Shar Jackson: Kevin's a great dad

01/13/2007 at 08:00 AM ET

Shar Jackson, the mother of Kevin Federline‘s older children, Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2, says that she’s not worried about Kevin’s parenting skills or how he’ll get through his split from Britney Spears. When asked for comment on the split Wednesday, Shar said, "[Kevin’s] a trouper…He knows that everything in life is, ya know, an experience and you learn from it and then you get past it. I’m not worried about him."

"He’s an amazing dad…He’s a great dad and if you said his name right now, Kori would go crazy. That’s the love of her life…He was there for her every minute of her life until, you know, we weren’t together anymore. He did everything for her so I guess that’s why."

Source: People

Thanks to CBB reader Michelle.

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landroverdisco on

Hmmm…I don’t know if I am so convinced. I think Shar still harbors feelings for Kevin, especially now after his break-up w/ Britney. His outward appearance and actions fail to demonstrate he is a decent father.

Aleah on

I honestly admire Shar. Her man left her for Britney when she was 7 months pregnant with their second child, he didn’t seem like a very present father to Kori and Kaleb while he was with Britney, but still she never said a bad word about him and still supports him now. Seriously, I admire all the love she has for that man because I don’t know many women who would have forgiven him.

tink1217 on

something about Shar just irks me. I can’t put my finger on it. But, its true, she never bad mouthed Kevin so that is a good thing. Especially for their kids.

Erin on

Shar has said that she loves Kevin but is not “in love” with him anymore. She also said something like you can never stop loving the father of your children but that she’s moved on with her life and will never take him back.

Anyway, I think Shar is a very good woman. She’s never said a bad word about Kevin, despite all the crap he’s put her through. I have nothing but respect for her.

I do think Kevin was a good dad until Britney came along… and that’s all I’m going to say! LOL

Mary-Helen on

Shar is a class act all the way. She could’ve stooped to some trashy level and badmouthed her children’s father, but instead managed to take the high road for their sake. She has never said Kevin is a bad father and I believe her. Britney also said that he was a wonderful, doting father before she filed for divorce and I think she’s using those boys to hurt him by wanting full custody. I think Kevin is a bad boyfriend but a good father. You can be both.

Yonni on

Shar is most likely getting paid to keep her mouth shut and say nice things only..

Alicia on

I do admire Shar for keeping a good attitude toward him. I know I sure wouldn’y have. But I also agree with Mary- Helan that you can be a bad boyfriend/ husband and still be a good father. I don’t know how much I feel that way about “k-fed” but I do hope that he is.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

“He was there for her every minute of her life until, you know,” yeah, until he took off with someone else. Real trouper…

Shar has retained her dignity and class through out this whole thing.

Jes on

Yeah she’s a total class act alright. She didn’t have great things to say about him a couple years ago. And he is “such a great father” who spent very little time with his children when he was in a relationship with Britney. I bet she’s playing nice because she wants him to come back to her with whatever settlement he gets out of the divorce.

Courtnee' on

Yonni who would pay Shar to keep her “mouth shut?” K-Fed can’t afford to. I’m sure that the papers and magazines would pay her thousands to hear her bad mouth him.

Shar is being really “grown up” and I admire her for that. It’s outsiders that can’t seem to handle that a cheater could be a good father.

Sabby on

Shar is so positive! I don’t think she has ever said anything mean about Kevin as a father. Shar is very mature and I am glad to see Kevin has a strong role in the lives of Kori and Kaleb.

Stephany on

I don’t know much about Shar other than that Kevin left her for Britney. But she seems like the trouper. She is a class act right there.

Erin on

Right on, Courtnee =)

Kevin has gone from shopping at the more expensive high-end stores to joining us normal folk at Wal-Mart… do people honestly think he can pay her off?

Shar has had multiple opportunities to speak her mind and call him a bad father, yet she is being the better person. Nothing wrong with that, and no reason to think she is being paid off cause honestly… she obviously can’t be paid off now and I highly doubt Britney would ever have done so, especially now when she needs the courts to look at her a little better (ya know Kevin is smelling like a bouquet of roses to them right now! LOL)

amazingmom on

amazing dads don’t leave their pregnant girlfriends for another pregnant girlfriend. amazing dads get jobs and don’t mooch off girlfriends and wives.

preesi on

FEDEX is gettin’ paid!
Havent any of you noticed how peaceful it is?
and all of a sudden theyve agreed to custody arrangements?
Britney paid him off!

Also, to be fair FEDEX was employed as a dancer and when Britney met him at that club he was in town to audition for a few things so he WAS active in employment!

But hes still skeevy

preesi on

Oh and also, I stick up for my fellow sisters.
It should be a pact between women to drop a man if he has a gf/wife.
If I was dating a man and I found out he had a pregnant girlfriend and more kids with same gf? Id drop him immediately.

But Noooooo, Britney kept up her immoral relationship with him and begged him 3 times to marry her before he finally said yes. Britney is equally skeevy and I dont feel sorry for her!

You dont date another womans man, no matter how much your body parts are tingling for him.

preesi on

Also, before you lil tramps out there (and you know who you are) behave like Britney, Kristy Swanson or Tori Spelling, remember one thing!

If he is complaining that his wife doesnt understand him and she wont give him sex, THINK ABOUT WHY THAT MAY BE!!!

Could it be that he is pondscum and does nothing around the house and is unattentive?

What makes YOU think YOU are the special one that hes gonna change for?
If hes a jerk to HER hes gonna be a jerk to you too.

Of COURSE hes gonna be real nice when he meets YOU at first, hes trying to get in your panties!

Do not be his NEW Victim!

Campbell on

LOL Preesi!!! I must say that what has GONE around has COME around. No matter what is going on with Shar, I DO think it is admirable for her NOT to say unkind things about Kevin, at least publicly.

Charmagne on

im sure kevin is a good dad. but he need 2 realize dat he had it good wen he wuz wit shar, an he shouldnt mess wit tramps lyke brittney.shar is so much prettier lookin den brittney. i mean look at his beautiful childern dat he had wit shar.Brittney aint got shit on shar.brittney just a tramp who cant get a man unless she shows her shit off so she gotta still otha peoples men.