Rumor: Jennifer Aniston is planning to adopt… in the U.S.

01/21/2007 at 05:21 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston is rumored to be initiating the adoption process. She has reportedly instructed her lawyers to look into several Los Angeles adoption agencies. A source told Britain’s Grazia magazine, "Jen has thrown herself into adopting and wants it to happen straight away. She toyed with the idea while she was with Vince but began looking in December after they split."

The actress, who recently split from her actor beau, Vince Vaughn, previously mentioned her desire to have children, following her divorce from Brad Pitt. "I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want to have children. I did and I do and I will! The women that inspire me are the ones who have careers and children; why would I want to limit myself? I’ve always wanted to have children, and I would never give up that experience for a career. I want to have it all," She told Vanity Fair in 2005.

Unlike her fellow celebrities, Madonna, Meg Ryan and her ex’s lover Angelina Jolie, who have chosen to adopt internationally, the Former Friends star wants to adopt a baby inside the U.S. "She turned to friends for advice, including Oprah Winfrey, who advised her to adopt an African child, but she has settled on an American baby," the source adds.

Source: MSN Entertainment

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Ebvokaz on

I don’t think it’s true.

Heather on

I wouldn’t be suprised if it is true. I actually really hope its true. I think she would make a wonderful mother, and she seems to have a wonderful support system around her.

Brittany on

i think this might be true

rebekalynn on

If this is true, I can see why she’d want to avoid the international adoption route — so people would lay off of her and not compare her to Angelina Jolie or say she’s trying to copy her, which they are going to attack and do anyway — UNFORTUNATELY.

If it’s true, good for her and I hope her adoption journey is a smooth, happy journey. Adoption is a beautiful way to bring a child into one’s life. (coming from an adoptive mother — whose son is from another country)

Sabina on

I’d hardly call Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt’s ‘lover’, she’s his life partner and mother to his children, it’s about time the press let go of the homewrecker siren image they paint of her, I for one am sick of it.

tink1217 on

well, if its true than congrats to Jen. Hope it all goes smoothly.

Jen on

I hope she is adopting- adoption is a beautiful thing! If she really is adopting, and choosing to adopt an American child, I think that it’s great! There are so many children born in America that need loving, stable homes and I think that some people forget that.

Sarah on

If the ‘rumor’ is indeed true, I hope that Jen is adopting for the right reasons – because she truly wants a child, not because its the ‘in’ thing to do.

Also, kudos on adopting stateside. What a novel concept, perhaps the trend will catch on in Hollywood.

Principesa on

Welcome to the club, Jen. Adoption ROCKS!

As for WHERE she adopts, who cares? It is so personal for so many reasons.

Erin on

Exactly, Principesa! =) I am so sick of people sitting on their little pedestals ridiculing others for adopting where they want to adopt. It is THEIR kid, and therefore it is THEIR decision to make – NO ONE has the right to point their little fingers at anyone because they are not adopting in places they approve of.

If people are that upset about it then, in my opinion, they need to adopt a kid themselves and shut up about it! *roll eyes*

As far as Jennifer adopting… as long as she is doing it for good reasons and not [not like Britney] because she thinks it will give her good press, be so cute to have a baby, etc then good for her! Best of luck to her and anyone else who is making such a life-altering decision =)

Émily on

I think she would do a great mother, good for her!

Anne on

I don’t think this story is true.

As to where an adopted child is from, I agree, it does NOT matter and it’s the parent’s decision.

Lola on

If this is true, I for one am very glad she’s adopting a baby here in the U.S. Adopting a child itself is a good deed but why did Oprah suggest she adopt an African baby? Why not start cleaning up our own messes and adopting a baby within our own nation. Just because we’re not from a third world country doesn’t mean we’re not suffering. We have problems too, our abandoned babies need just as much love.

Courtney on

I hope its true and kudos for adopting in the U.S. I wish more people who were able would take a look right here before going international. Maybe if we take care of the US first, we become more capable of taking care of the other countries

melanie on

It is very hard to adopt within the U.S. You must have a lot of money and be willing to put up with the very strict laws here. For example, a biological parent can change their mind any time between 12 and 18 months, depending on the state. Very few infants are given up for adoption in this country and there is a very LONG list for the ones who are. Most unwanted babies are aborted here (it may seem harsh, but it’s true). There are many older kids that are in the foster care system that are eligible for adoption, though. I wonder if she will choose an older child?? Good luck to her, whatever route she chooses. I picture her being a very hands-on, loving mom. Can’t wait to see the pictures, of course. 🙂

DWS on

Good for her if this is true. Adoption is a wonderful thing, no matter where you adopt from. Each adopting parent has their own personal reasons for adopting from certain places….whether domestically or internationally…so it’s not for anyone to judge them either way.

Teena on

If it is true i am happy for her
But i hope she doesn’t get special
treatment just because she is a star

She should have to wait as long as everyone

I also agree about Adopting from America
They need Parents to

Lotta on

Anything that brings attention to adoption is wonderful, rumor or no. And as an Aniston fan I would of course love to see pictures of her doing something other than pensively wandering the beach!

mdterp on

Adoption is a wonderful thing no matter where it is from. Children need homes no matter where they are from. Those of you who talk about how we should adopt from America probably don’t understand the whole process. First of all, the birth mother must pick the parents who she wants to give her baby to and there is a lot of competition. It could take years to get chosen.Second, there are laws that say the birth mother can change her mind and take the baby back. I for one could not go through something like that. I can’t imagine bonding with a child and then having that child taken away from me. Third, a lot of birth mothers now want to have an open adoption and that can be an uncomfortable situation. Those are some reasons why many people choose to adopt outside the US.

Jen on

“Adoption is a wonderful thing no matter where it is from. Children need homes no matter where they are from.”
I agree 100%!
“Those of you who talk about how we should adopt from America probably don’t understand the whole process. First of all, the birth mother must pick the parents who she wants to give her baby to and there is a lot of competition.” That’s not true in every situation. The attorney I work with has handled many adoptions here in the USA and each case is different. Many times the birth mother chooses to not have anything to do with the adoptive parents because it’s very difficult emotionally.
“It could take years to get chosen.” That’s in any adoption here in the USA, in China, in Africa, anywhere.
“Second, there are laws that say the birth mother can change her mind and take the baby back.” Yes, there are laws like that and it depends on which state you are adopting in as to the time period the birth mother has. You have very valid points but there are so many misconceptions as to adopting here in the US. I volunteer at a children’s home (an ophanage) here in Texas and half the children there are under two years old. These are sweet bright kids that people aren’t adopting because they fear the paper work, cost etc. With adopting overseas (which I am a big fan of as well!) the cost can also be extremely high with the trips you must make and the length of time you must spend in the child’s birth county before the adoption can take palce.
I really think that anytime a child gets a safe and loving home the world’s a better place. I wasn’t trying to say that adopting a baby in the USA v adopting a child from outside of the States was “better”. I think that kids all over the world should be cared for, esp. the ones we have right here. Sometimes they are forgotten.

mdterp on

I think that adoption is a very personal decision whether you adopt from the US or from over seas. For my family, over seas is the option that best suited us. I can understand both sides. I do think that more people in the US would adopt if the laws were different. It’s ashame that they aren’t

Kori on

I hope this is true. Adoption is adoption, it does not matter from what country. If it’s true I also hope she kicks her chain-smoking habit with a child around.