Phil & Ted e3: A single stroller that accomodates two!

01/02/2007 at 07:00 AM ET

by guest reviewer Vera

E3singleredsmI had stroller envy – bad! When I was pregnant, I purchased a stroller that I thought I would use for all my future children. I made sure the color was neutral enough to work for both genders and I ended up getting the cookie-cutter stroller that I am sure so many of you purchased. I forgot that when you have two kids you need a double stroller… especially when my children will barely be two years apart. When I opened up my Phil & Ted e3 I almost fainted. It was so… so… beautiful! I immediately threw my daughter in her seat and jetted off to Target to check out its functionality. Having three real wheels is an added benefit when you are trekking around a city. All the bumps and cracks in the road were no match for my e3. I already noticed a difference from my old set of wheels. The front wheel can lock, letting you go for an occasional run (though it’s not intended as a full-time jogging stroller.)

PtnewbornNot only is the Phil & Ted a great traveling system (you can purchase a car seat kit), it gives you four different positions.  There’s the upright position, then unzip the sides to recline slightly, then zip up the sides but unlatch the back for a 3/4 recline and finally, for a completely flat recline, unzip the sides and unlatch the back. With the seat reclined all the way, your child has a completely flat surface to sleep on or to get changed in. I always have such an issue changing my daughter’s diaper in public bathrooms. With this great feature, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. This feature is wonderful for newborns as well. Instead of always having to rely on your car seat, you can place your baby flat in the stroller so they can sleep or play without being so confined.

PtsiblingbIf you have two children, you can purchase the Double Kit, which is an extra seat that attaches above or below the seat, quickly transforming it from a single stroller to a double one. I love the fact that you can use the same body for both options. I know there will be times when one child will be in school while I need to run errands with the other. With this option, I don’t have to lug around the heavier version without reason. Also, sometimes your older child wants to walk so you’re not lefting pushing a half-empty double wide. A few quick snaps, and the Phil & Ted transforms back to basics.  The extra seat is used on top when your younger child is an infant until about 5 months (the older child goes on top).  Then you move the seat underneath.  It’s important to point out that if you have twins, you should opt for Phil & Ted’s twin buggy. (FYI Patrick and Jillian Dempsey received Phil & Ted’s twinbuggy in anticipation of their twins being born any day now and sentthe company this note: "Thank you so very much for the amazing doublestroller. Patrick and I are so very thankful!")

Anya_philted_e3Other accessoriesinclude a rain cover, mesh UV cover, infant cocoon (a light, portablecarry-cot which makes moving a sleeping child to and from the strollereasy), car seat kit, saddle bags, fanny pack that hangs on the handlesand has two cup holders, diaper bag, carrying bag, two seatcushion inserts, and a bunting (pictured with Anya) for chilly days. Natalie loves when I wrap her up like a pea in a pod. Sometimes she tries to get in when we are inside.

Anya_natalie_philted_e3As much as I like the e3, there are a few changes I would like to see made. I’m used to the tray on my traditional stroller, which the e3 doesn’t have.  (It does have a nap bar.)  Also, the stroller is heavier than I’m used to (24 lbs) but I understand that’s because it is all metal (alloy and steel) instead of plastic.  But that doesn’t make me feel better when I am taking it out and putting it in my car.  Also, the basket is pretty small compared to my other stroller. I can only fit my baby bag in there. I am someone who spends a lot of time at the mall – so this is an issue for me.

The e3 retails for $379.  The Double Kit sells for $80.  You can purchase the E3at Babystyle.comicon and other retailers. The color choices include black, charcoal, lime green, navy, orange, red and sand.

Note: A new Phil & Ted model will be hitting stores in February-March: the SP.

Spbluecamostage2smThe SP  (suggesting "sporty") has some improvements like curved racket handle with new "ratchet" technology that lets you raise and lower it for different height parents, improvements on the hinges for the Double Kit, and a storage compartment in the parcel tray under the stroller forstoring the hinges when not in use, so they are always readilyavailable, no
t being put aside when the stroller is used with just onechild.  It will retail for $399.  (Shown here is the Blue Camo.)

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Twin Jogger on

Phil And Teds E3 Twin Stroller on

christi on

I am still holding out hope for a stroller that acccomodates kids up to, say, age seven. We travel all over and up until now, strolled our son morning, noon and while he slept at night. Little kids get tired. I know city dwellers have a disdain for strollers, but it sure beats trying to navigate around people pulling kids in wagons.

