Mariska Hargitay and August in 'Got Milk' ad

01/02/2007 at 08:30 AM ET

Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay and her son August, 6 months, are the latest stars of the Got Milk? ad campaign.

Source: In Touch via SVU Fans Thanks to Joan and Kai for making the scans.

August appears to be wearing a cloth diaper (or at least has one pinned over a ‘sposie for the photoshoot). If you’re interested in cloth diapering, check in with the ladies at DiaperSwappers or The Pin – they’re very nice and will help you out with any questions you may have. The Diaper Jungle is also a wonderful and very comprehensive resource. If you decide to try cloth diapering, PinStripes and PolkaDots has a great page full of diapering basics, as does Diaper Pages.

CBB parents and nannies who cloth diaper – what kinds of diapers do you use? Pockets, all-in-ones? Fuzzibunz, Happy Heinys, BumGenius, Motherease, Swaddlebees, trade or make your own, etc? Please share pros, cons, tips, tricks, advice etc. in the comments!

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Trish on

I use a mixute of pockets (Happy Hineys and Fuzzi Bunz and Sugar Peas fitteds with my own handknit wool pants.

heather on

We did sposies with my first and are doing cloth with my second. It is really simple, you just throw them in a diaper pail instead of the trash. I have mine lined with a nylon bag, so I just take out the bag, dump it all in the wash, and a few hours later i have clean diapers. We have saved sooooo much money, it’s healthier for my daughter, and much more convient than running to the store for diapers all of the time.

I am sure the diaper in the picture is just because it looks cute (sposies are so ugly!). It’s a prefold, and you would need a wool or PUL cover over it, or you would get all wet :/ He must have something on underneath.

tink1217 on

what absolutely gorgeous photos!!! I love this mom and son! As far as cloth or disposables?? Well, my head tells me cloth, but my schedule tells me disposables! I just have too much on my plate to throw cloth diapers into the mix if I happen to have another baby! Unless I were to use a diaper service, which can get pretty expensive! Kudos to anyone who does cloth!!

MMM on

I use Kushies and Very Baby AI2’s. I LOVE the Very Babies with the snap in velour lining. They are so trim and really absorbent, and they look adorable on!

Do any other celebs cloth diaper? I would think that Julia Roberts would with how green she is! It is great to see a celeb using a cloth diaper if only for a photo shoot!

Libby on

Diaper free! Babies are born potty-trained. Save even MORE money and respect your child’s body all at once.

jenna on

That is so cool! I am so happy to see this article. It totally made my day. =)

We exclusively cloth diaper and love every second of it. Lately, we have been using swaddlebees aio’s (all in one diapers), fuzzi bunz, happy heiny’s and drybees. Variety is almost as important as quality in my house.

Bel on

We’re all about the cloth. I used ‘sposies for about four months with my first and then thought I should at least *try* cloth for the financial benefits. I got hooked right away! Cloth is just so much fun. My daughter (3rd babe) is currently wearing a candyfloss pink tots bots and a fleece wrap with a giant smiley sun on the butt.

Mel on

I start with prefolds when my babies are brand new.. then move to Fuzzibunz, Bumkins and a mixture of work at home mom diapers.

Candice on

Those two make me smile. August is so beautiful, and Mariska’s hapiness just spills off of her.

As for cloth or “sposie” (Never heard that until now, but it’s adorable!), everyone I know uses disposable. When I have children, I’d love to try cloth. Or a mixture of the two, at least.

Cathy R on

I love Mariska and August! He looks a lot like his dad right now. We used cloth for a while, then I went back to school and hubby worked all of the time so we used disposables after that. Pampers though, our child had trouble with Huggies.

Lanna on

I use pockets (cloth diapers) – easier for us to whip on and off wiggly kids as we’ve got a toddler and an infant in diapers. Currently in rotation we have Fuzzi Bunz, Swaddlebees pockets and AIO’s, Very Baby AIO’s, Happy Heiny’s pockets for nights, bumGenius pockets, and some infant and premium prefolds for backup (with PUL covers and assorted knitted goodies – but we mostly use the pockets and AIO’s). I haven’t used a disposable in almost 3 years, so we have a sizeable stash. 🙂

vicky24c on

oHHH August is sooooo cute and Mariska looks fab in these photos!

