Bothersome behaviors

01/02/2007 at 06:23 PM ET


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joy on

Good poll! I am going to way in on a few of the selections 😉

Truly I chose the last one bc in the end I really don’t care what parents do with their kids. It’s not my child so it’s none of my business. But since it is sort of a messageboard to voice our opinions I think that bottles and binky’s over a certain age and children being rude to paparazzi bother me most. I can understand being bothered by the constant photographing but a parent shouldn’t encourage bad behaviour. What does that teach them?

I also don’t get what’s the big deal with a parent carrying their child or even using a stroller! I always wanted to be carried even when I was 6 and 7. My mom refused but I still asked – instead she’d push me in an umbrella stroller. If it hurts you to carry the child, simply don’t. But sometimes children just want that extra boost and sometimes it’s faster and easier to have them in a stroller.

Hairdo’s and kids clothes don’t bother me(although I personally don’t like boys with long hair or mohawks). And I am not bothered by the styling choices but love when celeb parents have their kids in clothes that I actually can afford!! I don’t think children need jeans that cost $70 or shoes that cost $60. But hey I guess if I was rich I may think differently!

Alicia on

There is a few things on that list that really bother me then then there is a few that I feel is more up to the parent. Although I would probably not let my young son have long hair I don’t see the point in criticizing those that do. The stroller thing I can see both ways. But I can’t stand seeing pacifiers and bottles in childrens mouths that are over a year old. Mostly becase of the damage it is doing to thier teeth. I think the longer you let them have these things the harder it will be to take it away.

Katey on

Truth be told, sometimes the reason children are allowed to continue using pacifiers or bottles has to do with ear issues. A child who has constant ear infections can get some relief from the pain from sucking on a bottle. So I don’t like to be quick to judge when I see children “too old” for those things.

Lis on

Im confused. The soother is worse then a kid sucking there thumb? NOT
and a kids too old for a stroller? what is the cut off for this? My 5 year old still takes a break evey once in a while in her little sisters stroller.

Mandy on

This doesn’t have to do with the child’s behavior but…it makes me crazy to see parents with their children on “leashes”. I have a child and I would never treat her like an animal. Sorry if this offends anyone…just my opinion!

elle on

Pacifiers and bottles don’t bother me because I think a child will give them up when they are ready. There are many doctors that say sucking on a pacifier doesn’t do any thing to a child’s teeth. Bottles are ok as long as they aren’t given the bottle to go to bed with because it causes tooth decay.

The only things that bother me are children dressing in clothes that are too mature for their age. Also children being rude to the paps because no matter who they meet children should learn to respect everyone.

And Mandy I completely agree with you about the baby leashes.

sara on

I used to work at Disney and I would get so peeved when I’d see a family using a stoller for their overweight children!! And I’m not just talking about young children! I saw MANY older children in these strollers! How lazy can you be?

(I used to have to park these strollers)

emmalee on

I voted for the 1) crazy hairdos and 2) the too-mature clothes.

I bet the crazy hairdos are often a way for the parents to draw attention to themselves and look like “cool hip parents” and not really about what the child wants (especially when it’s a very young child).

I voted for the “too mature” clothes because I don’t like that trend in general and I think that celebs make it more popular. It was so hard to find Christmas present clothes for my 5 y.o. niece that wouldn’t make her look like a little teenager trying to look flirty. Ugh. When I was her age we had cute dresses, jumpers, and Granimals 🙂

Kristin on

I picked the pacifier and sucking of the thumb only because I am a daughter of a dentist and I have seen what damage they can do. Yes, they are fine for babies and even very young children, but after a certain age they need to be stopped. (If not completely at least lessened.) The big thing is that it does so much damage to the teeth. From what I understand it is when children lose baby teeth and the adult teeth start to come in. That, from what I understand, varies in children. I also don’t like the hair issue, but that is just personal taste. I grew up in a conservative family and none of that would have been allowed. That, however, is not harmful to the child like damage to adult teeth.

Candice on

The bottle/kiki thing really gets me. I have almost two-year-old twins in my daycare and they’re hysterical without their bottles. After they’re empty, they just hold them in their mouths. Even prying them out of their mouths to refill them results in a massive meltdown. And it’s not just because they don’t like us; their mother says it’s just as bad at home. I just think it’s ridiculous.