Ellie on

Hold out for the new GT coming in September. It will not replace the Sport buggy but will be sleeker, 20% lighter, and will fold with the doubles kit attached.

Tanya on

Please could someone give more info about :
“Hold out for the new GT coming in September. It will not replace the Sport buggy but will be sleeker, 20% lighter, and will fold with the doubles kit attached.”

Regards Tanya

alex keegan on

please tell me mothers and fathers..when accessorising for your child what sort of role do the products play as a fashion accessory? moreover how does this compare with its functional atributes?

regards alex(industrial design student researching child transport)

Laura on

I would say having the product look good is second to it’s functionality. If it looks good, yet doesn’t do it’s job, then I have a nice, pretty piece of junk. I look for it’s functional attributes and how my child will sit in it, then looks. However, looks do count!!

Zoey on

Lol thatt baby stroller looks rediculos

sharon on

I have had my e3 for 3 years now and is still going strong although i have gone through 3 hoods 2 trays and bag straps.!Can you tell me the best cleaner to buy to get it looking fab again.I have the red e3?The shop i purchased mine in ipswich,suffolk her after service is 100%

shahad on

hi i want to ask you do you shipping to the uk and how much the coast
thank you

Candice on

I purchased the E3 with doubles kit in November and there are a couple of things that I am very disappointed about. First is the distance the back wheels are from my feet. When I am walking I feel like I am constantly going to step on the cross bar. the adjustable handle does not fix this problem. Also, this stroller is very hard to lift the front tire over obstacles or stairs due to its weight and wheel positioning. It does not travel well over rough terrain, which was quite a disappointment because I live in a rural area. I would be a good stroller for urban use, mainly on streets, sidewalks and in malls/stores. For the price though, it is not all I would like it to be.

Phil and Teds Stroller Fan on

I really like my Phil & Ted’s 2007 Four In One Sport Buggy Stroller in Charcoal Grey. the color is attractive and neutral and I have had no problems with it.

anna on

the GT is now called the vibe, will be released i have read in march or april 2008, and the single is $599. Doubles kit is around $149. So a bit more than the sport buggy…

Destiny on

The thing that sucks about the Phil&Teds stroller is the extra seat doesnt have a canopy to protect the child from the awful summer sun

Reviewer Nancy’s note: There is a add-on sun cover from Protect a bub that protects the tandem back seat. Look for a review of it soon.

Sarah on

I just purchased the new phil & teds DASH this week. I LOVE it!!! The stroller comes with padded seat liners that are machine washable and easy to take out. The two main features that are must have is the braking system on the handle bar and the hard footwell. My toddler likes to independently get into the front seat herself. So the sport fabric footwell makes me nervous that it could possible tare on me.
I bought online at I highly recommend checking out the New Dash 2008.

Danielle on

I purchased the dash as well. I got mine in the mail yesterday and it is already broken! I love the idea of the brake on the handle, but my handle pops out of place to the brake position whenever any pressure is put on it, like to get the stroller up onto a curb. Does anyone else have this problem? My husband is thinking that this may be a constant problem and that maybe we should just return it and get the sport. But I sooo want the dash. Any info, good or bad, about the dash would be greatly appreciated.

laura on

I just purchased the dash yesterday after a lot of research. I was so excited to finally get it and try it out. We went to the mall and it was wonderful, but then when we went for a walk later the serious problems started. As we were walking the stroller suddenly collapsed with my two year old falling on my 5 week old (I caught it befored she hit him). It shook me up, but I figured I hadn’t opened it properly and made sure it was completely locked before moving again. After another little while of me pushing the stroller VERY CAREFULLY it collapsed again and this time she did hit the baby. I grabbed it quick and as soon as I lifted it he started wailing…he seems to be fine, but it really terrified me. I was even still somewhat in denial when I got home thinking I had done something wrong, but after testing it without the kids I realized that it will collapse when I press down on the handlebars pretty easily even without the weight of the kids. My husband also pointed out that it doeasn’t matter if I had done something wrong – this shouldn’t be able to happen! I am hoping this is a fault in my stroller only because I have never heard anything like this in the reviews…good or bad and I would hate to think tjhis could happen to somebody else – especially if they were not right beside the stroller when it collapsed. If you are buying this stroller PLEASE check this out before you put your kids in it – I am still shaking!