Britney Spears takes Sean Preston lingerie shopping

01/22/2007 at 05:28 PM ET

Britney Spears shopped at the trashy lingerie store, Trashy Lingerie, in Los Angeles yesterday with her son Sean Preston, 16 months, on her hip. As usual, Jayden James was nowhere to be seen.

She told that she is still with new boytoy Isaac Cohen, and that she was picking up a special Valentine’s Day outfit for her new boyfriend.  I always take my kid with me when I go shopping for unmentionables, don’t you?

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landroverdisco on

Just as long as she refrains from showing us her hoo nanny in the lingerie, it is all good. Those are fabulous Star Trek boots she is strutting around in.

Vanessa on

She is such trash.

momof2girlies on

Oh my goodness! Her outfit! See through! Boots? UGH! Where is that fashionable? I am so out of touch!!! YIKES!
But little SP…What a cutie pie!
Whether or not she took him in the store? Who knows…but the pictures prove nothing but her walking past the store…(not that I’d put it past her taking him in one)

lizzielui on

To answer your question Danielle, yes I have taken my kid in a lingerie store before. Wasn’t a big deal at all

Natalie S. on

Wow lol I can honestly say I’ve never done that with my children. I know some stores of that nature will allow you to bring your children in, however in some areas it’s 2 ~ 5 years pending on the store and the laws in each state differ. Any children above that age isn’t permitted in what so ever. As Britney would say it’s her perogative if she wants to take him with her shopping where ever that may be.

Erin on

Someone call CNN – Britney is actually holding Sean Preston! That’s the first time in how long…? Love how he looks a little disturbed in it, but looks happy as can be with the nanny. If a picture were worth a thousand words…

PS: I wonder if Jayden is the hidden crack baby that was mentioned in a blind item a couple weeks ago? Just sayin, y’all…

TwinMom2000 on

Even if Britney did take Sean into the lingerie store, what’s the big deal? It’s just a bunch of bras and underwear. My children see mine all the time! We’re not up tight around here though. 🙂

Spiff on

Trashy Lingerie is not just any lingerie store (for example, Victoria’s Secret)…it has MUCH more provocative items, such as things strippers (and worse!) would wear.

madison on

Given SP’s age, I don’t think its a big deal at all. Just a little older and yes, I would agree its inappropriate.

TracieLee on

If she takes Sean P in to this store when he is a tween or older (maybe even over the age of 6) then I would have a problem with it!!! He is just a toddler ~ no biggie!

joy on

LOL I don’t think taking your kid to a lingerie store is that bad but this says trashy on the outside….however, he is a baby and has no idea what this is so it can’t be hurting him too much. But do we really need to see what britney is shopping for for her man? well then again we’ve seen it all from her so this should be nothing to us!

Claudia on

Well Brit’s gotta fit her kid in somewhere, cause her babies are too young to take them with her to the clubs!

tink1217 on

people would get PO’d if she was out without the kids and they get PO’d if she is out with the kids. SP is too young to even know what kind of store that is!! Give me a break! I have taken both my kids with me to a lingerie store when they were small. Do they remember??? NO!!! Did it scar them for life??? NO!!!

TK on

Its like she tries not to match.

Christina on

I don’t think taking a baby or toddler into a lingerie store is bad in & of itself – many dept. stores have lingerie sections too. I see strollers in VS all the time.

However, it depends on whether it’s a lingerie store or a sex shop that also sells lingerie, KWIM? If there are sex toys, equipment, and magazines/videos on display and for purchase, that’s not a place for the under-18 set…

Stephany on

Those boots are hideous. SP is looking like such a handsome little boy. He’s cute.

I’m not a mother so I can’t really say anything about taking a young child into a lingerie store. True, he definitely won’t remember being in there but still. I don’t think I’d ever take my child to shop for bras and panties. That’s just me. Especially at a store called Trashy Lingerie. Definitely not.

Gabbie13 on

I have to agree with Christina….Lingerie is one thing, but sex toys, etc. is a whole nother ball of wax (hey, maybe that is there too, never know!)I don’t have a problem with babies/toddlers going into “clothing” stores, but “toy” stores would be inappropriate. IMHO

Fynn on

First, I don’t think I’d shop at a store named Trashy Lingerie, with or without my baby. Second, I certainly wouldn’t do it if my image were as tarnished as Britney’s after the last several months. She doesn’t seem to have learned a thing.

