Introducing Ramona Sarsgaard

01/22/2007 at 04:15 PM ET

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and a friend (not Peter Sarsgaard – he’s at Sundance this week) were spotted in LA on Sunday brunching with daughter, Ramona, 3 1/2 months. And guess what? This time they got a shot of her face. What a cutie!

A clearer close-up from PEOPLE

Orbit_mochaMaggie’s friend is carrying the Orbit  stroller seat.  We last saw them with the entire stroller back in November.  Danielle is currently testdriving the stroller- look forward to her review.

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Source: E! Online and PEOPLE

Who do you think Ramona looks like?

Thanks to CBB readers Corinne, Crystal and Lindsay.

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Shannan on

Ramona is beautiful. I can see a bit of both dad and mom in her. Uncle Jake sure does have one cutie of a niece.

Ariana on

Wow, she looks a lot like Maggie. Ramona is so beautiful.

Marilyn on

That doesn’t really look like Peter to me but Ramona is really cute!

kristen on

i think she looks like peter. they have the orbit. i’m so jelous. 😉

Lauren on

I have to admit that Maggie isn’t the most attractive woman IMO, but Ramona is a cutie! Her daddy is as well, but I don’t think she looks like either of them. I bet she’s the apple of her Uncle Jake’s eye!

tink1217 on

what a beautiful baby girl she is!!! i think she looks like Maggie!

Liz on

She’s adorable. She looks like her daddy, which I think is good. Not saying Maggie isn’t pretty, but I think her dad is super cute:)

Ada on

AWWW i love chubby babies!

she looks like peter…

landroverdisco on

She looks like her father to me. I feel sorry for her they chose that name.

Emily on

Actually, I think she looks a little like Lola Sheen! But beyond that, I think I see a little of her uncle Jake in her… She’s really cute.

Heather on

Ramona is beautiful!!!

Chelsea on

Ramona is so adorable. She looks like Peter to me in this picture. I love them both. Great actors and they appear to be great people as well.

Candice on

It’s hard to tell right now. She seems to look more like Peter than Maggie, but isn’t quite his spitting image.

yaosa on

She looks like daddy’s girl:-)

JudeW on

I can’t tell who she looks like, but she sure is cute and her dad is sexy as he**!

I must agree – I don’t like the name (I’m French speaking and ‘ramoner’ means ‘cleaning a chimney’.. It’s a very ‘hard’ name. And I also agree with the previous poster who is not convinced that Maggie is beautiful. Some shots of her are okay, but I’ve seen her in recent interviews, and she is just not pretty!

Also, she has a way of talking with a tone in her voice and an intonation that is very disobliging somehow. Not rude, but it’s sounds like she’s actually trying to sound trashy..

Anyway, on a good note – she is an amazing singer and Ramona is a cutie!

Gina on

The kid is ‘dorable, bottom-line. She looks like Uncle Jake.

Stephany on

What a cutie! I love her name, too! It’s such a pretty name.

preesi on

I think Maggie is beautiful in a silent films star way and her voice is the cutest.

Noelle on

She looks more like Peter. I don’t see either of them in her a lot, but definitely no Maggie. She’s a cutie though.

Émily on

Yes she looks a bit like Lola Sheen when she was younger! Really cute baby!

FC on

From what I can see of her in that photo, she takes after her daddy as far as facially/structure of her face. I’ll be able to tell who she looks like more when they have a clearer, closer shot of her crop up. 🙂 She does look cute, though. 🙂

fynn on

she’s such a cutie. people has a better picture:,,20008759_3,00.html

Campbell on

I’m see the Lola Sheen reference. She is positivley delicious!! Seriously, they made a true doll baby. By her dark hair line, I’d say that when her hair comes in it will be full and dark in color. She seems to have wide dark eyes,a poochy full bottom lip, and what a chub! Picture perfect baby.

Marilyn on

It says it’s not Peter if you click on the blue E! Online words under the photo, just someone that looks like him.

momtoone on

Cute baby!
Um, does anyone realize it’s not Peter in the pictures? According to People, it’s a friend of Maggie’s, since Peter’s at Sundance… just thought I’d point it out!

Yonni on

She is so cute..

She resembles her dad I think..

Jennifer on

What a cute baby! 🙂

Aimee on

She’s a cutie i can see maggie in there, Maggie is very pretty. She’s a lucky bub!

maybe when she’s older we will see.