Angelina Jolie and children featured in artwork

01/03/2007 at 02:46 AM ET

A devoted Angelina Jolie fan and artist, has created a picture of the mum with her three children; Maddox, 5 1/2, Zahara, almost 2, and Shiloh, 7 months. Visit the site to read the explanation on the inspiration for each element of the creation. You can see it in person at the Art Miami Fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center, from Jan 5th-8th.

Source: Kate’s Studio

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Aleah on

I can see why the painter did this painting which, by the way, is beautiful, even to a non-religious person like me.

Jen on

I find it a little odd that the artist chose to clothe Angelina and Shiloh, but Maddox and Zahara are naked and at her feet. Definitely completely different representations of the white figures versus the non-white figures…kind of offensive if you ask me.

Hea on

Well done piece. I don’t quite get why Maddox and Sahara are naked and Shiloh is not. I figure that Mad and Sahara are supposed to be angels here, like the old icon pics, does that make Shiloh some sort of “Jesus”? I read the description on the website/blog link but it wasn’t clear there either. Interesting piece of art.

Autumn on

It’s nice that someone created artwork for Angelina…but that painting of her as ‘The Madonna’ and/or ‘Aphrodite’ is ridiculous!

Yeah she adopted two kids from two different countries, and had a child of her own, but so what? She’s human and she was trying to help, but she doesn’t need a painting like that!

(Plus we don’t need someone’s interpretation of a naked Maddox and Zahara, at least in my humble opinion. 😛 )

tink1217 on

a little bit strange! beautiful art, but strange.

Susanne on

Wow. The artist is very talented and her piece does beg for discussion on the level of celebrity worship in North America today. (I only single out North America because I live in this part of the world.) I mean here we are discussing this artwork and its meaning on a blog devoted entirely to the children of celebrities. There are countless blogs, forums, tabloids, television shows and gossip columns created to detail the every move of the rich and famous. So my question is who is at fault for the enormous amount of attention given to people like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and their respective children? Are the celebrities to blame? Is it the media? Or is it people like you and me who look at the images?

judy on

This is absolutely ridiculous!

joy on

Beautiful painting but maybe Maddox should be covered up just a litte bit more. Shiloh and Zahara aren’t revealing everything! lol

marjie on

I’m wondering if the artist portrayed the 2 adopted children in that way to show that they were angel that were brought to her?

Tomi on

I find the peen on Maddox a little weird but overall that is hilarious! Reminds me of the piece of Gallery of the Absurd depicting Brad and Angie as Mary & Jesus.

Lauren on

This is nothing short of pathetic and goes to show our values as a society today versus how they were in the past. The fact that anyone idolizes a celebrity and her family to this extent needs to seriously get a life and get over the fact that Shiloh is not the Messiah.

Lauren on

Sorry for the poor grammar-I meant to say that anyone who idolizes a celebrity and her family to this extent needs to get a life, etc.

Liz on

Yup, I think it is ridiculous and disgusting as well. I love celeb gossip as much as the next person, but give me a break.

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Well unforchently this is a pic i have to disagree with. I’m a catholic so defently depicting Angie and Shiloh as the Madonna and child is a bit offencive to me. I think it’s also offencive to Mad and Z, seeing as how they are depicted only as angels and not as Angie’s children when they are both. I have a picture of the real painting somewhere and it’s very beatiful. This one almost makes me sick.

Kate Parker on

I’m offended by the depiction of this family (sans Brad) as somehow “higher” than the rest of us.

Hea on

I thought the sarcasm and cynicism of the artist is quite clear. It’s a parody of how people adore celebs.

Doreen on

This IS ridiculous!! Angelina is not perfect as people like to portray her as! Just sickening! Angelina is NO where close to being the virgin Mary and Shiloh is not the Messiah! I don’t like seeing the painting of Maddox and Zahara nude either. That’s just wrong! All that will do is–can you imagine sickos looking at this? It’s just wrong, the whole thing!

Doreen on

Idolatry is a *very* dangerous and this is def has idol written all over it.

vanessa on

Some people are critisizing that picture in a way which makes sure, that they did not get is message. If you look at the whole picture with the shop beneath it and read the explanation of the artist you would know, that she is somehow portraying the ridiculous way in which average people look at celebrities. she is not saying that Angelina is a “haevenly figure” or anything like that, but that we make her one. We look at all those pics a lot, don`t we? So we are the ones that make her seem worthier than ourselves and the artist is the one who`s questioning that behaviour…think about it!

ang on

the artist is an angelina fan tho, isn’t she? if i was famous i wouldn’t want strangers painting pics of my naked kids. the idea is nice, but maybe just draw/paint ange and maybe brad, leave the kids out of it.

Emily G on

I love the portrait, but thought it would be ALOT better without the whole Wal Mart scene. I think maybe Maddox and Zahara should be at least somewhat clothed… But beautifully done if you ask me. And in my opinion, since we all seem to be giving our own, I think little Shiloh should be an angel too, thought I agree with the previous poster that said: “I’m wondering if the artist portrayed the 2 adopted children in that way to show that they were angels that were brought to her?” That’s what I am thinking as well… I like it.

Crunch on

Maddox and Zahara did not pose nude for this painting !!!… the artist painted their faces over images of angels she copied from famous paintings… the references are in the artists blog…Brad and Angelina’s pregnancy was described in the tabloids as the most awaited birth since Jesus… maybe this says something about the way people (not the artist) place celebrities on a pedistal

antij1 on

This is disturbing and sick. Angelina isn’t God, Shiloh isn’t Jesus, and Maddox and Zahara are not angels. I think this idol worship of flesh-and-blood human beings is dangerous.

Hea on

So many people just don’t seem to get the point. This is not a fanatic artist, it’s an artist who parodies fanatic people.

mamanature on

I think it depicts the way people tend to glorify and idolize stars – see also American Idol, award ceremonies, magazines devoted to celebrity, paparazzi and websites such as these.

The depiction is accurate – who here will argue that in one’s colorless, lifeless and sparkless life filled with housecleaning, nappies, dullsville one doesn’t turn to the glamor, hype and fame of Angelina, Britney, Reese et al in escapism. Larger than life they are the Western world’s equivalen of gods and goddesses. To deny it would be bold face lying.

Kate on

This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

Kat on

While I get the message, in this day and age it is unsafe to have any child, especially a famous one, full nude.

the artist could have at least painted a cloud over the necessary areas.