FC on

I don’t care what age children are, I just wouldn’t take them there. I would leave them at home, regardless.

Sean P looks cute, but his mother does not. I just don’t understand her anymore. She’s up and then down, and she’s backsliding something bad right now.

And is Jayden hiding where Suri was hiding before she came out and greeted the public? Is there a special hiding place for celeb babies that I don’t know about? LOL.

Jessica on

I’d really like to wipe my hands clean of this girls! I don’t she deserve the time of day.

Hea on

What could possibly be so damn bad in taking a baby with you to shop for lingerie? Seriously, only in america folks…only in america. Do you call your babysitter for your one year old every time you want to buy yourself a new bra and matching panties? Jesus…

Simone on

Well,over here in Germany kids no matter what age are not allowed in sex stores (they sell sex toys,eatable underwear etc.)I had to leave my daughter in her stroller in a little front room,and I think that is OK she didnt need to be in there knowing or not what kind of store it was but then noone cares about my kids or take pics like they do with her so eventually 1 day he probably will know.

At regular stores where they sell lingerie i dont see a problem with it at all,my kids also see my naked all the time….its something natural.

lillie on

Yes, actually. I take my kid shopping everywhere with me. I don’t think my 2-year old really comprehends the finer points of lingerie shopping just yet. So, what’s the problem?

Nikki on

In these pictures it seems like shes happier when she’s not holding Sean! Weird!

Also, hasnt she only known this new guy for like a month? Not even? They shouldnt be doing anything dirty!

Sean is ADORABLE! and Britney looks Gorgeous! I wish I looked like her!

anni on

my little brother used to always go into lingre stores when he was only just learning to walk!! used to crack my mum up!! it doesnt mean anything! at least britney is going out with him!!! positive step! on

Britney’s boots are horrible
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Campbell on

Little SP’s hair is growing like crazy, such a baby doll. Poor Brit….

Jean on

I’ve taken my sons to VS (mind you, the nurse-in there, but still). I wouldn’t take them to something called “trashy” I think since the name suggests to me they’d see more than I am ready for them to. ESPECIALLY if I was purchasing lingerie for a new man when I was newly seperated from their father. Not to mention, especially if I knew I’d be photographed and was in a custody case.

TwinMom2000 on

The only reason people are making a big deal out of this is because it’s Britney Spears. I’ll be the first to admit she’s made a lot of errors in judgement, but these constant attacks on her are getting old. And to be honest, I think trying to provoke shots at her for either shopping in or walking by a lingerie store with her baby, that’s just reaching…..

I bet if Gwen Stefani took her child to Trashy Lingerie, she would either be praised (as she always is…) or no one would comment.

Kirsty on

I wish everyone would give Britney a break – there are nasty comments because she isn’t with her kids, and then when she is out with SP, people are still being negative.

Guess what – I took my sister and my niece into Ann Summers last month to buy a saucy santa outfit – it does not make my sister a bad mother, or me a bad aunt. My niece is two, and won’t remember it as she gets older. My sister works a loot, and wants to spend as much time as possible with Isobel, so we took her shopping with us, and one of the stops we had to make was an adult store – Issy wasn’t the only child in there, and we wouldn’t have taken her into the sex toy section at the back, but I think everyone is way over-reacting about Brit taking SP to buy undies!

Stina on

I really think that at this point, Brit cant do ANYTHING right according to most people. Whatever! Sean is still to young to even know whats going on. He is spending time with his mother, thats all that matters at this point. She looks happy and healthy, as does Sean. So what she doesnt match, so what she went shopping for lingerie…I could think of worse things! I am just happpy she looks happy for once!

Aleah on

I’m not a mom, but I don’t so much mind that she took Sean Preston to the lingerie store – it’s not like he’s going to remember and/or be traumatised. But then again, I don’t think it’d take my baby to Trashy Lingerie either…

Angel on

I, Personally love the outfit. I am a firm believer if you got it, flaunt it, mom or no mom. I sometimes think that the general public is so jealous thats the reason for all the bad comments. Britney, YOU GO GIRL!

mads on

I guess it’s true that you can’t take the honky tonk out of the girl! This girl had talent and millions – she couldn’t be more gross!

