Oops, did Britney do it again? No, says her manager

01/17/2007 at 01:58 PM ET

Update: Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph tells Us Weekly that, "Britney is not pregnant," the tabloid report is "absurd" and "ridiculous."

He believes the rumors began after an incident last week in which Britney’s boyfriend Isaac accidentally wiped peanut butter on his t-shirt while in the company of Britney. People instead though she had thrown up, and must be experiencing morning sickness. "Because Isaac didn’t lick the peanut butter off his fingers, someone decided that it must not be peanut butter, but must instead be Britney’s vomit," Larry said.

Originally posted 2 pm: In Touch Weekly is reporting that Britney Spears’ friends think she’s pregnant. 

Why do they think that?  A friend who sees Britney often says, "I’ve seen her during the last two pregnancies and she has the same look now.  She’s heavier, but that’s not it. It’s the sparkle in her eye. She always gets that sparkle when she’s pregnant, like she’s relaxed and happy."

Also, she’s been abstaining from alcohol.  A witness said of Britney at a January 14th Las Vegas party, "Her dancers were indulging in Malibu rum and pineapple drinks and taking shots of vodka.  But Britney drank bottled water.”

And there’s a photo of her new friend Isaac with what looks like peanut butter on his hand, which photo agencies say came from Britney.

Source: In Touch Weekly via MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls

Thanks to CBB Readers Lisa, Aline and Bella.

Do you think Britney is pregnant with baby #3?  If so, do you think Kevin is the father?


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Whitney on

I think she may be pregant, but it depends… I also think Kevin isnt the father maybe Issac or someone… Kevin could be depending on when she conceived…

estherpanda on

Tell me it’s not true !!! I really hope she’s not… I was shocked when I heard she was pregnant with Jayden so soon but please if she’s pregnant now she’s just the most stupid girl i’ve ever seen…

Britneyfanornot on

She’s not pregnant. I saw the same thing on another site with pictures of her wearing a cowboy hat and a bikini. It’s an old picture from her last pregnancy. It’s just a rumor.

Ashley on

I am such a big fan of Britney Spears and it literally broke my heart when I found out that she was pregnant with Jayden when her and K Fed were already having problems. I hope she knows what causes women to get pregnant. She makes women from the south look stupid – and i’m from TENNESSEE!!!! I was really hoping that she was getting back to “old” Britney because I really enjoy her music!

LazyDaisyLakes on

I doubt she is pregnant. I think she likes her new found freedom too much to get knocked up again.

nicole_mere on

I have one thing to say – OOOO MMMYYYYY GGGOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! Someone give that girl a condom, panties, birth control pill, a chastity belt.

Christina on

SP was 3 months when she got pregnant w/ JJ. So now that JJ’s 3 months, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, I suppose. She’s usually outed by the tabs months and months in advance of when she announces her pregnancies. The tabs were right twice before, they could well be right again. Some of those celebs have pretty loose-lipped friends!

NicoleH on

No way!!!! I don’t think she is pregnat at all… Although I have to say that I am happy to see her not drinking…. I think its fine to go out and party and have fun… but when she has little ones at home I think she needs to make a balance… Hoepfully thats what she was doing….

Corinne on

I really don’t think she’s pregnant again, just another rumor. I think she said in People when she was pregnant with Jayden that she wanted to wait a while before having another kid.

tink1217 on

i HOPE its not true!! I am hoping the no alcohol is just because she is cleaning herself up now for a comeback! If she is PG, then the father would probably be Kevin. It hasn’t been that long ago that they split. Especially if she is already heavier. BUT, the only other guy I have seen her with besides this new Isaac guy is Brandon Davis, which IF he is the father…OH MY! Thats a HUGE mistake!!!! Oh wll, I hope she isn’t.

Jessica on

Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, tells Us Weekly exclusively that “Britney is not pregnant,” calling a recent tabloid report claiming that Spears is expecting “absurd.”

Rudolph tells Us that he believes that the “ridiculous” report came from an incident last week in which Spears’ new boyfriend, Isaac Cohen, accidentally wiped peanut butter on his t-shirt while in the company of Spears. Observers wrongly concluded she had vomited, and thus was experiencing morning sickness.

“Because Isaac didn’t lick the peanut butter off his fingers, someone decided that it must not be peanut butter, but must instead be Britney’s vomit,” Rudolph joked. “Ridiculous.”

A source tells Us that Spears spent last night working on her upcoming album with Pharrell in an L.A. recording studio.

P Dawn on

I really hope it is just a rumor. I think it would be a terrible mistake right now. She really needs to get her own life together and that of Preston and Jayden before she even thinks about bring another baby into the world!

Ivonne on

Wait, why would it be a huge deal if she was? Directed to the PPs who spoke as if the world would end if she was pregnant again. She’s a grown woman for goodness sakes with more than enough money and support to take care of her children. There are celebrity moms doing it alone, and us non-celebrity moms doing it alone too. Whether she’s alone or not, as long as she’s taking care of her children I don’t think it’s anyone’s business when or if she gets pregnant. It’s too bad that people think that young mothers are bad mothers. Especially when just years ago, young motherhood was the norm as people got married early. Come on now. I don’t see how a woman “looks stupid” for getting pregnant. Maybe she wanted another baby.

