Rumor: Reese Witherspoon moves with kids to SC

12/21/2006 at 02:10 AM ET

Update: Reese’s rep has denied the story to Entertainment Tonight.

Originally posted December 20th: According to the NY Post, Reese Witherspoon has packed up her belongings and her and Ryan Phillippe’s two children, Ava Elizabeth, 7 and Deacon Reese, 3 and moved to South Carolina.

Reese and Ryan are currently going through a divorce and Reese is apparently "disgusted with marriage and Hollywood." They also report that Reese has enrolled the two children in public school.

Source: NY Post

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estherpanda on

I can’t believe they broke up…they seemed so perfect together!
I hope everything will be fine for the kids…which is the most important thing !

katie on

Actually, its Charleston, SC not NC and good for her-I alwas knew she had her head on straight. I just wish the would get back together-they were the cutest, most REAL couple!

Sammy on

The NY Post actually says South Carolina.

Natalie on

The report says that she’s moving to Charleston, South Carolina, not North Carolina. Her and Ryan were married in Charleston, but I doubt this rumor has any truth to it.

GodwinaB on

Liz Smith of the NY Post stated they were moving to South Carolina not North Carolina, specifically Charleston. Charleston is a fast growing city with tons to offer a family and is well known for being a very hospitable place. I’m sure Charlestonians are welcoming Reese and her kids with open, and protective, arms. Having grown up there, I can see the attraction for Reese.

ellen on

Reese and Ryan got engaged and married in South Carolina. and they have a house there. maybe she and the kids were there earlier this month and thats where the rumour came from, but its a rumour, and thats all. Reese petitioned to keep the family home in Brentwood when she filed for divorce. she isnt going anywhere. and i seriously doubt the kids are enrolled in Public Schools. Deacon isnt even old enough right now.

Sophie on

I believe they addressed this rumour on ET last night and said her reps confirmed its not true.

nm45832 on

I was so excited when it said NC, but the NY Post article says SC

Page Smith on

The NY Post says she moved to Charleston, SOUTH Carolina, not North Carolina. Big difference.

Reader on

The nypost article said SOUTH Carolina not NORTH Carolina

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I’ve corrected Shannon’s post, and will add the rep denial. Thank you!

landroverdisco on

I doubt this rumor is true. Teddy and Moo’s has a shot of her shopping in Beverly Hills on 12/19.

madison on

I don’t believe it either. Ryan is a very hands on and involved Dad. I highly doubt he would be ok with her moving with the kids cross-country……

mom2_2 on

I don’t believe there public school available for a 3-year-old in South Carolina, so the “both kids in public school” doesn’t add a lot credibility to the NY Post article.

LauraAS1 on

I agree, their relationship really seemed “real” and I was sad when I heard they split. They seem like really great parents, so I’m sure whatever happens, they’ll be sure the kids are #1.