Marcia Cross placed on immediate bedrest; Desperate Housewives comes to her

01/10/2007 at 03:37 PM ET

With two and a half months left to go before her due date, we’ve learned that Marcia Cross, 44, has been placed on immediate bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy with her fraternal twins. No specific reason was given, but the decision was made last week. Marcia’s rep says, "This is a precautionary measure only."

This means Marcia, who is nominated for a Golden Globe for Desperate Housewives, will miss the award ceremony this weekend. She told People early last week that, "I’m going to the show if I can waddle out of the house. I don’t know what kind of tent they are going to put me in. I’m thinking black or navy. It’s not going to be a high-fashion year for me. And I’m thinking barefoot. I deserve it."

The safety of Marcia’s babies is obviously more important – however, she still had two more shows left to tape before she went on maternity leave, and her storyline cannot be immediately wrapped. Therefore, Desperate Housewives is moving into Marcia’s house to finish. Yup – while Marcia is upstairs resting, the production team is busy carting props and furniture in from the set and turning Marcia’s downstairs into a likeness of her character Bree’s home. When they’re done, Marcia will be able to finish the last two episodes without ever leaving her house – filming a few short scenes and then retiring back to her bed.

Source: TV Guide

Thanks to CBB reader MaryAnn.

Were any readers on bedrest? If so, for how long, and how did you pass the time? is a great resource for moms on bedrest.

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calijah on

there doesn’t need to be a specific reason for bedrest with twins. it’s pretty normal because it’s such a high-risk pregnancy. my mother was pregnant with myself and my twin and was put on bedrest 3 months before our due date.

Amélie on

Well my sister was on bedrest for the last 5 months of her pregnancy, wasn’t really fun but she would watch tv, read every magazine she could find and at the end she started to make you know the little things they give to people who come to visit the baby when he’s born. It was hard but it was all definately worth it.

Jane on

I was put on bedrest at the end of my 7th month in my 3rd pregnancy because I suffered two previous miscarriages. It was tough, especially for me because I’m the kind of person who is active and always moving around. Luckily my baby decided to come 16 days early so I was only on bedrest for about 2 weeks. It was worth it though – Max Thomas Davis was born healthy and turns 1 next week =)

Jen on

I was on complete bedrest for the last four months of my pregnancy with my twins. I had to be in the hospital the entire time though which was NOT fun. I was taking meds that blurred my vision so I couldn’t even read; I also was being fed through an IV (I couldn’t eat anything at all because my pancreas had shut down) and I swear that EVERY commerical that was on TV was for food! lol
It was completely 100% worth it! =) My boys are amazing.

erin on

I was put on bedrest with my twins for only a couple of weeks around 32 weeks. I went into PTL and was in the hospital for a couple weeks here and there the last few months. It wasn’t fun but my girls are now 16 months old and totally healthy, they were 5.6 and 6.6 lbs at birth and came home with us. Totally totally worth every nasty med, and every hospital stay!

Christina on

I haven’t been on bedrest with either pregnancy yet, thank goodness! But, I did teach my best friend how to knit & crochet just to pass the time while she was on bedrest for 3 months during her first pregnancy.

Leah on

I guess I got lucky. I had no problems at all carrying my twins. I worked until 37.5 weeks and then had them a couple of days later. And they were born weighing almost 7 pounds a piece. Hope everything is okay for Marcia.

Julie on

Althouhg it was so worth it, bed rest was infuriating! Laying in bed for 3 months, the most frustrating thing I have ever done! I went into pre term labor with my twin girls. The bed rest worked…they were born healthy at 36 weeks.

Nik on

My sister in law is 31 weeks pregnant with twins and last week she had to be hospitalized b/c of high blood pressure. She has to stay at the hospital now until the twins are born b/c of the risk of preeclampsia.

Christine on

I was on bedrest for 6 weeks with my twins due to premature labor. (1 week in hospital and 5 at home) The hospital stay was mostly a blur due to all the medications I was on. When at home I watched a lot of TV! I manages to see the entire “Buffy” and “Angel” series’, as well as more “Baby Stories” then I care to remember. :o) While it was worth it, I hope to never have to repeat the experience.

Heather on

What a great idea for them to move the set to Marcia’s house. I just hope the chaos of filming a tv show in her own home doesn’t stress her out too much.

