Brooke Burke in Fit Pregnancy magazine

01/15/2007 at 06:06 PM ET

Rock Star host Brooke Burke, 35, and her fiance David Charvet just welcomed daughter Heaven Rain last week, but before giving birth, Brooke posed for Fit Pregnancy’s Feb/March cover. Some highlights from the interview:

Tip: Get comfortable with being pregnant: "I love being a mother and being pregnant, and the more women can get comfortable with that, the better. It’s a remarkable stage in your life."

Brooke comes as a package deal: "We start shooting the third installment [of Rock Star] after the baby is born, so I’ll bring the baby and the nanny to the set. Nowadays people just have to accept that choice. My children and I are a package deal — that’s just the way it was. And now that more career women have babies, we can see that it is possible to accomplish so many things and still be a mother. I have chosen to be really devoted to my children. It’s all doable if you just commit to it.”

Parenting philosophy: "I’m pretty relaxed and I give my children a lot of freedom to explore the world. Most of the time I believe in letting kids go ahead and make their own mistakes — maybe even get a little hurt — and learn from them."

Balancing life with three daughters: Brooke tries to find ways to be involved with all of her children. She is active in her older daughters’ elementary and preschools, working in the library and contributing to projects around the schools. Also, Brooke plans to keep Rain close to her but keep her hands free to play with Neriah, 6, and Sierra, 4 1/2, by babywearing. She says, "I wear the baby, [I'm] definitely an attachment parenting person." In the past, Brooke has also been open about co-sleeping, breastfeeding (yes, with implants) and of course, we all know about the placenta!

Baby #4?: "[David and I] will probably have another soon — I’d love to have a son."

Brooke’s best advice for new moms: “I think as a new mom you are just trying to figure it out, you are trying to have everything in order, and you just can’t. You have to give yourself room to let things be the way they will be, take life day by day and figure out what works for you and your baby. Everybody tries to tell you the right thing to do, and you’re the only one who knows what’s really right. Be OK with the chaos, and spend some time alone with just you and the baby, I remember with my first, I just wanted to be with her and figure it all out by myself. You have to allow that.”

Source: Fit Pregnancy, cover shot exclusive to CBB.

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On being pregnant the third time around: "[This pregnancy is] definitely different from my first two pregnancies. I’m a little more fatigued and not as active. But it’s been 5 years since my last and now I’m taking care of two children. I never got sick.  But when I was pregnant with Neriah I was so worried about doing everything by the book, I was so strict with myself. With Sierra I was more relaxed. Now I try to listen to my body and not to everyone else’s opinion. That could drive you crazy. So the third time is an advantage."

Beauty advice from a former model: "I oil my body twice a day — on my belly, hips and breasts, I use something called Mother’s Special Blend ($12), it has shea butter and almond oil – but you can use just olive oil. I don’t think you need expensive beauty products, raw natural, oil is fine. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks. Also wear a really good support bra, day and night – especially when you’re nursing."

On losing the baby weight: "I definitely am stricter nutrition-wise after I give birth and increase cardio work, but I can’t go too crazy, since I’m going to breastfeed. I need carbs for energy so I just avoid oil and sugar; I believe in good fats like nuts and avocado. I eat good food that I enjoy."

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JosieK on

Wow..she looks/looked fabulous. I swear, if I had looked like her with both of my pregnancies, I would have worn what she’s wearing in the first picture EVERY DAY of my pregnancy..rain or shine.

Lauren on

This propably sounds like a really ignorant question, but I had no idea a person with implants could breastfeed (I also assumed that Brooke’s were real! I’ve never heard her discuss her having any cosmetic surgery, not that it’s a big deal). Couldn’t a baby have an allergic reaction to the saline or silicone the way the person receiving the surgery could? There are a lot of risks that come with implants, and I would think exposing a baby to that wouldn’t necessarily be safe.

ang on

god, u just wanna draw all over her face, doncha? glad she’s happy tho. she says she’d like a son, the same way tori wished for a girl, so guess it’s common even for celebs to express such desires publicly. princess mary wants a girl too, so i guess we’ll wait and see on that come mid-year….

