Will Ferrell: Lactivist?

01/17/2007 at 01:35 PM ET

When Will Ferrell was nominated for best actor at the Golden Globes for his role in Stranger than Fiction, he wanted his wife Viveca to come to the ceremony and support him. Problem: the couple just welcomed their second son, Mattias, 2 weeks ago. So, attending the ceremony along with Will and Viveca was her breastpump, in case she needed it during the hours-long Golden Globes.

However, Viveca may not have expected her husband to include it in red-carpet interviews! When Will was asked what fashion accessory he was carrying this evening, he replied, "My wife’s breastpump." He showed it off as if it was a purse, and then proceeded to outline Viveca’s feeding and pumping schedule, before a reporter told him it was too much information!

Thanks to the ladies at Mothering for the information. Photo sources: Yahoo and HFPA.


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Stacey on

ahahaha I love him!! 🙂

tink1217 on

that is just too funny, and cute of him too. its nice that some men are so involved and supportive!

Sander on

So what is her feeding and pumping schedule? Just curious!

tan on

Typical Will.He is so crazy.

Campbell on

In my opinion, the overall conotations of this are HUGE! In the not-so-distant past, it would have been absolutely ghastly to have done something like this!! I think it really speaks to how our global society is moving. Traditionally, nursing IN THIS COUNTRY, at least, was considered a “private” choice and matter. I also feel that, unfortunatly, we have in the past (again, in America) connected ANYTHING that was related to the breast as sexual. But, NOW look at the positive/wonderful “role models” ( I hate that term) in Will and his GORGEOUS wife, Vivica just BEING REAL! Kudos!

preesi on

Breasts are just HUGE sweatglands (Dont believe me? Look it up on Wiki yourselves!) I dont understand why people get so bent out of shape and freaked over them!
If you put negative connotations on a natural thing is absurd!
They are just big fatty sweatglands, THEY ARENT DIRTY AND NEITHER IS BREASTFEEDING!

Lisa on

Awww! I think it is so sweet. I like Will and I love how involved & happy he seems about his children. He seems to be such a great loving dad! Good For Will!

Principesa on

Props to Will and his lovely wife!!

legalmama on

what kind of pump is she using?

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Legalmama – looks like perhaps a hospital grade Medela?

Sander – no idea! We didn’t see the interview. Apparently it was on Inside Edition though, if anyone did catch it.

Cathleen on

I knew I loved Will Ferrell for a reason. It does look like hospital grade, although I can’t tell if it’s a Medela or not.

Campbell on

I hope that everyone understands that I was giving a “HUGE” shout-out to Will and Viveca! I was Trying to suggest that they are “progressive”, and in the context of “old Hollywood” this showing of a breast pump would have been scandalous. I love them, I love that they appear “real”. They are showing what it is to be a couple and have a family and putting in perspective THEIR families’ needs. Could anyone imagine “old hollywood” pulling out a breast pump?”… Love love love Will and fam

joy on


LMAO…omg that was the best read all night! That is just like Will Ferrell. Too funny! I think he’s great and his wife has a great sense of humor – well to marry him you would have to!

millie on

LOL! I was trying to figure out what he was holding in his hand-breast pump was the last thing on my mind! This does look like the scary-looking model I had to rent from the hospital years ago. He’s too funny. Kudos to them both for being so open about nursing. Viveca is Swedish, so I think that she’s more relaxed about it in the first place–I’m from Europe too and it seems to me that nursing is something completely natural and open there (well, depends on the country, but most Northern Europeans are very causual about it).

Laura AS1 on

Ah, yes. Bringing the breast pump to formal occasions. I’ve been there. Very cute though, that he carries it in for her. Love to them and their family!

Doula Stacey from NJ on

Viveca is a LUCKY Woman, her newborn baby is even luckier to have her as a smart, dynamic, strong mom.
Viveca seems to have found herself a supportive marriage partner in Will Ferrell. Will’s holding that breastpump, just made him one of the sexiest hunks I have seen in a long time. (Breastmilk is BEST) and him as a loving dad, one more man that is concerned about his new baby’s health and what better place to speak about it then on the red-carpet interviews! Breastfeeding is what breasts are for and he gets it and better than that his family can be so very proud that they are helping to get the word out to Hollywood Executive types and possibly some new parents to be – that life goes on and it is not all about the big screen – but it is about ensuring that you do the best you can for your families health and Breast feeding either by pump or mom direct is not something to be hidden. Shame on the reporter that thought it was TMI “Too Much INFO” Will and Viveca know the challenges they have had to overcome to be able to suceed in breastfeeding thier baby and they know it was “NOT ENOUGH INFO” regardless they did GOOD work on the Red Carpet! BRAVO and may many more good people that get press follow them.

Nisha, CBB Senior Contributor on

Hilarious… i love him… and yes this is an amazing feat for parenthood and the whole breastfeeding movement… Yay!!

MamaLady on

That’s a Medela Classic hospital-grade breastpump. It’s the same one I use, and it’s AWESOME! I highly recommend it. I think it’s awesome that he’s endorsing it like that.

Laura Lynn from Ohio on

This is awesome, comgrats to them on the new little one. Its so sweet of him to carry it in for her what a great support he is!!!!

tara mcelfresh on

Why did she need to bring a breastpump with her? Where was the Baby??? I hope soon we see celeb. moms bringing their babies in slings to events like this and breastfeeding. I their little boy doesn’t get nipple confusion, being introduced to a bottle so quickly. I also hope mommy doesn’t get a breast infection pumping so much at only 2 weeks post.

Katy on

Pumping isn’t likely to give you a breast infection, going without could though! I went to the theatre at 3 weeks post partum and took my breastpump (my babies were in NICU), I didn’t need to use it though. Mine was a bit more discrete. I think it’s great that they are ‘real’ and promoting breastfeeding and pumping as normal.