CONFIRMED: Sara Gilbert pregnant

02/01/2007 at 09:24 PM ET

Update: People confirms the news.

Originally posted January 31st: The National Enquirer reports that actress Sara Gilbert, 32, and her longtime partner Allison Adler are expecting their second child. The new baby will join big brother Levi Hank, 2. This time around, it’s Sara who is pregnant – Allison had carried Levi.

A friend of the couple says,

Sara and Allison have always planned on having two kids. Sara’s already a wonderful mom but she feels the experience of giving birth will make her life complete.

Source: National Enquirer via Perez Hilton

Thanks to CBB readers Corinne and Toni.

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jodi on

I’ve seen sara and her cute little boy at my fertility clinic so it doesn’t surprise me one bit!

tink1217 on

if its true, CONGRATS!

sara on

I’d be pissed off if I were Sara Gilbert. It’s not one’s business telling other people that she was at a fertility clinic. How rude.

Neural Chick on

That’s cool if it’s true!

Hannah on

Um, how else do you think she’s going to get pregnant, Sara? Two women don’t make a baby.

Callen on

Hannah! I understand what your saying! but it seems your making smart and rude comments! Yes two women cant make a baby! But you putting it out like that is ignorant! I think you could have just stated there was no shame in that(going to a clinic)! But in a way you offended lesbians. And that can be hurtfull to others!

sara on

No matter what, it’s just rude to gossip about this! “GUESS WHO I SAW AT THE FERTILITY CLINIC”!??!….

Heidi on

Poor Jodi…just wanted to share some good news. Congratulations to Sarah, Allison and Levi.

sara on

Ok, that good news!

Jen on

Congrats to them! I hope that her pregnancy goes well and everyone is healthy & happy.

Chad on

I’m sure Sara Gilbert will make a great father figure for her child, and that her child will grow to be as mentally unstable as every other homo couple’s child is.

but hey, you can’t argue with nature, right?

Tam on

Wow I think that is very unique that each of them will have their own biological child and raise them as siblings. Congrats to both of them!

Hannah on

Callen, you don’t need to end every sentence with an exclamation point.
Also, I was simply stating that two lesbians at a fertility clinic isn’t an invasion of privacy, since it is something that happens often.
I was simply stating an obvious, I didn’t realize the obvious was offensive.

nona on

I’m sure that plenty of people would think that we, the readers of the ‘ceeb (my nickname for this site), are already being intrusive. but obviously many folks are curious about celebrities. even though we don’t know them, we know who they are and are interested in finding out more about them, just as we would be with anyone talented/interesting we met in person. Mentioning a fertility clinic is only one step away from talking about someone who is pregnant. And with so many women experiencing fertility problems these days, I think it is encouraging to hear about people you admire going that route, whatever the reason. And you never know, maybe /you/ will see Sara Gilbert there next time!

Just my opinion, though. 😉

I’m happy for Sara and her family. DARLENE!

gargoylegurl on

This is a celeb gossip site…aren’t we all partaking in gossip, so to speak, by being here? Anyway, I would imagine most people would tell others if they saw a celebrity at a fertility clinic, or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t think it’s a big deal!

Jodi on

I was just gonna say but it was already said for me… This is a celebrity “gossip” site! Hello… although I think CBB is way classier than any of the others. But anyways…. now I have to add that I shared an elevator with David arquette at the same clinic! no Courtney in site though 😦

Erin on

Yay! I think this is FABULOUS! =) Congrats Sara and Allison! =) Can’t wait to see if Levi gets a little brother or sister =)

And my 2 cents on Jodi saying Sara was at her fertility clinic… um, so what? Was she photographing them in it or coming out of it? No, so what is the big frickin’ deal?

As people have pointed out – this is a celeb gossip site. You come here knowing you’re going to find gossip. If people don’t like it, then… well, why are they here? LOL

Just my 2 cents! =)

Cali on

Congrats to them!

I don’t think it’s a big deal that Jodi saw her at a fertility clinic. We already know Sara Gilbert is pregnant, what harm is there in knowing that she goes to the same fertility clinic as one of the CBB visitors. It’s not like Jodi gave the address and name of the place!

And I don’t understand Callen’s harsh response to Hannah’s comment. She had a point. Sara Gilbert obviously had to go to a fertility clinic of some sort to get pregnant. You need sperm and an egg to conceive a baby… I don’t see how that is offensive to lesbians.

tink1217 on

i don’t think its a big deal either!! this is exactly why people are so guarded and almost ashamed sometimes about having to use a fertility clinic. I have always been open and honest about my husband and I having miscarriages and trouble getting pregnant. I think its better to educate than to alienate. anyway, CONGRATS to Sara and her partner/wife. I think its great they will both have biological children and they are beiong raised as siblings!! Very cool!

Karen on

First of congrats to Sara and Allison on the new baby.

Jodi thank you for the information. I see nothing wrong in you noting here that you saw them at “your” fertility clinic. If Sara was reluctant for people to see her there she would have made other arrangements.

I simply do not understand people being so cruel.

popi on

Congrats!! Does CBB know her due date??

tami on

Congrats to Sara & Allison. I hope everyone is healthy thats the important thing.

katie on

I wonder if the same donor was used this time around?

Callen on

UM,How else do you think she’s going to get pregnant,sara? ( did yah catch on yet hannah?)

pink.lioness on

I definitely agree – it’s not just no big deal that they had to use a fertility clinic, it’s also bleedin’ obvious, isn’t it? Why on earth would a lesbian woman find talking about that offensive or rude? If anything, she’d find it rude if people started wondering HOW ELSE she got pregnant – that’s probably not something a woman in a loving same-sex relationship would want people to start gossiping about.

Congrats to Sara and Allie. I loved Sara in “Roseanne” and I guess this shared experience will bring her and Allison even closer together as a couple. Very cool! Maybe it’s a girl this time.

Callen on

Im wondering why my comments are not getting posted. I have not said anything bad. There are a few bloggers who say some nasty things. I am not one of them. So I dont see why my post dont show up. Please anyone explaine….

gail on

congrtas sara and Allison hope evrything goes well for them

Aura on

I always loved her on Roseanne – I’m glad she and her partner are adding their family. I hope everything goes well for them!

semisocial on

wow, this site is way more interesting when the readers are so catty!! rarrrr

Callen on

I think what I wrote was taken out of context. I thought Hannah’s comment to sara was a little sarcastic. Thats why I thought it was offensive to lesbian women. If you didn’t mean it that way, I do apologize. I am not a rude person and I certainly hope it didn’t come off that way!

gorsspeoplearegross on

No, whats disgusting is that she either works for a a clinic/or is using a clinic herself and is violating the privacy and privledges of the patient.

Lana Stephens on

I’ve always loved Sarah. I caught her in a
movie when she was very young; something
with a black man. It was very touching. In
Poison Ivy, she was marvelous. Of course,
with Roseanne she was my favorite on the show. I still watch and I still lol.

Glad she’s happy. She could make me happier
by doing more movies. Did catch her on ER.
Part didn’t do her justice although it’s one
of my favorite shows.

I’m always searching for you Sarah!!

Lanna on

In my opinion, all of u are a little too involved in Sarah Gilbert’s love life. She’s gay. Big deal. She went to a fertility clinic. Big wow!! Let it go nay Sayers. Take care of ur own kids and let her worry about hers.

Arlene Woltman on

How did Sara Gilbert concieve her baby? Isn’t ‘she gay? Good for her!