Bella on

Ok Lauren, thats possibly one of the most ignorant posts I’ve read. 1st of all, it’s absolutely possible to breastfeed with implants. Most breast augmentation surgeries are performed by placing the implant under the muscle without causing damage to the milk glands or nipple. When a baby nurses, the only thing they nurse on is the milk. The body doesn’t secret silicone or saline! So before you suggest women with implants avoid breastfeeding because of “unsafe” risks, I suggest you do a little research. I’ve safely breastfed 2 babies – implants and all.

*** Beth *** on

Bella, your reply to Lauren was a little harsh! Unless you are familiar with the surgery & what all it involves you may be unaware of what you can & can’t do. She said in the begining that it may be an ignorant question so why be nasty in your remark back. That was uncalled for.

FC on

Can I hate her? LOL. Seriously, it’s been well known that she looked ridiculously fabulous during her pregnancy, but those two photos are just living proof. I love her outfit in the first one. :)

Alioop on

I agree with Beth – Bella, your “tone” in reply to Lauren’s question – harsh and totally uncalled for!

Lorus on

Wow! I’m so glad to hear that she does AP! She seems like a really great parent. Not too fond of the baby’s name but I’m sure she’s going to be a cutie.

amanda s on

Her comment about how “it’s all doable if you just commit to it.” annoys me!! Of COURSE it’s “doable” if you have a nanny and the power to bring the nanny and your baby to work with you. 99% of mothers do not have that option. I’m getting really tired of rich, powerful, celebrity mothers touting how they can “do it all” when they face very different challenges then the average mother. it’s not that same and they (and the media) don’t seem to understand or acknowledge that.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Gosh, I’ve never really noticed how stunning Brooke is! Very pretty.

Lauren there was nothing wrong with your question.

Woman can’t brest-feed when the milk ducts in the nipples have been cut. This can happen during a procedure for an implant or having the nipples surgically realigned after breast surgery.

gargoylegurl on

Ouch, Bella. That was a pretty harsh reply to Lauren. It’s obvious from reading your comment (even before you stated so) that you’ve had implants yourself, which I can only assume it why you were so offended by Lauren’s question. That’s great that you are educated about implants, not all of us are, so it’s a little unfair to jump down someones throat for asking what I think is a pretty reasonable question. Given the FACT that some women do develop severe reactions to implants, and that some implants have been known to leak, it’s totally reasonable to at least wonder if there are any possible risks to nursing with implants.

Terralynn on


I would think the same thing dont feel ignorant
I personally dont understand why people choose to place foreign objects in their breasts
I prefer au natural lol
But then again some of us have that much breast naturally we dont know what to do with it
My cousin at my wedding I had a corset to push them up
She asks me if I can give her some of mine
I cracked up

Terralynn ;-)

Natalie S. on

FC ~ I agree with you!!! I want to hate her for looking fabulous during her pregnancy then again she looks great pregnant or not. I can’t for her and David to have another one!

KM on


Defensive much??



landroverdisco on

Given her beauty and how well she holds up during pregnancy, I’m certain David won’t have any qualms helping to make another baby! ;-) Her lush pregnancy hair and luminous skin are just amazing. She just defies nature! I look fwd to the next addition.

Mally on

I’ve just been looking at FHM with her in it. wonder if she’ll give up her modelling career

osian on

You do know that David is not the real father. She got a man to get her pregnant because David would not get her pregnant, thats what I heard from a friend.

anonymus on

I have small chest, very, very small and never has been a problem when it comes to feeding my children and that which I gave the chest to 4 years to the first and the second to 5 years old or so (extended breastfeeding like my mother did with me!). Now I’m flat as a table but I am happy, I feel I have fulfilled my mission has been raising two healthy children. If you can, I recommend you not going to regret it, really!.


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