Fellow drivers give Jeff Gordon advice

02/02/2007 at 10:58 AM ET

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and his wife, Ingrid Vandebosch, are expecting their first child in July and the former rookie of the year knows that changes will take place.

There’s no way it’s not going to change my life, not just the responsibilities that come along with it, but knowing there’s something that has a part of you in it. That’s something I really look forward to being a part of. So in that way, yes, it will change my schedule and a lot of things. I’m going to have to adjust, and if anything takes away from racing, it’s that adjustment, not because now all of a sudden I’ve lost that edge or I’ve lost every bit of that aggressiveness.

But Jeff shouldn’t worry as his fellow competitors are offering some advice.

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Jeff Burton (two children, Paige and Harrison)

If I drive into Turn 3 at Darlington and I’m thinking about my children, perhaps I need to be somewhere else. There is a race car driver and then there is a person, and those two people are genuinely different people. If Jeff Gordon conducts himself the way that he conducts himself in public, if he did that in his race car, he wouldn’t be very successful. You have to be arrogant. You have to be selfish, self-centered, self-serving, you have to do everything your mother taught you not to do when you’re driving a race car. But you can’t live your life like that. You can, but you’re destined to die a lonely person. When I win a race and my kids are in Victory Lane, the excitement I see in them, the excitement they have for me is irreplaceable, That makes you want to do it more.

Scott Riggs (two children, Layne and Skyler)

I think now being at the Cup level that you go around and talk to more of these Cup drivers and they would say it sharpens your focus, brings you some perspective. It brings you back to [the] reality of what you’re really all about. Not what life’s all about, but what your life’s all about.

Source: The Sun News

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doris on


melaniemartinique on

Jeff will be just fine.

tattoodprincess on

I have loved Jeff Gordon for more than 10 yrs…I have to admit I have been so disappointed by his actions in recent months…he seems to reserve all his judgement for the track and lets his public/private life run willy nilly…from the people he’s dated to all the low rung stuff he’s allowed himself to do. I seen him yesterday hosting a Bloopers show…really? a Bloopers show?! I think he will experience a significant backlash from his actions. Fans can handle him getting married..even have a child..but not in the manner it all has gone through. I love Jeff, probabaly always will, but he’s starting to slip on Top 5..towards the bottom of the 10..keep it up Jeff…soon you’ll have not a fan to speak of…

kasey on

i’m happy for jeff and pray that everything works out great for him. from my vantage point he seems happier than in the past. the advice from his fellow drivers seems valid and from what his quote he seems right on track. Family should always come first and if you’re happy there every thing else should fall into place. i think jeff burton said it well. Drive for 5 JG!

Loralie on

What’s wrong with Jeff hosting a bloopers show? Why is it any different than when he did Saturday Night Live? I thought he did a good job, and basically he is one of my favorites because he’s a great driver and is level headed– but you can’t be that way all the time and I think he’s finally relaxing and being more himself in public, and yes, his performance has slipped a little– but everyone’s does and I think he’ll be back in it this season.

I think it’s great that he’s found a wife that he’s happy with and now they are going to start a family– good for them! 🙂

Lauren on

Jeff will be fine this coming season and I do believe that Jeff will be better then he has been now that he is married and is starting a family, if Jeff says it will not affect his concentration on the racetrack then believe him, I think some people are quick to judge without looking at the whole picture first. So Jeff wants to be married and have children it is his right and every American in the United States, it happens all the time. Lets support Jeff and be happy about all the great things he has and gets to enjoy, not many drivers do the things Jeff does. So Lets give credit where credit is due.