P Diddy's twins coming to a magazine near you

12/23/2006 at 01:10 PM ET

Just two days after their birth, P Diddy is already in negotiations to introduce his new twins, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, to the world via a major magazine. The New York Post reports, "Our spies say [P Diddy] is in secret negotiations to sell exclusive photos of his bouncing bundles of joy…to a "major magazine" for an equally major sum."

Source: NYP

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P Dawn on

I wish he would just share them with a magazine without having to be paid for it.

joloda on

Why would a magazine pay for something he will do for free (eventually) on his My Space? This guy is all about self promotion. There’s no way he’s keeping those kids under wraps.

Angie on

I wonder how many times he will mention his album during the interview

Madi on

Ugh. I don’t like Diddy. I was watching Making the Band 3 yesterday and he totally freaked out on one of the girls because she looked like a ‘hamburger’ and she was ‘so heavy’. She wasn’t even fat, she’s just curvy. He’s disgusting.

antij1 on

This doesn’t surprise me. I know many of you heart Diddy, but he is very much a media whore and now he’s pimping his girls. Doesn’t surprise me one bit, lol.

landroverdisco on

He definitely falls amongst the ranks of the overpaid and talentless. Guess his baby girls have to earn their keep in the “crib”.

Hea on

I don’t like him at all anymore. I’ve lost all respect for him when he sold fur on his coats. Calling it faux when it’s really dog fur… yeah, that is NOT OK. Same goes for Madonna, no respect there either anymore.

Merry Christmas everybody and don’t wear fur! 🙂

anne on

Ugh. As if magazines will have a big interest. It rubs me the wrong way if he’s trying to get as much money as possible (if the story is true)

melanie on

I cannot believe the things some people are saying. He’s “pimping his girls”? They have to “earn their keep”? That is truly gross. Why do you think it is ok to say things like that? I can’t think of many celebrities that didn’t sell their babies’ pictures. Please. Maybe he is a little over-the-top at times, but you don’t get where he is by sitting in a corner.

Angie on

I don’t think he’s “pimping” them. He’s just a proud parent who wants to show them off and promote his new album. I’m sure he’ll be getting more interviews now that his babies are born.

lb on

Selling pictures for top $$ is not just showing off your kids – it’s making money off them. And what dumb names.

FC on

I don’t recall him making such a fuss with his two sons. Besides having them attend events with him, make cameos in his videos, he’s never gone this over the top. I really wouldn’t care if it weren’t for the “hefty sum” that’s tacked on there.

The man has more than enough money that he doesn’t need any “hefty sum” for this big shoot he’s doing. Sometimes I just don’t know about this man.

But, besides that, I still want to see what his daughters look like.