P.Diddy, the princess maker, on video

01/01/2007 at 01:06 PM ET

Sean "Diddy" Combs has a special entry on his MySpace page. The website features a video of the music mogul outside of the delivery room following the birth of his twin daughters. Diddy shares how happy he and girlfriend/ baby momma, Kim Porter, are and how the two of them came up with their baby’s names, D’Lila Star and Jessie James.
It is really nice how he and Kim have shared this experience with their fans. We can’t wait to see the pics!

Princess Maker

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Thanks to CBB Reader Heather.

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sara on

Wow, what a cool moment! Does anyone know if the girls are identical or fraternal? Can’t wait for some pics. Newborn black babies have the most beautiful coloring!

Sara on

I don’t really like the name Jessie James for a girl. I would have gone with Jessica Jayne and called her Jessie. Also, D’Lila should be spelled Delilah or Delila. I think that looks more appropriate than the current spelling.

Ebby on

That is their children. They have a right to name those girls whatever they please. It is not “Pilot Inspector” or any other absurd celebrity name. I think it is cute, especially since it is a tribute to their grandmothers. Congratulations to both of them and a Happy New Year to all of you.

natasha on

yeah i agree about the spelling its strange the kid is gonna have trouble spelling it

jessie james is not a girl name either he’s a cowboy…what were they thinking?

cassopolis on

He looks weird on the video, sure names are special but star “like me” he said
anyway I don’t like him

Alexandra on

I think the names are fine that he chose, if it honors their grandmothers then I even think it’s sweet, however I don’t much like him. He comes off as someone who to me is very obnoxious and most of the time way over the top. However, i’m sure his daughters look adorable and I can’t wait to see some pictures of them in the near future.

Campbell on

I was kinda thinking that Kim Porter is the “STAR” for growing amd birthing those two precious healthy babies!!!!!!

Jen on

I like the fact that they chose to honor their grandmothers! It’s completely up to the parents as to the spelling of the kids’ names. My name is spelled “oddly” and I like it.

“jessie james is not a girl name”…Jessie is pretty common for a girl. And as far as James goes- lots of “boy” names are used for girls. Madison started out as a “boy name”.

I guess I’m a bit defensive because of all the criticism I’ve gotten for my kids’ names! lol

Elizabeth on

That’s really great that he took the time to let his fans know… I have a hunch that these girls are going to be “daddy’s” girls, since there are already 3 boys! Congrats to them. I can’t wait to see pics.

Leslie on

Wow, you’d think he popped them out or was cut open…Can’t wait to see Kim & the babies, but I got enough of him from that video to last a while!

Sarah F. on

Well congrats to them on 2 healthy new babies….although he fumbled up that video message and sounded like a weirdo!

Marilyn on

It’s not that Jessie is bad, but with James she might get teased about her name being the same as Jesse James, the outlaw. I hope she doesn’t though.