Jen on

I want to respond to emmalee’s comment.
First, please know that I am not attacking you in any way. You have the right to form your own opinions.
But I do want to say that the hairstyles of my kids are in no way (at least for me)a ploy to get attention! I get enough of that with my blue hair and multiple tattoos. Looking the way that I do it’s natural for my children (I have four) to want to have the same “style”. I have 7 year old twin sons that have mohawks. They’ve had them since they were 2 1/2. THEY asked for mohawks! They have always had adults in their lives with mohawks and tattoos and crayola colored hair. And that’s what they want to do too.(They have had to make do with fake tattoos for right now! 😉 It’s what’s “normal” for them. My kids are on honor roll, play sports, etc. They are sweet caring kids. That’s what’s important to me- not the style or color of their hair. I believe 100% that kids should be able to have some voice as to how they look.

Also when my sons were toddlers and my daughter only 3 years older those “leashes” helped save my sanity! I had 3 small children going in three different directions!

Ashley on

The bottle and pacifier problems are the ones that bother me. A friend of mine has a younger sister that is 6…yep, you’ve guessed it, she won’t go anywhere without her “binkie.” Ahhh, ridiculous I tell you!

I may be in the minority, but I quite like longer hair/mohawks on young lads. That, of course, is just personal taste.


Lorus on

The poll results don’t add up to 100%

Katie on

I don’t really understand why people get so upset when a child sucks a pacifier\bottle and says they are ‘too old’ for one.
Maybe the child is doing it for security?

I sucked on a paci until I was 4 and sometimes a bottle until I was 5 (younger siblings). Then later I sucked my thumb.
Minus my wisdom teeth and a few cleanings here and there, my dentist says my teeth are perfect

Anna on

I voted for the last question, because I really feel that as long as no harm is being done to a child, it’s none of my business if someone elses kid gets pushed around in a stroller or wears a mohawk (just to mention a few). I really have more important questions to mull over than how other people dress their kids! However, there is one point where I have a strong opinion and that’s the part about celeb kids behaving rude to the paps. The paps are the ones to invade the childs privacy. They are being rude first. And as in the case of Romeo Beckham, sometimes their behaviour can actually pose a risk to the childs health. Those kids have a right for privacy. They need to defend themselves, if their parents or nannies don’t do it. Why not tell a pap to back off and leave you the f*ck alone? Why do y’all think that kids should always be nice and respectful no matter what?

Leslie on

I was picking up Chinese food the other day, and this other woman was waiting with her 2 daughters. One was at least 12, and the younger one was at least 8, but I think 9 or 10. The younger one had a pacifier in her mouth. I am not exaggerating her age. I could NOT believe it. I just wanted to go over there and take it out of her mouth. So when I saw this poll yesterday, I thought how timely!

I do want to comment about the baby leashes. I always used to think they were cruel until I had my daughter a year ago. I haven’t used one yet, but I never thought I would have a baby so active that I would feel better being able to keep her close when we are shopping in a busy place.

DS on

Is everyone serious? What other people do with their children is NONE of our business. We have no right to judge.

Shay on

As long as the kids are happy and healthy, why should I be “bothered” about the way a parent chooses to raise them?
Before I had children of my own, I had loads of opinions on how children should be parented.

Ok, LOL, little kids in hoochy-mama clothes bothers me. I’ll admit it 😉

Diana on

Anna – I totally agree I can’t believe people are upset about children being rude to Paps.

What bothers me most is when people comment about what other people allow their children to do, its none of their business!!

P Dawn on

Baby leashes are not cruel. They help keep the kids safe. It is not always possible to just hold their hands. They can twist and turn faster than you know it and bam they are gone like a flash. I have had this happen with my daughter before. Yes, I could always put her in the stroller or the shopping cart, but talk about cruel. Doesn’t she have a right to stretch her legs too?! What is cruel is always yanking on kids arms and always yelling at them to stay put. What I find extremely annoying is those parents that either let their kids walk way ahead of them or way behind them and then don’t even pay attention to them, usually too busy yacking on their cell phone. At least with the leash I know where my daughter is at all times, and I know she is safe.

anne on

Leslie–did you ever think the girl you saw might have some sort of disability or delay? In college I was Best Buddies with a 19 year old who still used a pacifier at certain times, especially when we were in crowded places. When she forgot it, she would get so visibly stressed out. It was a comfort item to her. At 19 she had the mentality of a 4 or 5 year old. And I don’t care if now at 24 she used one (she has since given it up). To each her own.

Mere on

My vote is for the hair, pacifiers, bottles and clothes. The mohawks or legnth aren’t what bothers me so much. It’s the parents’that allow children as young as 5 to dye or streak their hair. Pacifiers and bottles should be taken away at a certain age PERIOD. And children should dress like children, not little adults. Kids grow up way to fast these days and it’s our job as parents to protect their right to be children. The stroller thing is a non-issue with me. When purchasing one for my toddler, one of the things that I looked at was the weight limits as I know that a child’s legs will get tired, and with the frequent travel and time change that I’d be doing with my daughter, I didn’t want her to feel forced to be awake and walk if it was 2 am to her. Being rude to paps is also a non-issue. Kids will be kids. And while they are probably being taught to be respectful, a child is going to act like a child, and if their are people with camera’s there to catch that, big deal. Who cares??? IMO, those camera’s shouldn’t be taking pictures of minor’s with out the parent’s permission in the first place.

