Bindi Irwin speaks on behalf of Australian tourism

01/21/2007 at 10:39 PM ET

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, appeared on stage in New York on Saturday to promote her native land of Australia.  The event was a part of a yearly Australia Week tour promotion. The 8-year-old reportedly sang songs about animals, including snakes and eagles, while her onstage comrades held live animals.

Bindi has continued to amaze the world as she continues the work that her father begun.  Steve was killed last year by a stingray, while shooting one of his documentaries.  At the time of his death, Bindi vowed to continue his legacy in hopes of improving human understanding of wildlife.

The day before her trip to New York, on Friday, Bindi spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, saying "I’m going to become a wildlife warrior just like he was."

Source: Yahoo News


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Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

She is one amazing little girl.

Posh_Fan on

God this girl never fails to amaze me. I am sure Steve is looking down at her and smiling. She’s really an amazing little girl. I hope she continues to be like this when she grows up!

Adrienne on

She is adorable. Did anyone see the tribute to Steve Irwin on Discovery Channel last night? Bindi was on there– so amazing that she has such strength after her dad passed away 😦

Jennifer on

Bindi is one amazing and adorable little girl. Her strength, maturity, and courage never cease to amaze me. I have no doubt that she’ll successfully follow in her father’s footsteps. She’s got a bright future ahead of her, and undoubtedly, Steve is looking down on her and smiling.

lillie on

they really do need to back off that kid. She’s being paraded like a trained monkey. She’s going to end up one screwed up teenager if she doesn’t get a little space to grieve.

tara on

cant u ppl tell how fake she is thats not wat shes like and us australians are nothing like steve erwin i think he just had A.D.D

heather on

I can’t help but worry about her. No child should have to live up to such pressure after loosing a parent.

Kirsty on

I agree. I think they are pushing her way too hard and to be honest im kind of getting sick of hearing about her constantly. Yes she is an amazing little girl with the work shes doing, but at the end of the day doesnt she have the right to a normal childhood where she can go to school, play with her friends instead of constantly being paraded in front of the media?

Layla on

I take nothing away from this beautiful “child”; I wept when she read at her father’s memorial. However of late I am starting to feel that the people behind her don’t have her best interest at heart. Can we $$$$$$? I’m sure this family is not in need of money so why not take the time to grieve. I also noticed that her eyebrows appeared to be perfectly waxed or tweezed. Let her be a child, you only have one chance.

melanie on

In a way, I think this is a way of grieving. When people lose a loved one, sometimes they throw themselves into work and causes. Many foundations and laws have been created by family members who have lost a loved one and worked tirelessly in their name. These kind of people amaze. I think I would be curled up in a ball under the covers. I think Bindi has a beautiful soul and it shows.

ls on

There is something a bit disturbing about this incredible overexposure of this child, who is only 8 years old! She should be in school, with her friends, not traveling non-stop, doing what she apparently thinks her dad would have wanted so he can “be proud” of her. her mom needs to slow it all down adn try to maintain a normal life, instead of this frantic rushing about from talk show to talk show.

amelita on

Love this family! What an amazing spirit.
Her family has let her take things at her own pace. Bindi WANTS this. It’s in her blood. There is no way Terri Irwin would let her continue this stuff if she felt it were too much for her.
Of course Bindi grieved- I’m sure she grieves for her dad everyday. Sitting on her duff at the zoo ain’t gonna bring him back.
I miss you Steve! The world needs you.

justme on

I remember seeing previews of a Crocodile Hunter show on Animal Planet. In one of the clips Bindi, who was about 4 or 5 years old at the time, said “This is gonna be my zoo and I’m gonna run it some day”, so I don’t doubt her talent or drive and I’m sure she can do it.

It just seems so soon!

Ash on

I think some people here are overreacting a little. I was a lot like Bindi at her age… I was very self-motivated and took part in many different kinds of activities, none of which were my parents’ idea. It was because I wanted to do it! I don’t believe that Bindi is being pushed into show business. She is a very smart, mature young girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t want. I don’t know… I guess I see a lot of me in her. This is probably the way she has chosen to deal with her grief, and I would do the same thing.

Tacie on

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Bindi’s mother is watching over her every minute and for those of you who think this child should have perhaps, a “normal” childhood, she never did have one!

She comes from an exceptional family and so she and baby Bob are exceptional also. It would be strange if she were put into a “normal” school and lifestyle, that is not what she is comfortabale with at all.

She has said for at least a few years now that she wants to do showbiz and carry on her parents zoo and life, so why not? Nobody else is as trained as she is and though she is young, she is also a very bright, intelligent young lady who knows what she wants to do and she knows that now!! In her twenties and thirties, she won’t be wondering around wondering what she wants to do when she grows up. She knows now and more power to her!

Hats off to the Irwin family and the dream they are realizing and making happen!

Tacie USA

Jeni on

I also agree that some people are overreacting about this all.

From what we see, I do believe her mother has her best interests at heart, Terri has said numerous times, that Bindi’s only doing the events she wants to do and she’s not being forced to do any of it, and when she does do stuff, her mother’s right there by her side.

Bindi’s been homeschooled for a while now, she has a teacher that goes with her and she had said that she has friends she plays with. She doesn’t live like the rest of us, so some things are going to be a bit different. But at the end of the day, I think she’s just a normal girl (I read somewhere that she saves up money to buy stuff like stuffed animals from the gift store in the zoo, so it seems they’re treating her like a normal little girl)

And honestly, after this past two weeks it’s been, that’s all she has to do. I’m sure they’ve headed home or are preparing to and are getting back to doing what they do.

I watched the Press thing, the speech she gave was amazing. Better speaker than I’ll ever be honestly, if only being in front of people came that naturally to me. She’s an insightful little girl, and she’s learned a lot from her father.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Peeps have to realise Steve lived this way LONG BEFORE the TV cameras came along. Even if there were no $$$$$$$ Bindi would be doing the same thing.
People need to stop being so negative. Everyone can learn a lot from this courageous family.