Sandra and carina on

She COULD be pregnant… Remember she lost consciousness at New Years Eve? And she vomited lately on Isaac? Both COULD be signs of a pregnancy.

But I hope she isn’t… She doesnt even care about SPF and JJ…

christie on

please do not make that woman procreate anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

preesi on

What Britneys fans dont understand is the Girl they fell in love with is a figment of some Stylist and Publicist in Hollywoods imagination.
Hollywood created an image for Britney and since it wasnt really who she was/is inside, it didnt “stick”!

Her true self is who we have been seeing the past few years…

You can not put her back in the glitzy box that she doesnt feel like herself in…

Madonna TRIED to help her and show her the way to career longevity and Britney didnt wanna listen…

What we are seeing is who Britney really IS…

If fans are disappointed and devastated that their IDOL and Heroine is now turning into a pumpkin, then they need better Idols, like Teachers, Nurses and Oprah and the Tireless workers in Law Enforcement. NOT Britney Spears!

(Watch! After typing all this, it wont get approved… WAAAHHH!!!)

angelbaby33 on

After looking at the pictures, pregnant or not, it seems quite obvious that she threw up. How do you get in the car and all of a sudden have peanut butter all over your hands, phone and dripping onto your leg. He was driving so why would he start playing with peanut butter? It seems like a really silly excuse for the situation.

Kelly on

I am not sure if i believe it or not, but, the mags and tabloids were right with her other 2 pregnancies so only time will tell. also if memory serves me her manage denied both of those pregnancies at first too.

tink1217 on

Ivonne, I am a HUGE Britney fan and even I don’t think its a good idea for her to be PG again. Especially with the divorce from Kevin, her partying til all hours the past few weeks, her serious lack of good judgment lately? Its just a really bad time in her life to be pregnant! She needs to get control of her life before having more babies. Just my two cents!

Autumn on

Oh for her sake I hope she isn’t pregnant AGAIN! (I’m not going to deny Brit her chance for a daughter. However, personally I think she should wait until JJ’s 4 or 5, which would make her about 30, for Baby #3 but that’s just imho…)

If she did puke on her new boyfriend Isaac, hopefully it was only because of to much drink, or bad food, or a stomach flu, or something else other than yet another pregnancy.

Or it could’ve been peanut butter, who knows?

And as far as Britney not drinking alcohol lately, imho I think that’s fine considering she is the mother of 2 and she’s trying to clean up her public imagine lately a little bit.

yogadaisy on

Thank you Preesi! I feel kinda bad for all the young girls that have been duped into rooting for a a fake “Pop Star” image.

Britney should NEVER be admired for anything.

And give me a break…peanut butter?!?! Yeah, I often leave a club at 2 in the morning and as I’m driving off I open a jar of peanut butter (that just happens to be in my car) and stick my hand into it and get it all over my leg and hands. Yeah, that’s actually pretty common.

Cordelia's mommy on

well, I really hope she isn’t pregnant again, it’s just too soon, and she isn’t remotely together personnally or professionally. And, if she is, I sure hope she hadn’t already conceived when she started all this partying she’s been doing. If the sudden stop of drinking alcohol is beccause she is pregnant, the sad truth is that the developmental damage to the fetus may have already been done. Time will tell. But that much alcohol drinking in the first trimester can cause fetal alcohol syndrome. I pray that’s not the case.

Christina on

I’m not surprised her manager denied it. When she was pg with JJ, her publicist denied it repeatedly, even though she was indeed pg. They deny her pregnancies until it’s completely obvious she’s pregnant. Plus, her recent fainting spell on NYE and the PB & vomit episodes could well be due to pregnancy.

Mary-Helen on

The last thing this woman needs is to be pregnant AGAIN. She barely spends time with the ones she has!

I hope someone buys this troubled young woman some condoms before she brings another innocent person into her mess of a life. She needs to go home, calm down, lay off the men and focus on rebuilding her life post-divorce and making the transition easier on her children.

Never thought I would see the day when K-Fed is the classy one.

joy on

that wasn’t peanut butter that was puke, I’ve had the unfortunte pleasure of seeing the photos…..I don’t think she’s pregnant but she needs to go home and be a mother. She’s really bothering me. I didn’t like her before and I have no reason to like her ever. She’s immature IMO and needs to stop partying and go home!!!!!!!!!!

Angie on

The recent video footage that I’ve seen of her made me think that she is pregnant. She looked it. I hope that she is not.Who knows who the father is? She’s been hooking up with so many lately, according to the media

preesi on

Whoever the BabyDaddy is, Larry Birkhead will want a DNA test…

alexa on

I really really hope not, I mean this is an unhealthy pattern.

If she is I think she will quietly get an abortion, but thats JMO