I think disposables deu to scheldue

But I dont mind!

momof2girlies on

I used cloth with both my children, now 2 and 5…I was going to use ‘sposies, but my mother in law asked me to try cloth, and paid for the service as long as I would use it…So for obvious reasons, I used the cloth and did not regret it at all! My girls never got diaper rash, except for very minor redness which always cleared up after a clean diaper!! I had a service that took the dirty and brought me clean ones every week…the cost was like $60 a month, which I think is very comparable to ‘sposies costs. (I compared costs with a friend) Definitly something to look into!

Natalie S. on

How cute is that picture!!! Wow he looks alot like his daddy. Mariska looks great as always.

J.M. on

nothing against the cloth diapers but disposables are my choice! Especially when the babies start to wiggle their way around it’s just quicker IMO. I babysat for a young boy whose parents used a mixture of diapers and disposable but I always did the disposables when I was with him and his parents were completely fine with it.

PSB on

Mariska is gorgeous!! Seriously, I don’t think she’s ever looked better. Motherhhod becomes her.

Michelle on

Wow this is AMAZING. I LOVE my HAPPY HEINY’s and it is so great to see them listed here. They are the most dependable cloth diaper we own and trust me I have tried a LOT.
It’s great to finally see cloth diapering get the exposure that shows people that cloth is back and super easy to use.
My favorite online store is or if you go to Amazon and put Happy Heiny in the search they will pop up and you can buy from Amazon.
I have never ever had a problem with both of these sites

A on

Id want to try the more eco biodegradable and baby friendly non-bleached disposables like the ecobaby ones.

Joan on

I ADORE this wonderful lady for all her great work with Abuse…Her son is gorgeous and I think I see Peter nut also her dad in him…
I used cloth on my oldest daughter because she was allergic to plastic. I had to use 2 diapers folded together. My second daughter was fione with the disposibles though and got them most of the time, just for my convenience…(laziness really!) But whatever works for you as long as you love that little ‘soul’ as much as God intended it to be loved…:)

Brooke on

We use cloth though we started with sposies and slowly transitioned as we built our stash. We use mainly bumGenius pockets and have premium cpfs and PUL covers as back ups.

Sophie on

We exclusively Cloth Diaper! I love it! I have been using cloth for 7 weeks now on my 10 week old son! They are great! Its really no more inconvient that disposible. We use AIO & Pockets, and my favorite are defintely FuzziBunz!

Happy for M & P on

He is so handsome, and Mariska is just beaming.

Elizabeth on

I’ve used cloth on both my kids. I have a mix of prefolds (with Bummis, Bumkins, and Pro-rap covers) and pockets – FuzziBunz and Swaddlebees. I had a diaper service for a while with my first and found that I prefer washing my own – with a diaper service, you use whatever diaper they supply, but if you wash your own, you can buy much better quality (and cuter!) diapers. Also, the service only picks them up once a week and the pail is very stinky by then. We wash them every 3 days or so.

Regarding Julia Roberts – I’m pretty sure I read that she uses the Seventh Generation sposies. I think it was in that Vanity Fair “green issue” from several months ago. She was on the cover with George Clooney and some other people.

Bon on

i use a mix of both with my eight month old…we started with disposables but moved to cloth prefolds when he was about six weeks old, except through the night.

now, he wears prefolds with a wrap, some Fuzzibunz, and mostly generic Sears-type and handmade velcro-close cloths under plastic wraps. whatever’s handy and clean.

still using disposables at night, because changing him wakes him, whereas in the sposie he can sleep through…

but really, i don’t find the cloth diapering much work at all. they don’t take long to put on, and i just toss them in the bin and do a quick load of laundry every second night. no biggie.

erin on

We cloth diaper our 15 month old twins exclusively. We use a combo of fitteds w/covers, bumgenius, SB’s, FB’s, BG’s, you name it, we’ve had/tried them. I would NEVER go back to sposies. Not only are they awful for the environment but they are awful for little babies’ bottoms. I can’t imagine having to wear something so rough against my “privates”. They really aren’t that much less convienent than sposies, the transisition was easy.