Dana on

UGH. I was on bedrest for one month, and I thought that was horrible. I feel for all the moms that posted that they had it for 3-5 months. Past sympathy pains go out to them. Passing the time while on bedrest – Sleep, TV and if I felt up to it, reading. Pretty boring. But glad I had all the rest before, once she was here, there hasn’t been alot of sleeping.

Mandy on

I had pre-eclamcia and was put on bedrest at 36 weeks and 6 days. I wasn’t on it long though…I ended up having to be induced at 37 weeks and 2 days. I have to say though, it was pretty tough. My mother in law came to town and was cleaning and being my maid. I am not very good at being served. I probably should have enjoyed it more. I wish Marcia the very best!

NewMom on

I was on bedrest for 10 weeks with my twins due to shortened cervix and the beginning stages of preeclampsia. Also, I don’t know about there not having to be any specific reason for bedrest with twins…that’s a new one to me calijah.

Violet's Auntie on

Bedrest for the last 30 days of my pregnancy due to pre-eclampsia. I brought the work to my bedroom and did the work sitting up in bed with the computer. Worked out well. I got up to pee and do lunch. Husband did the breakfasts, went to his day job then came home and handled dinner and cleanup. And he still managed to find time to build the baby a handmade crib. What a guy!

kathy on

Thankfully, I never needed bedrest with my twins. I thought I would, as I had a scare with contractions at 18 weeks. But, I never had any other problems and they were born at 39 weeks, 1 day weighing almost 7 and 7 1/2 lbs.

FC on

Well if it meant the health of my babies, I think I’d find a way to do that. I’d need plenty of things to keep me occupied while I’m restricted to so much movement during the day, unless it’s strict bed rest. But still, I’m sure she’ll be able to get up from time to time.

Otherwise, I can’t see her being too happy. But I’d still think about the end result, even if it killed me to stay in bed.

But it’s cool that they’re bringing work to her. That’s pretty damn cool. 🙂

Nancy on

I have read that the medical benefits of bed rest are actually not that well established. Quote from a New York Times article (4/24/2006):

“Although bed rest continues to be prescribed almost routinely by some doctors for mothers of multiples at 24 to 28 weeks gestation, a study in 2000 conducted by a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Adelaide in Australia linked hospitalized bed rest to higher rates of preterm delivery in mothers of twins.”

You can read the whole article at:

Michelle on

Aww, it’s so heartwarming to hear that the crew are willing to make such a huge change to their schedule to ensure the Marcia and the babies’ safety. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes ok!

Adrienne on

How did she get pregs again? Was it in-vitro?

Lil on

Because of preterm labor extreme contractions, I was on bedrest from 20 weeks on in THREE separate pregnancies! As long as you have a support group, you’re fine because your friends will come up with things for you to do. Also, once you have a child & go through it again, you are rarely bored because you have your child (ren) and all the scheduling and help problems to solve – all from your bed! (I had to have a twin bed put into the living room to manage everything.)

Lala on

I was put on strict bedrest (only could get up to use the bathroom, nothing else) at 35 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. However, after one weekend on strict bedrest, my blood pressure still hadn’t gone down at all, so I was induced. So I didn’t have to stay that long on bedrest, but to pass the time, I’d do crosswords, or watch TV. I’m a knitter/crocheter, but it was too uncomfortable to get into a position to do it, nor could I do any of the embroidery I had started earlier. I think if I had been on bedrest longer, it might’ve been more difficult for me to pass that time, because all I could think about for those 3 days was about the baby, and hoping everything would be okay with him (I kept thinking, just my luck, I’d finally have my baby, but I’d die before I got to see him!). If I had to go longer, I might’ve made myself crazy with all the worrying/thinking I would’ve done!

Courtney on

I was put on bedrest with my twins from 28-35 weeks. (After that, they felt the babies would be fine if they arrived then. Ironically enough, they had to be induced at 38 weeks because they didn’t want to come out after all!)

I loved bedrest! I cross-stitched gifts, wrote letters, watched movies, read books, and spent time with my dd. I knew it would be my last chance to rest for a LONG time!

Maxim & Maya's Mommy on

I count my blessings that my twins, Maxim & Maya were born at 38 weeks, weighing 6.6 & 7.1, with no need of bedrest. It was an amazing experience and loved every minute of it. Now at almost 2 1/2 yrs old, I wish I was put on some bedrest!! Even for an hour would be great!!

Mrsgrugsplat on

Bedrest for the last 8 and 1/2 weeks of my first pregnancy due to high blood pressure and 13 weeks with the second not FUN at all Bored out of my skull until I had each baby

brenneth on

i want to see the babies