What a cute little boy – it’s so sad to think of what he and his brother must be going through and what he will go through in the future with a divorce and the outright idiocy of his mom and dad. Imagine if all your parents screw ups were on t.v. and the internet – and to see them dragging you and the nanny along. It’s no wonder many children of celebs grow up and have huge issues.

sarah on

Personally I like Britney, mistakes and all. Being a Mom, young or old, can be challenging, and all you can do is your best. I dont agree with all the partying, but what can you do, shes young and has money.

TRASHY is not a bad store, I’ve been in there to buy a Halloween costume before. They have lingerie that is no worse than what you find at Fredricks, which is in the mall, and always has kids in it! Also she had friends with her and maybe if she did go in the bad part of the store, she had one of them hold SP.

joy on

But to me Angel, she don’t have it lol!

I think SP is cute but I’m with FC where’s this hiding place. SP was out and about from only a few weeks old now Jayden is almost 5 months and not one site of him…maybe she’s trying to pull a Tomkat on purpose, bc she always seems to copy alot of people.

TwinMom2000 on

ITA Angel. I think most of the people who take pleasure in trashing Britney are jealous.

I’m not a big Britney fan by any means, but give the girl a break. She’s a very young mom and she doesn’t come off as being very smart, but she did something right because she’s a millionaire.

Besides, if any of us were followed around by papparazi 24/7, I’m SURE we wouldn’t come off as perfect as we’d like to think, especially in an industry where certain celebs beome “targets”.

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Yeesh, it’s no worse then Hot Topic and Spencers and i’m in there all the time. Those pleated skirts go very well over tight jeans or with a pair of fishnets and knee high boots. I’d def. take my baby in there, although in the more ‘adult’ sections i don’t think i would take my older children. But SP is way to younger to remember watching mama buy something ‘fun’.

Campbell on

Brit “Can’t do anything right” because SHE CHOOSES HER LIFE.

melanie on

I don’t see any pictures of her going in or out of the store. No bags, either. She obviously just walking by or the photogs would have better pictures. But either way, no big deal. Sean is too little to understand.
P.S. I think she looks pretty cute in these pictures. Sean, too.

Rachel on

That outfit is hideous… and see through… the girl doesn’t need lingerie she needs clothing that actually covers it up!

SP is a cutie, but I still wonder about Jayden… I hate to even think it, but were there honest reasons behind K-fed’s accusations of her using drugs/alcohol while she was pregnant? It makes you wonder if something’s not wrong with the little guy.

Anyway, it’s clear to me that she can’t possibly be giving him any quality time what with all the partying and skipping off to hotels to be with her new man. Maybe K-fed should get custody!

Bethie on

I bought a variety of sex toys one time at the mall when my son was a baby and everyone looked at me weird. I thought, “I am married and this will be used with my hubby. How do you think the baby got here?”

Erin on

IMO, if Britney showed any logic as a parent then she would not be ridiculed. This is a woman who is out partying every single night and has CPS knocking on her door every few months. Not to mention the fact that she is rarely seen with her eldest son and has yet to be seen with her youngest.

If she didn’t want to be ridiculed then she’d be straightening herself out – if anything she’d be doing it for her kids so they’d have a good mother that they could be proud of – yet here she is doing one stupid thing after another.

You reep what you sow, y’all.

Ivonne on

I have taken my son, who is not yet two, into both lingerie and “adult” stores. he didn’t have a clue, and didn’t care about anything unless he saw something colorful or flashing. It was actually a smokeshop/adult store and they thought nothing of me pushing his stroller inside. He’s the happiest most loving child and doesn’t have a clue that he’s been in. When he’s old enough to remember or for it to make a difference I’ll stop taking him inside of questionable places.

I’m not a Britney fan but I do agree that she’s often persecuted without question. Luckily she continues to do her thing.

Sabina on

I’m just glad she’s buying underwear, hopefully she’ll start wearing it! I admit it does seem a little odd that she took Sean Preston in there with her, I mean when I was little I’d go into the lingerie section of department stores with my mum but really, going shopping for sexy lingerie for your new boyfriend with your toddler in tow?? No, not something I’d do personally.