Jude Law, Sadie Frost and daughter Iris in Africa

12/22/2006 at 10:17 AM ET

Jude Law, 33, recently visited an African orphanage with daughter Iris, 6, and ex-wife Sadie Frost, 41. It was an extra special Christmas for the children of a KwaZulu-Natal orphanage. Jude commented: "Our children are wrapped up in the material world. It is important to go to this place and see how lucky they are. As a family it’s an amazing thing to do." The couples’ other children Rafferty, 10, and Rudy, 4, were not along for the ride.

Source: JustJared

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Heather on

Good for them! Its so heartwarming to see celebs doing that. Iris is pretty. I’m glad Sadie and Jude get along so well.

Ekaterina on

Kwa-Zulu Natal is a province in South Africa. I highly doubt there is just one orphanage there. It should probably read “a” orphanage not “the” orphanage.

But I also commend them for doing it. Nice to see people spreading the Christmas spirit, whoever they may be.

Tabitha on

“…to show them how lucky they are…”????

I think they missed the point. I’m hoping the children (and adults) are learning about empathy and understanding and not just gawking, while thinking, “I’m glad I don’t live like this…”

DD on

Actually all their 3 kids were there (and may be even Jude’s stepson). If you look at one of the comments at JustJared, there’s a link to a report from someone that works at the orphanage.

I think it’s a lovely thing to do. They obviously had a great time so it’s good all around.

Lauren on

Tabitha, I’m not sure how you interpreted Jude’s comments, but I took them to mean that he wants to show his children, who live in such a materialistic society, that they are very blessed to have all that they do and use what they have to help others. Why do you assume that all Sadie and Jude did was take the kids there to say, “Be glad you’re not living like this!”?
By the way, I think it’s great that Sadie and Jude are able to go on outings with their kids and remain pleasant with one another since their divorce. I’m sure it makes the situation easier on everyone, especially the kids.

PSB on

Wow. African orphan is “the new black”, huh? (no pun intended!)

I’m sure it’s a good thing to do for THEIR kids, but I’m starting to feel a bit cynical now about celebs in Africa. They are all just copying Brangelina – and I’m not sure they are doing it for anything other than press coverage and attention. I certainly hope Jude Law donated some of his millions to those poor orphans and didn’t just take his kids to stare at them, like zoo animals.

Stephanopolis on

Lauren, your obsessed…maybe you should spend your time defending a more worthy cause rather than ridiculous celebrities…so there biotch…