raise a child.

That said, I wish Keisha and her baby all the best.

Terah on

Thank you, Callen. I also agree with you.

Callen on

Karen that is such a very rude comment! “I think it’s quite ridiculous that she decided to remain pregnant at sixteen”. Not everyone agree’s with the termination of a pregnancy at any age. That was an insult not only to Kiesha, but to everyone out there who also had a baby at a young age. Why aren’t all the unmarried celebs getting trashed about having a child out of wedlock?. It’s no one’s place to judge people. And the last time I checked she has the money to support 3 if she wanted to.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Some people are kind of crossing the line over disagreeing respectfully, here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you can state what it is about the other person’s statement you disagree with in a way that doesn’t call them out or attack them personally, that would be appreciated. We would like to be able to keep these comments open! Thanks.

Ericka on

You have to remember that in her culture this is okie (NO, not as a New Zealander but as a Mouri) She is also financially well off and seems very mature for her age. Who are we to judge and say her being pregnant is wrong? I’m glad she has family and friends who support her.

If a 16 year old girl comes on CBB and thinks because a star has a baby that it’s okie for her to go out and get pregnant than that child has deeper seeded issues. It’s not this websites or anyone elses responsibility to protect those kids…it’s their parents job.

Keisha is a celebrity and she’s pregnant…CBB has every right to post about her pregnancy.

Jacqui on

I think some 16 year olds do a way better job at parenting than others in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. It all depends on your attitude,commitment,financial stability and your capacity to love another person more than yourself. Some adults pop out children without all or any of these great parenting qualities in mind.
All the best Keisha, I am sure you will make a great mom.

Lauren on

Sarah (CBB News Editor), I would really like you to consider deleting Karen’s comment. I don’t agree with Keisha’s pregnancy either, but Karen’s comment completely crossed the line of taste. Karen, you would rather have Keisha deprive her own child of a chance at life than take responsibility for her actions? It is that attitude that is the reason so many teens get knocked up and head to the abortion clinic without even knowing what an abortion is. And I know what I’m talking about-I know those girls.
As I already stated, by no means do I support Keisha having a child so young, but I do respect her a great deal for choosing to carry through with the pregnancy and giving the baby she created a life. However, I must say that I am quite disturbed by many of the comments here. From what I read, it sounds like several people are actually condoning/accepting an unwed teenager involved with an older guy having a baby, and that to me is scary. For those of you asking, “What’s the big deal about a 16-year-old having a baby? 16-year-olds can be better than older mothers!” I would like to ask you this: would you be so congragulatory if the 16-year-old in question were your daughter? Your sister? Your niece? Myself? I’m willing to bet money that the answer is no, because you know as well as I do that children-which is what Keisha is-are not meant to have children of their own. Also, speaking to those who say, “Well, Reese and Britney had babies really young and they’re doing fine!”: Britney and Reese were married women in their twenties when they first gave birth-not teenagers involved with an older boyfriend. To equate Keisha with Reese and Britney is ludicrous.

Suze on

I cannot believe some of the comments that have been posted on here. Who cares if she’s 16 or 36? She’s made the decision to keep the baby and I congratulate her on that, sometimes it’s a difficult choice to make no matter what age or stage of life you’re at. And whoever said that she’s made “a life-changing mistake” was out of order too. As far as I’m aware, Keisha Castle Hughes hasn’t spoken about her pregnancy, so no-one knows if, in fact, she planned the baby, and therefore no-one has the right to say she made a mistake. I’m sure she’ll be a fantastic mother, and I wish her all the best- at least she has the support of her family, and she’s in a stable relationship. I’m from the UK, and yes, we have a high rate of teen pregnancies, but so do a lot of other countries, including the US, but people are so quick to condemn young mothers and it really annoys me, as long as the child grows up in a home where it is loved and cared for then it doesn’t matter what age its parents are. No-one has the right to judge anyone else and not all young mothers have “made a mistake”, my cousin became a mother at 15, although not entirely planned she has never regretted it for a second and she is now a fully trained nurse, at the age of 21, and she’s a wonderful mother to boot. So don’t judge anyone for the choices they make, no-one’s perfect!

Rachel on

i’m a teenager and just because i read this does not mean i now want to get pregnant…i dont.

but for Aliya u said this…”I’m disappointed with some of the attacks on me. None of you ladies know me and you are passing judgement on me.”

as far as i know you do not know Keisha or her boyfriend yet you think your allowed to pass judgement on her. that’s hypocritical.

i would love to be updated on her pregnancy, and the babies life without having to see 50 negative comments about her….we get the point some people don’t approve of teen mothers but it’s a reality and it happens.

ash on

there are many more important things in life to think about or discuss and the fact that people are nearly having a heart attack over the fact someone they dont know from a life and culture different to theirs has made a choice to have a baby.

move on people
out of the 7 billion people in this world there are a lot more problems. All over the world there are cultures where females have babies from the age of 12.

You people are so judgemental and if you think that teenagers are so stupid that by seeing a young pregnant celebrity have a baby they are all going to decide to go have a baby! you are very wrong there are always going to be teenagers who get pregnant but there are a lot more who understand that they should wait till they are older.

Being young does not mean that you will be a Bad mother. If a person has common sense and values then they have it. If they dont it wont matter if they have a baby at 40.

In fact i know many young people who would make better more responsible parents then some 40/50 yr olds i know

I am 20 years old and i live in Australia and i have no intention of having a baby until my life is settled but that is my choice and we have no right to judge other peoples choices!!!!

popi on

As I said before I don’t know Keisha and wish her the best with her baby.
I generally don’t judge young/teen mothers. What can bother me is the lack of informations about birth control amoung the same young girls, and the consequences it can have…

Carol on

I find Karen’s comment about wishing Keisha all the luck in the world because “she’ll need it” to be condescending. I don’t think Keisha will need any more luck than anyone else having their first child. I’m amazed how people are turning this into a tragedy. I’m also tired of reading about American standards. The United States of America would do well to stop imposing their self-righteous standards on the rest of the world.

