Martie Maguire's twin daughters and Natalie Maines' sons

01/01/2007 at 11:22 PM ET

Some family photos of a few of the Dixie Chicks and their kids have surfaced on the message board. Martie Maguire is pictured with her fraternal twin girls, Kathleen Emilie and Eva Ruth, 2 1/2, while Natalie Maines is pictured with her sons Jackson Slade, 5 1/2, and Beckett Finn, 2.


Thanks to CBB readers Catherine and Mary.

Click below for another pic of Martie’s twins, this time with their dad.

Kathleen, Gareth, and Eva. (Kathleen is named for Gareth’s deceased sister.) Those girls love their dinosaurs and floral boots!

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Morgan on

Seriously 2.5 is too old to be sucking on bottles IMO…. but really cute kids!

Ally on

Awww, I love this post the most! Martie’s girls are so cute, and Natalie’s youngest son has her gorgeous eyes while Slade looks so much like Adrian. Fantastic.

cindi on

i agree, too old to be on a bottle, but they are all adorable!

Simone on

Really cute kids they both have BUT those girls do not need a bottle at their age!!!

Aleah on

I’m not too surprised or shocked the girls are still on a bottle – I babysat 6-year-olds who were still on it and it seemed the mom was OK to keep it so long as the kids asked for it.
Other than that, I think all those kids are cute and Beckett looks so much like Natalie!

Aura on

There are also some pics of Emily’s kids on the message board. Awww. The kids are so darn cute. Slade looks like Natalie, while Beckett looks so much like her hubby. Martie’s twins are just adorable – Soooooo cute!

SuzyBee on

These children are absolutely adorable!!!

Where’s Emily’s? 3 kids though??????/

tink1217 on

cute cute kids!!! 2.5 is a bit old for the bottle, but whatever works for them, I guess! Natalie’s boys look like her hubby to me. The twins look almost identical. I would have thought they were if I didn’t know better!

Leslie on

Maybe they dont get the bottles often….it just happened to be caught on camera. This issue came up last week about the Posh Spice kid. It is too old IMO; from the information I have been reading lately doctors are suggesting introducing sippycups/cups as young as 6 months to help children transition and completely off the bottle by 1 year. 6 months seems a little young for most kids to get a cup even only occasionally but it shouldnt be hard to get kids completely off a bottle by 18 months. We all want our kids to stay our babies but it cant be at the expense of their teeth and their emotional/social development. It makes me wonder if the “star” parents arent compensating a bit and doing what the kids want to make up for the time they have to be away….

my 5 cents worth.

Jennifer on

They are only 2 years old. My kids were off the bottle early, but they made that choice to let it go. They are still wearing diapers are they too old for that too. They are only little once they will come off the bottles when they are ready. I knew when I saw these pics someone would make a comment that they are too old.

Megan on

OMG….finally i love the chicks…if you visit there all access site they have some photos as well of the Chicks kids…a couple of Gus and a few of Henry and one of “Julesy”……thank u so much for posting these pics i love the chicks and think there should more pics of there kids if possible….

Joy on

I went to the DC concert over the summer and had seats on the side next to the stage and got to see some of their kids up close! I wasn’t sure at first but I saw Emily’s twins (boy and girl) and another boy who looked to be Natalies. The other children I didn’t see. I haven’t seen pics of Marties twins since they were tots and they are so cute (yet not so much with bottles dangling from their mouths) and that pic of Natalie and her sons was taken back in the summer I believed it appeared on GMA when they appeared! Very good looking children! Love those DC!

katie on

the’ll look really cute with black rotten teeth.

savanna on

my son stopped wanting the bottle when he was exactly 2.5 years old. now he’s not drinking any milk at all *sigh* btw: hey, left girl, your bottle is empty, stop sucking ;o)

jy on

LOL @ savanna.

Does your son like flavored milk like strawberry or chocolate? sometimes that’s a way of getting kids to take milk. My niece isn’t a big milk drinker either but she does drink alot of yogurt drinks and eats tons of cheese and will sometimes drink those pediasure milkshake things so atleast we know she’s getting her dairy intake!

Heather on

thanks so much for posting those! I love the Dixie Chicks. The children are all beautiful! Esp. Slade, he is a very handsome young man. I want to see Emily’s kids.

Erin on

Aw – they’re all so adorable! =) Love the Dixie Chicks! <3

I see nothing wrong with Kathleen and Eva still being on a bottle. As long as they still want it, why not? And who’s to say they get it all the time – they might only get it before bed or something. Just because they’ve been photographed with it, doesn’t mean they have it all the time.