Donald sees a bright future for son Barron

01/21/2007 at 06:37 PM ET

Donald Trump was recently honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but instead of speaking about his own accomplishments that landed him the honor, the real estate mogul shared his belief in his 10-month-old son Barron’s star potential.

"He’s strong, he’s smart, he’s tough, he’s vicious, he’s violent – all the ingredients you need to be an entrepreneur," he said. Barron reportedly proved it moments later by keeping hold on the microphone. "Uh oh, he won’t give up the mike," said The Donald.

Donald, who was joined by his son and his wife Melania, received the 2,327th star on the walkway for his work with the reality phenomenon, The Apprentice.

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tink1217 on

Violent??? Donald is just too strange!! Maybe Melania can keep Barron from becoming like his daddy! Donald needs some lessons in tact! Barron is adorable!

MIC on

A 9-month old baby is vicious and violent? Talk about hyperbole.

Megan on

I wouldn’t brag about my son being vicious or violent.

marcia on

Uuuummmmm . . . he’s 10 months old.

Émily on

Oh my God, this child is sooooooo cute!!

tamar on

they have the same hair lol

Carol on

What a strange way to describe one’s child.

Mary on

forget Sandler and his daughter .. this is the real mini me.

Lorus on

Interesting choice of words to describe one’s own child.

TracyG on

First off, Barron is adorable!! Good thing he got Melania’s looks. 🙂

Secondly, Donald Trump is an idiot. I’m sorry but he IS. What the heck is WRONG with this man these days? I used to enjoy him but in the last two years he has really gone off his nut, so to speak. He rags on Martha Stewart, blames her for his lack of ratings for Apprentice, then he takes a shot at Rosie O and Barbra Walters, now he is calling his TEN MONTH OLD son VIOLENT???? Ummm…sorry Donald, but having a child that is violent is not a GOOD THING. (not saying Barron *IS* violent but what a weird thing to say)

I think The Donald should be renamed The Dimwit.

MLM on

It must be an act….no one can truly be that obnoxious. I saw his other children interviewed on TV and they came across as quite normal and reasonable considering their life of privilege (and their father’s nuttiness).

Sabby on

I can’t beleive Donald described him as vicious. Weird. Anyways, the baby is beautiful! What a cute little guy Barron is!

Leah on

Oh Look! He bought himself a Star!

Campbell on

Looks just like the Donald!! He really is a darling looking little boy. But Donald!!!! Get OVER your bad self!!!

Karen on

I think Donald was being a bit tongue-in-
cheek when he said this. Hey Donald-since
when is it necessary to be “violent” to
make it as an entrepreneur?

Leah on

Celebrity Baby Blog people,

Just letting you know you posted my comment about Trump on January 22nd but you posted me at the wrong one. My comment was January 22nd 12:03pm post,but you posted me at 12;13pm with a comment I did not make.Just thought you should know.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Your comment is there and attributed to you. The comment appears first, then the name of the person who wrote it and the time it was posted. You seem to be reading it as though the name comes first – it’s actually the comment. Hope that helps.