Actor Paul Sorvino comes to daughter's rescue

01/18/2007 at 11:58 AM ET

Paul Sorvino, father to Oscar winning actress Mira Sorvino, and an actor known for his work in the film Goodfellas, doesn’t play when it comes to his children’s safety. On Jan. 3, during a spat between his daughter and her ex-boyfirend, he reportedly pulled a gun on the boyfriend.

Tuesday, Paul’s daughter, 36-year-old Amanda Sorvino, testified that her father pulled the gun on 21-year-old Daniel Snee, after he continued to beat on her hotel door, threatening to kill her.

Amanda says she called her father and the police, after locking herself in the bathroom, and that Paul showed up first with his gun.

"He got in my father’s face and said, ‘Go ahead, Paul, shoot, I ain’t done nothing wrong,’" Sorvino told a judge in Monroe County, P.A.

Once the police arrived, they calmed the situation and arrested the boyfriend as well as issuing a protection-from-abuse order against him. Paul was carrying the gun legally.

Looks like Papa Paul is a Goodfella when it comes to protecting his girls!

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Hea on

They sure like younger men. 🙂 Maybe she should think about dating more mature men though?

PSB on

Everybody’s daddy always swears they’d protect their daughters to the death, but this guy really means it! What a great daddy Mira and Amanda have, but then again, he’s always been a great dad. I remember how he cried during Mira’s oscar acceptance speech, you could tell even then how much he loved his children.

Yonni on

That would be one man I woudln’t want to piss off…

Sabina on

As a Brit and having been raised in a culture where guns are on the most part illegal and discouraged, I find it harder to condone gun use than someone from the USA might do. Consequently, this story is really quite disturbing to me. Of course it’s right and good that Paul would defend his girls, but if my father pulled a gun on anyone I’d be horrified. If it had been me in Amanda’s place I like to think that I’d have called the police first and waited until they’d arrived and dealt with the situation before getting my father on the scene. Then again I suppose we don’t know how scared the poor girl was at the time do we.

Heather on

This happened in Stowe VT, check

tink1217 on

well, Sabina, in some ways I agree with you, but in LOTS of situations by the time the police arrive its too late! Unfortunately, the police don’t always take domestic violence seriously enough! At least from what I have seen. Maybe its different in the UK. Hopefully, it is!

Lauren22 on


I know this because it was in our local paper, as Paul and his daughter live in the area.

Here is a link to the article in the local paper, THE POCONO RECORD:

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Thanks for the correction. I’ve edited Nisha’s post.

Lauren22 on

Former link doesn’t work…so here is the right one.

Thanks for fixing the mistake. I also emailed about it.

Lauren22 on

I don’t know why the link keeps coming up wrong, but if you go to and type in “Paul Sorvino daughter” in the search box, the first link should be about the PFA.

Erin on

Dangerous, but any good parent would do anything for their children. Your kid is in danger, you do whatever you must to make that danger go away. What a good papa!

stephen on

I can’t believe Paul Sorvino has gone this low !! !! this is just a bad attempt to try to get back what he lost ..If Paul Sorvino is a real Italian and a man with respect HE NEEDS TO PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE TO DANNY AND HIS FAMILY FOR PUTTING THEM THIS HARD TIME !! If New yorkers like paul sorvino are gonna move into the small community of effort, they are gonna need to learn how to get a long with the good people of effort and stop picking fights and threatening young kids with guns. I know Danny and his family very well .. they all have contributed much of they’re lives to the community are very good people !!! … Danny and his family need to get a PFA from the threats of Paul Sorvino and his daughter .. It seems that the violent roles that Paul Sorvino played in the movies has gone to his head !!… FREE SNEE

Natalie S. on

All I have to say is that we live in a society where “some” men not all treat women as if they are property and feel they can abuse them mental or physically or both. Since I don’t know the whole story or their situation. Given I’ve read what was posted, I can only say way to go Paul Sorvino. It’s unfortune that some women are drawn to men that are or can be abusive towards them. I love the fact that Paul came to his daughter’s rescue!!! Not as if this is a huge issue but she’s 36 and the guy is 21? I guess the Sorvino girls like their men young..

Heather on

Yikes…both children date men MUCH younger. I have nothing against it since I do the same and am about the same age as the women.
But 21?

I’m an advocate against domestic violence and feel any measure should be taken to avoid what can happen when a man says he is going to kill a woman.
I totally agree with what the father did.

And yes…the U.S. culture is one for guns.
We believe in protecting ourselve freedom at any cost.
The UK should be happy (and nonjudgmental) about that. The US has come to their aide in a multitude of ways.