Sara on

Clothes that is too mature for a child is what bothers me the most i am not bothered by children being rude to paps because they aren’t respecting the parents privacy to their children.

shaylee on

I agree with some of you, that it is really no one’s business (unless its something really bad) about what people do with their children. And about the hair thing…It’s just HAIR people,it will grow back. Let children be creative and pick their own hairstyles. Besides, what makes some of you think that your hairstyles are “normal” and nice looking 😉

Naulie on

My biggest beef is parents who allow their children to dress/look MUCH older than their age. Little girls dont need to be wearing low cut halter tops or tube tops, or wearing sweatpants with the word “HOTTIE” splayed across the butt. They also do not need to be dying their hair. I used to work in cosmetics, and had a customer whose daughter did pageants, and she bleached her daughters hair every 2 weeks… the little girl was THREE. I never said anything, as it wasn’t my place, but most of the makeup she bought was for her daughter, and not for herself. Her three year old was allowed to wear makeup to preschool every day. It blew my mind! Crazy hairdos don’t bother me… I actually think little boys with fauxhawks are REALLY cute! I just think its silly to change the color of your child’s hair (for a very young child at least… adolescents are a different story). It just kinda scares me when little kids are dressed in an obviously sexual manner. It’s tacky, and out of line.

Jen on

“It’s the parents’that allow children as young as 5 to dye or streak their hair.”

I don’t understand what’s wrong with that. As I’ve said, I have 7 year old twin boys and I allow them to put color on their mohawks. They always chose different colors (right now one is blue like me & the other is green). It helps people tell them apart which is good for them. Both boys hate to just be lumped together and contantly asked, “Which one are you?”
Also, the color we use is Manic Panic which is ALL NATURAL. It doesn’t hurt them in any way! I would be much more concerned about my kids flipping people off like some celebrity kids have been seen doing. Yeah, “kids will be kids” but that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to be rude to anyone. My kids run around with brightly colored mohawks but they respect people.

Mere on

Natural or not, you kids should not feel that they need to dye their hair as the only way to find their individuality. What happened to teaching your children to be strong and confident in who they are and not changing with the winds of society?

Jen on

“Natural or not, you kids should not feel that they need to dye their hair as the only way to find their individuality.”

When did I say that was the ONLY way that find their individuality?! I said it HELPS. People, no matter their age, aren’t their hair. Different people have different likes and dislikes.

“What happened to teaching your children to be strong and confident in who they are and not changing with the winds of society?”

If you think about it, my kids aren’t “changing with the winds of society”. They are very much going aganist what society has said is attractive. My children are strong and confident- speaking from experience, a person has to really be ok with themselves before walking out the door with blue hair. It does attract some attention! 😉
Oh and by the way, one of my sons was awarded Citizen of the Year at his school for being so kind, well mannered and helpful to teachers & students. He walked across the stage to collect his award with a green mohawk. I’d say they’re doing ok- hair color and all.

Lucy on

Jen – I think what you’ve said is absolutely true, and commend you for letting your kids do something that many adults (as evidenced by this blog) think is too “out there” or disruptive, when it is simply harmless exploration of (one aspect) of individuality.

As long kids are kind, empathetic, happy and healthy what does it matter what their hair looks like?

mousseauchocolat on

Actually, I don’t mind celebrities carrying their babies as long as they like. What I don’t like is them carrying their kids in carriers that force the babies into a wrong position (basically, with their feet hanging down), which is bad for the baby’s hip. The worst is carrying the child facing to the front – see Dr Sears or any responsible pediatrician for comments on this. Angelina Jolie is a prime example – I’ve seen lots of pictures of her carrying Zahara the wrong way round. Don’t get me wrong – I like Angelina well enought, but if celebs do it, lots of people out in the street will think it’s a good idea, so I’d just rather they didn’t.

Rebecca on

This poll missed the mark for me. My biggest issues are the rampant use of nannies, pacifiers, bottles, etc in babies of ALL ages by celebrity parents, especially the very young babies. I think that there are too many bad examples being set by celebrity parents, such as leaving the baby in the care of someone else from a young age a great deal of the time. It would be wonderful to see more breastfeeding by celebrity moms, and more bringing the babies along as opposed to leaving them behind the scenes. It’s also too bad that we keep hearing about c-sections, and very rarely about natural births.