Dorkiee on

I wish Keisha all the best with this pregnancy. I bet the baby will be so beautiful.

In regards to the age, my brother was a father twice over by 20, my sister had a son at aged 18, and my cousin gave birth on her 17th birthday.

Each had support and love from my entire family and each baby was doted on and loved. And not one person judged or was critical about it. Why does Keisha deserve so much just because shes famous? She has a loving supportive family and boyfriend so why is everyone so negative? As people have said, its not your child. Deal with that if and when it happens to go.. god forbid. But reading some of these posts.. i hope to god none of your daughters suffer the same.

And also, how about some perspective..

In the UK, the youngest recorded mother is aged 12.. she got pregnant at ELEVEN. So, 4 years is along time to mature and grow up in Keisha’s case. Given her profession we could add a few years to that total.

Also, just in the news the other day, a mother of a 13 year old girl was charged with something (not sure what) after her daughter was sleeping with men aged 30+ and getting PAID for it.

There are much worse things going on with our children today then getting pregnant at 16. Have a think about that before getting to judgemental.


Mafalda on

keisha is less than bright for getting pregnant so young. i mean, how difficult is it to use birth control?
and to those of you who became parents at that age and list all of the people in your family who also became teenage parents, it’s interesting how you never learn from each other’s mistakes.
that said, i don’t care what becomes of keisha castle hughes and neither should any of you.

Jennifer on

She is of a different culture. In other societies it is quite common for girls as young as 16 to have children. I believe there was a post on CBB about this many months ago when she first announced her pregnancy. So while many people feel that it is wrong to be posting pictures of a “baby having a baby” to the Maorin society it might not seem that way at all. I’m not saying I agree with a 16 year old having a baby but I’d say less judgement and take a look at the entire picture.

Katie on

I find some of the comments on here horrifying. It’s a proven fact that having a baby when you’re not physically ready (hello you’re still growing when you’re a teenager) can be dangerous not to mention that the child has a more likelihood of having developmental disabilities. So, I don’t think this is something that should be praised. But I guess since she is a celebrity so you should be able to post news about her, but still this is strange.

bella on

I also can’t believe some of the comments that are being posted. Everyone has a right to their opinion but not one of us knows Keisha or her family or situation.

I find it offensive that several posts have referred to her ‘mistake’ in becoming pregnant – we don’t know if the baby was planned or not! Comments about the need for further education on birth control (however appropriate in general) are irrelevant as again – we don’t know Keisha or if the baby was planned.

I personally find Karen’s comment offensive and judgemental.

While I was glad to see a photo of Keisha, I find it worrying that a mother-to-be is stalked at her mother’s home for exclusive pregnancy photos.

CBB should post info on a celeb baby-to-be. Like Sarah from CBB wrote, they aren’t here to editorialise, they just inform us of celeb baby news.

I wish Keisha, her partner and their baby all the best.

Ash on


Biologically-speaking (and you should know this if you’ve studied science), most women’s bodies are developed enough by the age of 16 to be pregnant and give birth. That’s a fact. Our bodies were designed to give birth in our late-teens to early 20’s. Of course, not everyone is able to become a mother at such a young age (especially since, in most societies, you have to earn an education and establish some financial stability first). But in biological terms, there is nothing wrong with being pregnant at 16. Being pregnant at say, 13 years old, would be a totally different story though.

PSB on

Ash – just wanted to point out that the “ideal” age for a woman to have a child is 23-24. Doctors did a study, and it was determined that when you’re a teenager, your bones and body are still growing and taking shape, but by the time you reach 23, you’re physically mature enough to carry a baby without subjecting your own body to health risks like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes (which tend to affect very young and very old mothers generally).

This has nothing to do with the Keisha story, but I just wanted to clarify misinformation. Personally, I think 16 is not emotionally mature enough to care for a child full-time, because you’re not through adolescence yet and are prone to mood swings, but it happens every day – and like some others said, is very common in Maori culture. I wish her all the luck in the world.

natalie on

i think keisha is very mature for her age. i have seen her in interviews and although she acts 16 she really acts like a person in their 20s! i say she is mature enough to be a mother! more mature than britney spears! (put it in perspective!) its about maturity, NOT age!!! she is way more mature than i was at her age!

go keisha!

Kat on

Keisha Castle-Hughes is actually an Australian with Maori heritage – just to point that out for everyone who keeps on about her being Maori and her being pregnant is ‘acceptable’ in her culture.
I can’t remember her ‘flaunting’ her pregnancy or trying to get publicity out of it. Of course, I may be wrong in assuming Keisha didn’t ask to have her photo taken during a family event, and having that photo broadcast over the internet?
People seem to assume that she planned her pregnancy, that it was a conscious decision for her to have a child at 16 years of age. She is no different to any other woman who has become pregnant and decided to have the child. She doesn’t deserve to be criticised by people who want to project their values onto her.
At least she has a partner to share the responsibility with, and her child will not grow up without a dad.
Leave her alone!

Brittany on

tell me this..

some of you people think that by CBB posting a 16 year old having a child that it will influence a young person having a child as well. WELL dont you think that you should go a step ahead.. if they are on a PREGNANCY website, don’t you think they’re alread influenced?!?!? so CBB posting a story about a CELEB being pregnant on THEIR CELEB PREGNANCY site perfectly ok.

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