Campbell on


Kirrily on

I’m going to be TTC as soon as I’m married and I’ve already started investigating the modern cloth nappies – and they are great!
Definitely no harder than a disposable to put on and take off, and I believe them to be better for baby and the environment!
I have bought a few pockets, a few AIOs (all in ones) and a few fitted nappies – and I’m going to make the rest myself – there are lots of free patterns online!
Since having the nappies to look at – I love that AIO is just a cloth disposable – nothing extra to use or add – but I can see the drying benefits in pockets and fitteds.
The cost factor wasn’t a big issue for me, though saving a thousand dollars or so a year won’t be too horrible LOL
I like that you can use them again with your next child, and save even more $$!

Lisa on

I sew my own diapers. There is quite a community of diaper-sewers online and many websites out there to help people economically make their own diapers.
Cloth is the best option out there and so much better for the environment.

kym on

We use cloth – fitteds and wool soakers. Aussie wahms make the best nappies and covers I reckon! cute, fun, effective

Kaitlin on

My daughter, Violet, has never had anything on her little bum but cloth, even in the hospital. She was a hit with all the nurses, they came to my room just to see what cute diaper she was wearing. I use a combination of pre-fold with wool covers and bummis super whisper wraps( LOVE these) and Fuzzi Buns.

Trish on

I really don’t get these comments about how a busy schedule could prevent your from cloth diapering. It’s just and extra 2 loads of laundry a week. Are you too busy to wash your own clothes? It literally takes 10 minutes extra a week to wash diapers. It takes more than 10 minutes for me to drive to the store and back. To each her own I guess.

jenr on

I have exclusively cloth diapered all three of my children. With all of them I used Kissaluvs fitted diapers in the newborn period. Then with the boys I used prefolds and diaper wraps (Bumkins) – my 2nd boy was allergic to the material in Bummis, but I used those for DS#1. My daughter has a reaction to the plastic in Bummis also and seems to have a mild reaction to the plastic in Bumkins so we are using hemp fitteds and homemade wool soakers for her. For night time and for long outings we have always used Fuzzi Bunz and use those exclusively during the toddler years. Just an FYI, cloth diapered babies apparently potty train faster – DS#1 was fully potty trained without much effort by 25months and DS#2 at 24 months seems to be heading that way also.

Nikki on

How wonderful to see one of my favorite actress’ using cloth! We have used cloth for about 4 years now and love it. My youngest just potty trained and I will be sad to no longer be using such soft, cute diapers.
Our favorites were pocket diapers from

Karen on

Thanks for this information. It is very helpful.

When I think of all the landfill space that
disposable diapers take for just one baby,
I want to use cloth. Cloth diapers sound
more convenient now than when I was young.
I remember my younger sister’s smelly diaper pail.

Kim on

We love cloth diapers here… Only use them part time but they save us tons of money. My favorites are,, and

Although it becomes an addiction covering your babies bottom in such cuteness 🙂

Suzanne on

I LOVE my cloth diapers! my fav’s are fuzzi bunz at the moment because they are quick, easy, and cheap LOL.. Such cute pictures too!

Kristi on

YAY!! So glad cloth is getting some time in the spotlight!! So happy Mariska is using CDs too!! Diaperswappers rocks!!

Julie on

I love using cloth. I used sposies in the past and only wish I had found cloth sooner. Great for the environment (did you know that one baby is responsible for 2 tons of waste over their diapering lifetime, not just the diapers that don’t decompose but all of the products and resources that go into making the diapers) healthier for baby (sposies are bleached with a chemical called dioxin, a known carcinogen that is banned in almost every country besides the US)

I love to use a Better Bum fitted under wool longies or fleece pants (they don’t leak!)

Miriam on

I cd my triplets and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Joy on

I CD my 20 month old part time. We use disposibles at daycare and we do cloth at home. All it is an extra load of laundry every couple of days and I WOH full time…

For those of you that think it is a lot more work, it just takes the place of taking all that extra garbage that sposies takes up! 🙂

And also, my DD prefers her cloth diapers to sposies. She brings me which ones she wants to put on when her diaper needs changing. And they are so much cuter than sposies!

Alaskan Mama on

I need every cloth diaperin’ Mamma out there to give me any info on the BEST cloth AIO one size diapers out there on the market! I gotta prove my Hubby that the ones I finally choose will last us for the next 4 years at least! I have a 2 yr. old, 7 month old, and due in Sept. with our 3rd. I’m done with sposies…so please help me shop for the BEST! Thanks anyone out there! 🙂

danielle on

august is so cute

Talisha on

Great pictures….