Carlos Leon upset that Lourdes has lost NY accent

02/02/2007 at 12:50 PM ET

20051026madonnagyCarlos Leon is reportedly upset that his daughter, Lourdes, 10, has lost her New York accent. In Madonna‘s concert film that was out last year, Lourdes "sounded like a New York kid," yet at the premiere of Arthur and the Invisibles last week, she had a "full-on British accent."

Madonna’s rep replies,

It wouldn’t be surprising if Madonna’s daughter has some sort of English accent, since she lives in London most of the time. To me, she always sounds a little American and a little British. All this seems perfectly normal to me. What can I tell you, she’s a natural beauty – no surprise there. She’s frankly a very unspoiled and lovely child, and for that I give credit to Madonna, Guy Ritchie, and Carlos.

Source: NY Daily News


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rachael on


she has a stylist.

Alexandra on

Is that Rocco running behind Lourdes and Carlos? How wonderful! My former roommate’s mother had a relationship with her ex-husband’s children from his second wife. (Did you follow all of that?) She felt that she should get to know the kids because they were her son’s siblings. And what a great example she set.

Aleah on

I have to agree with Rachael. A 10-year-old who has her own stylist is definitely not unspoiled to me.

Other than that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lourdes had “lost her NY accent.” She’s been living in England for more than half her life and kids pick things up really easily, so I’d be surprised if she’d ever had a NY accent.

Ana on

Uau, I finally got to know her father, because, well, I didn’t know. Now I know how Lourdes got her skin tone. She’s a very nice girl, so is Rocco, but please if she’s not spoiled…than who is? Just because she can’t watch 24 hours of TV every day? Anyway, my opinion about the accent, I wouldn’t really mind, bc I consider Birtish accent much more cute ehehe.

Heather on

Referring to that picture, yeah it is Rocco! Carlos is often seen with both Lourdes and Rocco. Likewise with Guy and Lourdes. Its wonderful that those children have three parents to love them!

joy on

maybe Lourdes fakes her accent just like her famous mama!! 🙂

either way. who cares! NY accent, british accent…what does it matter?

sara on

She might just be mimicing her surroundings….like most humans do.

Angie on

From age 1 to 10 yrs. old I had a Texas accent. Then I moved to Wisconsin, stayed there from 15 years and my accent changed. I just adapted to the surroundings. Since shes lived in England most of her life, she was bound to pick up the English accent.

millie on

it’s normal to pick up another accent or a foreign language (without sounding like a foreigner) when one is very young.. most people lose this ability after puberty. Lola can probably go back to her NY accent if she moves back to NY. I don’t think she’s spoiled like a celebrity child would normally be.. Madonna seems fairly strict and demanding, which is good when you have everything at your disposal.. think how the Osbornes turned out.

FC on

Well, considering she lives wherever her mother lives, States or abroad, I’m not surprised that she has differing accents. But what does it matter? If you’ve lived somewhere long enough and have been around people with accents, you’re bound to pick up something.

She’s a kid that speaks, period. I don’t see the big deal.

But I have to say that it’s cool that Carlos hangs out with Lourdes and Rocco together. 🙂 It’s nice to know he’s not left out.

Ally on

Some people just pick up accents really quickly. I’m in my 20’s and British, but if I went to America for even a couple of weeks, you can bet I’d come home with an accent.

Deb on

At least she(Lourdes)knows who her father is and has a relationship with him. Yes,it’s also cool that they don’t exclude Rocco,although I hope Lourdes does get some time alone with Carlos,too!! If she really does have her own stylist,I wouldn’t quite call her spoiled,but it is a little odd!!

Campbell on

I agree with the accent observations. It is very common, particularly for a child, to “pick up” the accent of their surroundings. Also, Rocco and Lourdes are ofter pictured with Carlos. Very cool. And having a stylist does not make one spoiled. Spoiled speaks to one’s character. JMO. The Richie/Leons seem to be a fine example of a blended family trying to get it right.

Chloe on

I also agree with Rachael… this “unspoiled” child has (at 10) her own credit card with a $10,000 limit! Now how many “unspoiled” ten-year-olds do you know that have that?

Heavenly_hibiscus on

wow – how do you know she has a $10G credit limit? I’ve never heard that before. Madonna was on Oprah, before she had Rocco, and she said having a sibling was going to be hard on Lourdes because she was so spoiled. Madonna also said designers would send Lourdes free clothes. Maybe having a sibling has calmed the situation down. I wouldn’t have thought Rocco would have a stylist too! School also makes a big difference.

Chloe on


I read it awhile back and since then it is one of those odd-ended, non-important pieces of information that I somehow have retained.